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  1. But… he’s right though. It’s a fact that the vaccine neither stops you from catching nor spreading COVID.

  2. No, we are not the states, PP is not on the US supreme court, and whataboutism is not a valid argument. I don't agree with what they did though, but really, they turned it over to the states, and some states are going all draconian.

  3. I'm rewatching seasons 8, 9, and 10 for maybe the first time and I find that there are sections/episodes where I can't understand why the characters would act the ways they do. They seem like they took the base personalities the characters had in the early seasons and took them way too far

  4. Nah Netflix has a whole universe of reality dating shows that have really good ratings. They are super casual shows. They wouldnt do that if it wasnt good business.

  5. What about broadcast and cable TV?

  6. They dont have the information that netflix has. They dont know how many people watch their shows for how long etc.

  7. Iconically poor taste demonstrated by the producers to air it. I’m confident far worse has been said at some point over 13 seasons, but the producers had the good sense not to air any of it. Not in this instance and it fit very well in the mess this season was crafted to be.

  8. There are a couple of baseball games where the better hitter will win every time regardless of what players they put on the field.

  9. So then he owes him an elbow? So next play drive your elbow into his nose as hard as you can right?

  10. It's so weird the hear my financial advisor say grocery stores are too competitive to be good investments, and reddit talk about them as if they are corporate pirates.

  11. Maybe just say your an overly controlling parent who thinks they are entitled to everything bc they gave their kid the bare minimum? 15 is an older kid, they should be able to make boundaries like this one, asking for time with your bio dad and mom without in laws around isn't huge. How are children supposed to create any form of boundaries for themselves when their parents brush them off bc "your 15 and can't have boundaries in my house" ? This kid isn't telling her dad to kick out his husband from her dads house you weirdo, she asked for an afternoon without someone she didn't feel comfy around. I hope you actually do allow your children boundaries and this was a poorly written reply.

  12. You literally said if your kid tried to create a boundary you wouldn't even listen, just tell them it's your house, your rules. Which is only ever said by parents who want to hold that above their kids head. 🤔 Not a good way to raise kids imo, healthy boundaries are important and parents who ignore that for their own preferences are ignorant.

  13. Fast food restaurants wouldn’t set up in a school unless the students are affluent. Or from an affluent neighborhood I mean.

  14. The Simcity game was so hype when it was announced. Basically everyone in my generation who played the old Simcity (either on PC or SNES) was gonna buy a copy. I had a buddy who withdrew 100$ and put it on his dresser to ensure he would have the funds on launch day.

  15. The question nobody has asked: why the hell is a container of sulfuric acid in the break room in the first place, let alone next to the food?

  16. Does anybody have any good recommendations for some comedies? I'm getting deep into my catalog of reruns during this current bout with depression and need another comedy.

  17. I dont usually suggest this show, but from your list I think you would like the comedy called Love.

  18. As a dumbass 16 year old I didn’t even know such a thing existed… I don’t give a shit about the X, if the ps4 is dead I’ll be done bro my late father bought that for me on the last Christmas I had with him this is fucked.

  19. You'd have a hard time convicting me Cst Sarah Beckett was a bastard, so kindly gfy.

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