1. I have started training three months ago, I am an obese guy. Just started deadlifting and I hit my 1RM yesterday with 250lbs. It was third try on deadlifts.

  2. The only thing is to keep the head straight, which I am still struggling with as I keep looking forward during the lifts. Other than that it looks great and I think that you should go heavier and try doing 5 reps.

  3. Yeah as it gets heavier I tend to lift my head, definitely something I’m working on. Thank you.

  4. Yeah no problem! I still sometimes with instinct just keep my head up, somehow helps my head not get fuzzy when lifting heavy and focus more. In general form my understanding the only thing that could go wrong by having head like that is that you won't have spine in neutral position, and supposedly you'd be prone to injure yourself more, but IMO if you were to get into a position to injure by having your head like that, you'd be injuring more things than that and it would be the least thing to worry about.

  5. I don't mind an adult atreus but I can't bare the thought of kratos losing another one of his kids

  6. I don't think they would honestly kill of Atreus. The main reason is that, Kratos needs him to complete his character arc. If Atreus was killed, Kratos could go back to his older ways, and he is not that man anymore and we'd end up without having a closure on his story.

  7. If I don't add weights but increase the reps, I won't see any results at all? 🫤 I ask because getting more plates immediately is an issue, haha.

  8. I think you would still see the results, just more in terms of endurance and general strength increase rather than muscle increase. Don't get me wrong, muscles can still grow, but it will be slower than doing progressive overload.

  9. Wow it was changed that long ago? I suppose they did not really update the docs for sqs -> lambda event source integration, just because I remember at the start of this year the limits there still said max batch size was 10.

  10. Wrist straps are fucking amazing. I had been deadlifting 70kg, however my legs/back were not getting "tired" and I could push to like 6-7 reps. I knew it was light but my hands were dying if I increased weight further. So today I used wrist straps, and deadlifted 100kg for my TM and I am so happy because of it.

  11. Start training grip and you won’t drop anything ever again

  12. I have actually updated my program so I'd include grip training at least once a week.

  13. And for those who watched the start of the show and didn’t like it, I would really REALLY advise giving it a second chance and making it through season one.

  14. I know it is not related to actual working out but, man dieting is fucking hard and sometimes impossible. My major stress point is that I am obese, and have to lose shit loads of weight. Going to the gym is almost never a problem, as I enjoy most of my workouts, but dieting? Cooking and eating food that does not taste good/taste sweet is fucking hardest thing ever. Just wanted to rant and also ask for any advice I could get if anyone has struggled with this and has overcome the cravings.

  15. Dude the lat pulldown machine is fucked up. I switched two gyms in last month. And in one of them, I was able to do 35kg on this machine, and in another, I am barely capable of doing 20kg. Either one of those have skewed weights. I am calling second one, as I am able to do lat focused rows with 30kg. But kan it feels wrong in terms of numbers.

  16. I would say the things she moves in the fight woth Zaheer are greater feat than anything mentioned in aangs side of things.

  17. What are these and how much do they weigh?:

  18. Those are used on machines to increase weight. Most of the times they provide you "half" the weight transition. For example, if machine has 20lb and 25lb only, and you can lift 20lb easily but struggle at 25, that piece would weight ~2.5lbs, so you get a transition between two weights.

  19. It was in total 6 years, but from the behind the scenes content they released about Arcane, it seems most of the work was done post 2019,so like 2-3 years. Still a lot.

  20. Any piece of media that can successfully convince people they should try League of Legends should be considered a masterpiece.

  21. The fun fact is everything about League of Legends other than the game itself is a fucking amazing. I really want them to nail MMO

  22. Sometimes the plot armour is a bit too obvious, especially with Caitlyn. She walks away practically unharmed from a huge explosion in episode four when everyone else dies, then gets only a minor injury in episode 7 when everyone else dies. Both were easily fixable I think - have her take a few more steps back from the burning building in episode 4 to put a notable distance between her and the other enforcers. In episode 7 actually let her be very injured - she's not needed for any future action scenes, the most she does is stand up holding the minigun. Maybe even put her in a wheelchair while her legs heal and slightly rework her positioning in the shower and tea party scenes.

  23. In episode seven the firelight grenades were I suppose magnetic and would attach to guns only. Cait did not have a gun. Thats why she survived.

  24. You sound way too advanced for this, but I'll just toss out there that the Shield has a power setting for connected HDDs (whether or not to keep them on all the time), and I noticed that it did reset once after an update 🤷🏼

  25. I already had that set up back in the day, checked it few hours ago today as well and tried to reset it, no success. Still thanks for suggestion tho

  26. There is a specific setting for the usb port power under system and usb port power for "Always on" and "Off during sleep"

  27. I have it on `always on`, tried to "reset" it as well, so turned it off and then on again.

  28. That's weird, I have 201335 version and I am having hard time making it work.

  29. After seeing him in Gotham I've been all about this dude, if he's in it I'll definitely give it a shot.

  30. Sometimes I with they made Cal into a villain just to see Cameron's acting range on display. His performance in Gotham was something out of this world

  31. Look up "Lid" in windows search then disable putting the laptop to sleep mode when it is plugged in after the lid is closed maybe?

  32. It does not put the laptop to sleep, however the lights turn off, you only light that stays on is port lighting

  33. Such a specific group to target, interesting 🤔

  34. Maeve isn't that strong I think, I mean she broke her arm catching the weight of a bus I believe

  35. She was a kid back then. In S1E1 we saw her do way greater feat, which is to stop an armored car and literally split ot in half by just standing still

  36. It got deleted on youtube but maybe you can find it somewhere. It was an interview of BAFTA with Christian Linke and Alex Yee.

  37. Actually something similar was mentioned inBTR latest episode as well

  38. I think latest BTR episode confirmed that. There was a mention that they had lots of ideas where to go in the world of Runeterra after S2 and after Piltover and Zaun

  39. Not ashamed to say I shed a tear at this episode. So good.

  40. Man, I want to have taken part in creating something like Arcane. Like its a dream of mine. When I was watching this episode, I felt like my life's purpose was to be in situations where Christian and Alex were on the premiere day and feel whatever they were feeling at that time.

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