He do be dancing though

  • By - vjeva


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  1. I love The Farming Moons, such a good band

  2. The lyrics feel so personal from them, I almost feel like I am a part of the band

  3. Ok this is getting crazy! Who the fuck is buying all of them?

  4. Old school Wall Street takeover tactics in a unregulated market - Welcome to Mass Adoption!

  5. He won't disappear, his ego and cockiness is just not on a "stay low key" level. This egomaniac actually things he can outsmart everyone and can get away with it and that will cement his place in a nice and cozy prison cell.

  6. My entire crypto journey feels sometimes as I am Arthur Morgan

  7. We are in a recession but we will get an official confirmation about it once we recover

  8. Since you have been gone, the charts have continued to move into the right sided direction

  9. I hope they have a nice offer of Boat trips

  10. Can somebody insert the "Woody Harrelson Crying" Meme, I think its appropriate.

  11. I mean he probably has VPN.

  12. Just arrest this Kwon Artist

  13. The Same thing I do for movies and music, I become a Pirate!

  14. This looks familiar...

  15. This is one of the reason where I think a Bear Market is really healthy because it gives healthy projects that can survive the Market and actually work on development and improving the entire UX and dedicate resources to improve this space for the end users.

  16. FTX is the CDC version from 2021, "only" difference is that FTX will have a better ROI as they have invested during a Bear Market while CDC went FOMO during the Bull Market last year.

  17. So who wants own my debt and buy my over drafted credit card NFT?

  18. No worries he has a Prison Cell booked in Seoul/South Korea in Block C, Gate 4. He should check in there soon.

  19. Maybe he is just waiting in line because here is a fun fact: In 2021, INTERPOL issued a total of 10,776 Red Notices.

  20. This feels like a Mortal Kombat "Finish Him" Meme

  21. in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes

  22. I wouldn't be surprised if someone was appointed with a budget to buy off some of these NFTs on OpenSea...once there is traction people think there is some hype and traction behind it.

  23. You have to take in consideration that Reddit is investing a lot lately in a NFT platform, just look at the available jobs where they seek for multiple backend developers for it...

  24. Its speculated that they laundered mote than 5 billion USD. Insane!

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