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  1. doesnt this decrease decentralization since more people will stake with validators who can afford to validate multiple chains?

  2. I don't think there's any real correlation between validator ranking on Atom and # of chains they validate across the Cosmos.

  3. Go all in with Luna classic, thank me later.

  4. Your post is indeed a misrepresentation because it swaps in a more convenient time frame than reality. This is the problem with it:

  5. It's some kind of market based scheme for prompting energy efficiency and or reducing environmental impact, I believe. Details are hazy but I think it's going to be a kind of trading platform for trading credits related to energy and or environmental impact between regions.

  6. It is a grassroots effort by community members to bring value to NETA and give it some role in the Juno ecosystem.

  7. SILK is coming out on Shade Protocol in a month and will be attached to a basket of approximately 12 national currencies.

  8. Junoswap rewards contracts are on a 2 week distribution system. For example, 1000 RAW will be sent to the LP rewards contract and that will be automatically distributed over 2 weeks to all bonded LP providers.

  9. Wtf is with weirdos constantly condemning Elon? Stop virtue-signaling.

  10. Imagine how u guys could've actually prospered if u took the time to build a decent exchange instead of ripping people off. U guys don't deserve any love give me a break. Enjoy your downfall now... u did this to yourselves

  11. Blaming others for everything and not taking personal responsibility for mistakes means you will continue to have problems because you are limiting your ability to learn.

  12. https://hakkafinance.gitbook.io/igain/igain-universe/impermanent-loss

  13. The article you linked seems to be someone proposing a specific leveraging system that is just branded as "impermanent gain," is not operational, and is irrelevant to Osmosis Lab.

  14. It’s entirely relevant to my point as I discussed extensively with Canonizant.

  15. Impermanent loss is a very specific phenomenon and anything called "impermanent gains" should follow the same rubric and not require extra variables. Externalities such as holdings elsewhere or diversification are irrelevant.

  16. I thought this post was from Don himself as like a satirical troll or something, but apparently it's real?

  17. Okay I safe 20€ per 1-2 months..mhhh that's 2 meals for me

  18. Additional benefit is that once you get it down and can do a nice cut at home in under an hour, it's way easier to regularly give yourself cuts and keep up appearances for work etc.

  19. Saving is always a good option if you can save, and if you Can't save? Then can't help you man.

  20. I don't think increasing revenue for OSL and MM should provides sufficient rationale for levying exit tariffs on Osmosis Lab, either in terms of project priority or practicality.

  21. I am a newbie to crypto can someone explain what RAW token is (this is the reward) and what can we do with it. I went to their website and it redirects me to DAODAO and I am finding it difficult to comprehend.

  22. It was created the be the rewards token for JunoSwap. At present, the utility of RAW is limited to governing Junoswap. The team has promised more uses for it soon but details are sparse.

  23. I suggest you don't make your decisions based on gaming airdrops. Requirements are different all the time and you'll just end up getting annoyed at the ones you miss out on.

  24. this isn't gaming drops, sometimes people want extra security using separate accounts? why are you able to judge??

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