1. i was highly suicidal through middle school and high school. my thoughts were so loud and my anxiety was so high. i would blast music to drown out what was going on in my head and binge watch whatever i could to get my mind off the pounding in my chest. this went on for years. you really need to reach out to a psychiatrist and get meds soon if you’re able. living like this is so hard but you will find your place.

  2. it's not worth it, I'm too far gone, if only you knew the true extent of how insane and fundamentally unfixable I am .. in fact I shouldn't even be talking to you, I shouldn't have posted this, I'm sorry for wasting your time, just forget about me please

  3. that’s why meds will help. how do you know they won’t if you haven’t even tried them

  4. put your betta back in the tank and put the old filters back in if you still have them

  5. Threw the old filters out, were very dirty. Should I try changing the water again???

  6. no, your water is fine. it’ll settle. you took a lot of bacteria away when you changed your filter. next time just rinse them or opt for coarse sponge.

  7. I have tried to sell my shrimp online locally. Facebook flagged the post and took it down. Craigslist also flagged and marked my post to be deleted.

  8. Would this work locally? I am uneasy about shipping my shrimp.

  9. yes you can say local pickup only in your post

  10. i cut up a water bottle and place it in the flow

  11. lol i thought you had a very fluffy pooch!

  12. you should get some jugs to store it and keep it closed off

  13. I have them in 5 gallon Lowes buckets with lids sitting at room temp. Are you suggesting moving them to gallon jugs and keeping it at room temp?

  14. the buckets have lids? that’s fine by me. i thought they were open buckets

  15. should have clarified, I can’t seem to find a consensus on what optimal levels are. some sources say under 5 for fasting is optimal, others say under 10. my fasting is 7 uIU/mL, 1 hour post is 76, and 2 hrs post is 13. I don’t know if theres enough of an issue for me to be having such severe symptoms.

  16. two of the sources i listed say your insulin levels should be under 5 and and one says that levels over 7 are associated with a significant increase in future risk of metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.

  17. just saw that, guess I won’t get a definitive answer and should just focus on my diet either way. thanks for your help!

  18. no problem! glad i could help the tiniest bit

  19. you can use carbon in your filter to get rid of tannins or boil the leaves beforehand. do you want them to eat the leaves?

  20. I would want them to have the option to eat the leaves. I am using a sponge filter so carbon is not an option unfortunately

  21. i see :(. you can try mulberry leaves!

  22. stop keeping your blue lights on. i would also stop dosing liquid co2 as it is harmful to fish :(

  23. water temperature should just equal out when you add new water. use your hand or get a thermometer to judge if it’s too hot or cold

  24. what info are you looking for? just take care of your little fishy!

  25. you could do a small water change to lower the nitrite a little and see if that helps. you could also try adding some beneficial bacteria. sorry it’s taking so long

  26. sometimes fish just die and it sucks, i’m sorry

  27. lol i thought mine were red honeys but turns out they’re just thick lipped gouramis

  28. NAD sounds like you really just need to get it pulled. can you save of the money and just survive on OTC meds? do you have parents or anyone else you can asl for money? i hate how we have to pay for healthcare

  29. how can they look at this and not say it’s too small

  30. I dont have my own car, my mom cant take me cause she dosent have a car or job, and my dad would say no. also most of the time he is working

  31. aw no, i’m so sorry. i wish parents understood the importance of mental health. can you at least talk to your parents about how this all makes you feel?

  32. nutrients via fertilizer. they won’t turn red if you don’t have high light though

  33. Would they turn red via sunlight? Also what fertilizer do you recommend?

  34. i love easy green from aquarium co-op. yep, if they had direct sunlight that would be great

  35. Sure there has. But 0.37% is not one third of your total blood volume. That would 33.00% or greater. His BAC was a third of one percent

  36. but i understand what you were saying now 😂 i just read everything wrong

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