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  1. Yeah, it starts to stink once it reaches the adult form, the egg taste is actually great but i have to admit that it's the most visually repulsive edible mushroom that exists

  2. What does it look like when prepared?? I feel like cooked it might resemble a hard boiled egg even more than it already does lol

  3. I mean the goo dries out, it acquires an actually good texture like regular mushroom

  4. Coprinus comatus, aka the Shaggy mane or the Shaggy ink cap. Choice edible mushroom.

  5. Shaggy Manes usually grow alone right?? (Not always but that’s a helpful identifier??)

  6. It’s rare to see bats getting on this subreddit. It’s sad that so many people don’t like them :( /gen

  7. I love bats and their function in the ecosystem (eating mosquitoes first and foremost) but if you see a bat that is acting calm around humans, alone, out during the day, etc, IT IS MOST LIKELY SICK. So a lot of people have learned to be cautious around all bats. The risk of contracting rabies is not worth it—if you don’t get the shots before symptoms start, you will die.

  8. Somehow he got on the inside of the screen door. There's a small gap on the bottom, it's like warped. We put him into an empty container and took him outside.

  9. Did you touch him??? You should call your local health department or doctor and have them run a risk assessment. In the future, don’t put it back outside. Poke holes in the container and keep it so you can give it to health department/animal control so they can test it for rabies.

  10. Under stimulation, for me, caused more anxiety than overstimulation ever did.

  11. Sad news but if that’s the case why would he want to continue running a failing business?

  12. Don’t know much about the owners or the place itself, but if he treats his workers well and created a unique and community-oriented space, I don’t see why people shouldn’t crowdfund to save it. I’d rather that kind of company exist than the ones who steal wages, overwork employees, and stick to the status quo.

  13. I get your point but there is no sense propping up someone running a failing business for what, a year? Two? It would be better if the owner sold the business to someone who wants to keep the integrity of the place but also knows how to be successful while treating employees the right way. Like most posters on this sub, I'm sure you have a negative view of most business owners but there are good ones out there and there's always an opportunity there for new business owners to take over that know what they are doing.

  14. I hear ya. I think it’s one of those times when the market makes the decision. If the people decide they want to crowdfund and get them enough to stay a float, then I guess in its own way it’s not a failing business. I read a little more and the one owner lied about paying taxes. Hard circumstances or not, he should’ve owned up to the debt so they could try and handle it early on. I hope the other owner can figure something out.

  15. I think it looks really good. You could always get a second conch placed underneath which would look cool. But the way it’s pierced now really balances your setup well!

  16. Omg! Two of my fav things—gouache and BOTW. Love the yellow undertones

  17. Just to clarify, you took the piercing out and flipped it around so the flat back is on the front?

  18. Yeah cuz I noticed the flat part was digging into the bump so I cleaned it and flipped it around

  19. Gotcha! I’m not a piercer so I won’t give advice, but I hope someone can give you a good answer. I do know that taking it out and putting it back in could’ve made the already existing irritation worse.

  20. Ya know what—I sat on this for a little but I’m changing my response to this post. DO NOT take out the piercings. If you have any of the following, go to the ER now—infections aren’t something to fuck around with especially anywhere on the head due to proximity to the brain.

  21. thanks, in the urgent care centre now. wait time to see anyone is astronomical and it probably would have been just as quick to go to sleep and go to the regular doctors in the morning but hey ho lmao

  22. I’m a big believer in “better safe than sorry”—it’s definitely not the most convenient lifestyle but in some scenarios it’s been life saving for me!! At least if you worsen you’re around medical professionals. Good luck I hope you get seen soon

  23. How often do you clean it? It almost looks like it has had a lot of moisture throughout the day. Do you dry it off after using the saline? Also does your wet hair sit on it a lot? If so try putting your hair up while it’s drying and drying it off after cleaning ❤️

  24. I do think it was probably a moisture issue in the beginning! When I first got it I would spray and then let it sit, and it was moist often. A few months ago I started to blow dry on cool, and then recently I’ve gone back to letting it air dry (no wet hair, not laying down on it etc). I think part of it is angle and part of it may be that I just don’t heal super fast. I think I’m going to try and do some warm compresses for a few days then LITHA

  25. I don't think so. My doctor prescribes it to me because I'm prone to staph infections. I've had Two piercing Infections in my life and I shut both of them up instantly with the stuff.

