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  1. Dead coin pump and dump, it's typical for dead shitcoins to be manipulated even by 1000%'s due to low liquidity. Btw. This shitcoin still being ranked so high shows how high this bubble still is.

  2. You should be banned for your comments regarding other cryptos. Going around calling other crypto projects dead and shitcoins shows you have no respect at all.

  3. I am not salty about losing money, I'm salty about mostly everyone in here.

  4. Raise your concerns with NF. Every day you post in here and every day the community cant help you. Your talking to the wrong people.

  5. The NF has banned me from all platforms, I somehow doubt my concerns would be heard.

  6. Nano Foundation care. Just remember what NF go through. They are up against other cryptos worth millions/billions and are a direct competitor.

  7. yeah it needs to be shared more. I will share it with my surroundings. Thanks

  8. You still completely ignore my doubt about how this would be better than aeropay.

  9. Im not over estimating anything. I have already told you before that nano will get a use case from this. It is important for nano to get a use case. I have also stated that regardless how Flowhub adopt Nano it is a positive and a step in the right direction.

  10. Who besides nano holders will use the flowhub nano implementation?

  11. What if Nano is used behind the scenes to make tranactions and the normal consumer doesnt even know.

  12. A couple of weeks ago, Kyle (FH founder) tweeted that they are still working on nano integration and that these things take time.

  13. It's great to see nano being adopted by flowhub, don't get me wrong. But the impact of it is likely highly overstated by everyone on here.

  14. Not sure how Flowhub will adopt it. However Kyle and the Nano foundation are aware of the issues around usage as stated by

  15. I am going to award this comment as i 100% agree that we need Forest to do more interviews and tell people about Nano. You also summerised much better than i did lol :)

  16. Your comment pretty much sounds like Forest would've had a hard time doing the interview.

  17. From Forest’s post its clear that he thinks he could have done better and is asking for feedback.

  18. Theres loads of speakers. Its a great opportunity to mingle and advertise Nano.

  19. I didn't read the text but so didn't anyone else either. The whole site seem to have around 70 visits a day

  20. 70 people are still better than 0. All publicity (providing its positive) is good for Nano and it needs it.

  21. Someone who invested at 70 cents would have made more if he just bought bitcoin.

  22. But like others who have bought Nano believe in the Nano project not Bitcoin, its why most of us are here. Nano has increased in price, it is a positive.

  23. Nano is objectively and undeniably falling behind. It is a fact, whether you like it or not. It's not something I feel, its something I observe.

  24. Yes Nano is hardly traded and i understand your concern about the bigger picture but as ive said earlier why would Nano be traded or pump? Theres no news.

  25. Yeah I agree all these suggestions to ruin what Nano is all about is starting to make me nervous

  26. I dont like the idea and agree that Nano should remain feeless. However don’t feel nervous. Looking at the positives, members of the community are trying to come up with suggestions to improve Nano’s situation. I see that as a good thing, they should be welcomed as we want ideas and dont just want to disregard them. It also gives us an opportunity to educate other community members too.

  27. Check their YouTube video with special mention of nano here

  28. Trustable funding NF means Miners and Electricity companies are calling the shots behind Nano. There is a huge conflict of interest at the core of Nano development.

  29. What are you on about. The conflict of interest is they want Nano to succeed. Nano Foundation has made this clear and have stated they will do what is in the best interest of Nano.

  30. I see this as less bullish news and more like not bad news. Seeing that we are being added along with Shib and others to a list of already 70 coins does not make me bullish. What makes more excited is that Binance is showing that it has Nano in its long term plan and therefore any fears of delisting due to volume are not warranted.

  31. The money was community funded to have videos created to advertise Nano.

  32. Issue is that a well known influencer would cost a lot more than 400 Nano.

  33. Trustable set to release this year if I'm not mistaken, Flowhub too. My best guess is around Christmas.

  34. I didnt realise trustable would be released so soon. Will be wicked if it is. Exciting times for Nano. Thank you for your comment :)

  35. Not certain but Duncan mentioned the Trustable integration in the African market with 9.5mil users set to release this year.

  36. Yeah, its why i think once v24 is released its a new chapter for Nano. As spam will be mitigated it gives the green light for Flowhub, Trustable and any other company to adopt Nano.

  37. Firstly I assume you are referring to the fact that price has fallen. Functionally nano works better than it ever has, is used more on chain over time than it ever has been and has gained institutional support/usecase. The price has fallen despite the positive development for two main reasons. 1.Retail likes shiny new toys. Retail is still driving the price of smaller projects in crypto especially. The Nano Foundation strategy was/is completely different to most projects. It focused on product product product. Others focused on hype hype hype. Short term hype wins long term product wins. Basically because the demand for crypto will be 99% use-case based in the long term.

  38. I like your comment and agree. I’ve awarded it so it stands out :)

  39. I think we're getting close to being at risk of getting delisted

  40. They could however volume is not the only thing an exchange looks at. Binance for example look at the project development as well which is fairly active.

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