1. Subs don't show positives under opiates so I wouldn't worry about a opi box. If you know what brand the test is just hit up the company customer service and make sure subs aren't included on the one you have.

  2. Sounds like the company is having trouble and you should call them to see if their system is down

  3. I remember this years ago. Are people reposting it just to troll huns to see what happens

  4. This reminds me of the parents who got pissed about frog baseball and the kids that dropped a bowling ball into oncoming traffic blaming Beavis and Butthead when I was a kid

  5. The Weird Al version for them is we found love in the a homeless space

  6. Omfg "Wayward Looking Hag" holy shit I love that lol

  7. I had it stuck in my head thinking of downward facing dog watching her so I decided to make up a couple other names and go for a meme πŸ˜‚

  8. What did we ever do to deserve these photos without an NSFW for our eyes? You’re a cruel human being 🀬

  9. It's almost Halloween time so I felt a jump scare is appropriate πŸ˜‚

  10. I disagree. She was really young and seemed to be engaging in sex work for survival.

  11. She was scamming those 2 old dudes at once. It don't matter her age. She knew she was romance scamming them. Men get scammed with pussy all the time. Same thing with old ladies and dick too.

  12. Nobody I know who OD had any problems. You should be careful though. You really don't know wtf is in any drug you buy from the web or the streets anymore. Dealers don't even really know either. You think you're buying pills and it's fentanyl or even worse carfentanyl. Same deal with heroin too. My brother died thinking he was buying dope but his autopsy results showed his toxicology with just carfentanyl in his system. Narcan couldn't save him so the people he was with dumped his body in a van overnight in a stranger's driveway to be found with empty Narcan from trying to save him inside. Carfentanyl is like elephant tranquilizer and much more deadly then fentanyl. It's cheaper too and people who give no fucks about life put it in shit.

  13. Maybe. I did tell on him because ik another kid in that frat who's higher up and we're chill so I think I got him in trouble

  14. You dumbass snitching for this makes you a wussy to everyone. Might as well call you Stewart now

  15. Someone posted screen shots like yesterday I think but this video really does the creepiness justice

  16. I think people do understand that and are posting to see if they are the only ones or if people will flock to the comments to be like me too so they can say they found a new ME

  17. There's a weekly megathread for those. It's mentioned in the rules, under rule #1.

  18. I don't think they read any rules though. I forget to read rules in subs all the time. Sometimes I space out and forget rules exist at all.

  19. Looks like a scam to me. Check the email address that sent you this. It's probably not going to be the real paypal.

  20. Coltee's leaked dick pic should have been included w this meme πŸ˜‚

  21. I just figured their storyline for the amount of time they were able to film was over. They already met and decided to be together but selling her house and then doing the paperwork to get him to her would take awhile so what else would even have to be filmed. It would be a waste of time watching them talk on the phone every episode. They're not finishing stories imo. It seems like this UK series is more like a Before The 90 Days type deal and will continue storylines as long as it gets good ratings.

  22. You can contact your bank right now ... like, get off of Reddit and right now contact your bank and say you are a victim of fraud.

  23. It says they got sent screenshots of a pending payment. It seems like OP was selling something on FB marketplace and the scammer got the item so that's why OP is out $500.

  24. This scam is here all the time. There is no minor. If you're scared they aren't bluffing like the other scammers who do variations of this scam here's what you should do. Tell your friends how some dumbass scammer said they would photoshop you to make it look like you're a pedo if you don't give them money and you told them to fuck off. Then laugh about it and they'll laugh with you. If anything does come out they won't believe it. Law enforcement all over the world know this scam too so you wouldn't have any trouble. Only you know what you really sent as far as nude shit. You're friends and fam don't. They'll believe it's bullshit.

  25. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ anyone who falls for this one I can't feel sorry for

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