  26. Gotcha! I might just make a general doctors appt soon and ask about it. Thanks :)

  27. Thanks for the example! Did a little reading on it and it was an impressive project—especially the intelligent transportation system (electric signs, detection systems, etc) which I imagine helped a lot with traffic as well. I wonder if the number of lanes added has an impact—like maybe adding two lanes makes traffic worse, but adding 7 makes it better.

  28. I would think adding lanes has diminishing returns. Going from 1 lane to 2 or 2 lanes to 3 is definitely an improvement, but does going from 5 to 7 really help?

  29. Yes, I was thinking that with proper investment in sound public transit (years ago ideally) we could have saved a lot of money and stress. I’m a proponent of public transit for a lot of reasons, I wish it wasn’t so politically unpopular

  30. Thats sucks... I dont see the point in being happy half day and then the other half being depressed and anxious... I prefer to be a little weird, and juat a little anxious al day...

  31. So I felt this exact same way when I was prescribed one 15mg XR Adderall for the morning. Told the doctor I couldn’t stand going back to my unmedicated self for another 6 hours a day. She prescribed me an extra daily dose of 10mg instant release to hold me over. Finally told her that wasn’t enough either (only lasted 2-3 hours) and she agreed to prescribe me two 15mg XR adderalls per day.

  32. Mystifying and ethereal from start to finish. I’ve also never had a title draw me in so quickly. Very effective!!

  33. My parents both got sober. My mom was similar to your dad, and my dad was worse. Both have been drinking since teens. Even though they’re sober, they both have memory issues, emotional regulation and depression issues because they have untreated ADHD. My dad has improved immensely because of therapy and anxiety medication, but his ADHD still causes the issues you mentioned.

  34. Was just randomly looking through posts when I saw this. I’m not a piercer but based on what I’ve seen on this page and others, it looks like it’s rejecting and that you might not have the right anatomy. Has it gotten any better? Hope it has!

  35. I love it! Add some feet for this piece. If you’re looking for more realistic effects, try painting from a model and add colors/values exactly where you see them. But I like the simple ink and wash style you’re using here, too

  36. CBN+THC “sleep” gummies have been great for me. Relaxes my body and in turn I calm down more.

  37. Depression and anxiety can often be misdiagnosed when there are other issues causing it. For example, I went from ages 9-24 thinking I was anxious and depressed, but not in the “typical” way. At 24 I finally got diagnosed with ADHD and with the right meds and therapy my anxiety and depression basically went away. Talking to your doctor about your issues and the fact that your meds aren’t working is a solid first step.

  38. Addicts often choose a different substance or action to fill the space. It’s why cigarettes and vapes are allowed at AA and recovery groups. I’m sorry you and your nephew are dealing with this. I hope you both can get support here and through alanon/alateen

  39. Sooo cool and has potential for some really wild custom pieces. Like a constellation or something

  40. Why did you take it out at 2 months out of curiosity? That could’ve disturbed the healing but it also sounds like a stage of healing for a cartilage piercing. Commenting so this gets more attention!

  41. I worked at an animal hospital a long time ago and had a client come in with her senior cats (they were about 12 and in good health) and asked to euthanize them because she couldn’t take them to her new apt. I begged the vet to just knock them out so she thought they died and I’d keep them, but they wouldn’t do it. 😭

  42. Wait what? I thought vets had the right to refuse to euthanize a healthy pet? And then give it to the shelter? Obviously there’s still a relatively high chance of euthanasia but at least there’s some chance they’ll be adopted.

  43. Brushing my teeth twice a day 😭 adderall has fixed this for me though

  44. I loved those demonic lil monsters. My friends and I would have play dates where we each brought ours. I remember you could say “hey furby, tell me a joke” and he would. You could also feed it (it came with a lil spoon) and it would kind of nom it. Oh and “hey furby Sing me a song” also worked.

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