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  1. Is that the one where he keeps walking back and forth around his apartment getting blood absolutely everywhere as he bleeds out? If so I saw that one too.

  2. Speaking of Facebook live there’s the famous Ronnie Mcnutt. That’s not lost though.

  3. This is from my hometown. His mom was watching it when it happened - she was calling people trying to get them to his house. She was calling him over and over. Several of my corners were watching it live and trying to contact him.

  4. Im getting vibes of him seeing his imperfect family and dreading that version of marriage, rhe only one he knows. Her comments meanwhile harmless after 5 long years of commitment, pushed him to press the self destruct button. He just needs to not ignore these issues or get into a new relationship asap.

  5. That was what my college ex did. His mom had been married four times, his dad five. My parents had been together for over twenty years, and he just couldn’t comprehend the idea of something other than what his parents had.

  6. I was OOP. I hope she’s stronger than I was - ex will come crawling back as soon as he hears she’s with some one else. I caved - I pray she doesn’t.

  7. My daughter has an uncommon form of dyslexia, and I get so frustrated when it’s called a “reading disability” or a “learning disability”. She’s perfectly able, but her mind is just wired differently.

  8. I can’t find this shape or the beige color. I’m also looking for it in the Dionysus shape. Can anyone help?

  9. I wanted him to not even make a reddit post, but I then I realized that he needed others to tell him de didn't overreact.

  10. Exactly. Her DiL is attacked and then less than a year later has baby? MiL isn’t the sharpest light bulb in the pack.

  11. He closed on the house 10/17. Its very small but there is some aux buildings too. I think it was 85K and her name isnt on any of it.

  12. She probably doesn’t have any credit history, and she has no source of income. It may have affected his rating to add her.

  13. remove/loosen buttons, shoe laces, remove all pockets or shoe liners (if revenge is the goal) If it isn’t, take what you can of the dress it could be made into a hankerchief, a scarf, make it into very nice scrunchies, an ascot etc. small things you can wear daily. As for the ex, best wishes disregarding him like he did to you and your belongings

  14. Scuff the hem of pants so they can’t come clean. Loosen stitches on shirts. Loosen buttons. Start holes in random socks.

  15. I'm thinking about a picture I saw of the newlyweds getting into a car and it was just the back of them, like they were straight up leaving the Rodrigui-verse.

  16. I have a 2 ct solitaire moissanite ring set in silver, and it’s lasted me years. I wear it instead of my real diamond set in platinum. I started freaking out about wearing something that expensive on my hand, so I made the switch. Also, the anniversary set I got from Etsy has held up every day for a few years.

  17. I'm always suspicious when someone remarries a spouse they've already divorced once.

  18. 23 days ago they were married, and now as of five days ago, they are divorced again.

  19. We brush our teeth with charcoal briquettes that we crush at home and mix with rendered duck fat.

  20. To be fair, my grandmother and her siblings did chew sticks from something they called the toothbrush tree - but she a child of the Great Depression.

  21. Unfortunately, it is. When I was 16, my 18 year old boyfriend convinced me this was a way to keep our virginity.

  22. CeraVe is an amazing skin care brand. They have cleansers, moisturizers, and treatments. Every dermatologist I’ve seen had recommended them. Healthy skin is the foundation for good makeup. Try to match any foundation or concealer as best as you skin. Indian skin often needs a more gold or yellow tone (didn’t I read in another post you were Indian?). Stay away from pinks.

  23. https://www.amazon.com/Lazy-Perfection-Looking-Without-Really/dp/0762461446/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?crid=2MZ1JTM0QDWEG&keywords=lazy+perfection+by+jenny+patinkin&qid=1665176157&qu=eyJxc2MiOiIxLjE5IiwicXNhIjoiMS41NyIsInFzcCI6IjEuNDAifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=lazy+perfection%2Caps%2C288&sr=8-1

  24. Show me a transplant doctor who not only SAYS you should go through with a surgery but to give a partial liver to an alcoholic. This crosses serious lines ethically if true (which it is not). Alcoholics can’t even go on a donor registry (in the US) until they have been sober for years.

  25. A lot of wishing her dead fiance was alive. I'm not sure why she's still with her current husband.

  26. Remember her fiancé died with their daughter - so it’s a lot of “what if” from that.

  27. I don’t think it’s fair to say she isn’t over her deceased husband. He’s dead, it’s not really the same thing as a breakup. Pretty sure most people who remarry feel roughly the same way. The shrine in the living room wasn’t just towards her deceased husband, but to a few deceased people, including his deceased wife.

  28. Her deceased boyfriend and daughter - who died on the same day. That’s why she’s so emotional about it.

  29. Ah the blessed St Luis! Patron saint of Just No MiL! I had almost forgotten about Magda. I remember it in real time.

  30. Is this poster the one with the MiL in the Wild who tried to kill her? That was a saga!

  31. NTA Tell your son since his GF won’t pay, his portion of the rent will increase to €400

  32. Yes, that Brock Allen Turner who thinks he’s soooo smart. He goes by Allen Turner now because he thinks if he uses the name Allen Turner instead of Brock Turner, no one will find out he’s a rapist.

  33. You mean Brock Allen Turner the rapist? He goes by Allen Turner so if someone googled him that won’t see he’s a rapist.

  34. Piggyback on the top comment. OP buy a box of crayons that have both the white and the tan color, go to a store that has paint color samples, get the white and tan ones, now drive to your sil's and show her, because she might need a lesson on what "tan" looks like to everyone, besides her, on planet Earth.

  35. Include “This is the song that never ends” from Lambchops!

  36. Don't give me more ideas, because it looks like I could very possibly hijack it again. LOL

  37. This is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend! Some people started singing it not knowing what it was, and they’ll be singing it forever just because this is the song that never ends…..

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