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  1. Played Tank for my 7 year old the other day and he said it was really weird and he didn’t like it. What is the world coming to :(

  2. Eh he's only 7, I'd try again in a few years.

  3. Yes absolutely this!!! The opening to Sam Cham got me into Nujabes who is now one of my favorite artists of all time.

  4. I mostly collect Pokémon, OverlySarcastic Productions and FursonaPins

  5. What's your fursona species? I've seen a lot of cool custom merch from the fandom (pins, stickers, plushies, etc.) but it's kind of pricey.

  6. It almost feels like a convention flex, as if paying for travel, hotel, admission, food, and booze isn't enough to prove you're a furry. I almost feel inadequate before I realize many furries are in high-paying STEM and IT fields and actually have that kind of disposable income.

  7. I think most Americans like cheese? I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like cheese

  8. Depends on the cheese. I love pepperjack, parmesan, and mozzarella but can't stand nacho cheese, not even Doritos.

  9. I do, but not in the way some Americans do. Like my brother will get a 5-cheese frozen pizza ready then be like "You know what this needs? MORE CHEESE" before grating half a block of cheddar onto it.

  10. Mostly The Cycle: Frontier, I suck right now as it's been forever since I played an online looter FPS but I'm slowly getting better as I reacclimate to keyboard gaming.

  11. That little girl looks like she has an appointment with her attorney later and really just wants to wrap this up.

  12. A prison with Episode 1 Racer and air hockey probably isn't the worst place to serve a sentence.

  13. I’ve had a lot of dreams about arcades where certain machines displayed demos of grisly violence and deep-bass moans of the dead. I would inevitably have to walk past them and avert my eyes. There are definitely echos of my childhood fears of the House of the Dead cabinet.

  14. House of the Dead, CarnEvil, Evil Night, Satan's Hollow, Smash TV; there were some pretty gory arcade games back in the day.

  15. A toy kitchen set? When I was little a ton of kids, male and female, had those, the only marked difference from playing with one was that they knew from a young age what a stove burner was and how to organize pots and pans.

  16. I saw the title. I saw the nsfw tag. I still looked. Gonna concuss myself and see if I can delete the last 60s.

  17. If this is enough to trigger you I don't think you're ready to be on the internet.

  18. You think this guy any women? Even if he did before it’s not happening now

  19. Given that he's nearly balls-deep in a dildo I don't think he has much interest in women.

  20. Yep, that sounds about right. My wife would watch me play and called it the Adventures of Uwasa, the Worst Cowboy. I remember trying to help an injured woman onto her horse, but the context button hadn't changed yet and instead and started strangling her. Or when I tried to talk to a shop owner in Saint Denis but I didn't realize my weapon was drawn, so instead of bringing up the conversation menu I shoved my gun in his face and started a city-wide gunfight.

  21. That's pretty bad but not gonna lie, I'd LOVE to be in the audience for it. Would make for a hilarious Twitch stream.

  22. RDR2 was like a perfect stew of the worst control decisions I've ever seen in gaming. Which is insane considering the quality of absolutely everything else.

  23. I've had this game since release and still have no clear idea of how the dueling system works. I know there's a mission that teaches it but I pretty much lucked my way through and can't replicate it (I was piss drunk at the time).

  24. I’ve had people give me scripture and such before, it’s absolutely annoying, like why the heck do I want this trash? If I was Christian I still wouldn’t need it because I’d have my own.

  25. bUt dOn'T yOu wAnT tO bE sAvEd? Those types don't understand the idea of keeping religion private, they really believe they're on a holy crusade. They're like the Borg, non-believers must be assimilated.

  26. We get Bible pamphlets instead of tips sometimes. That pisses me off. Like wtf am I gonna do with this? Is this really gonna help me pay my rent? Nah

  27. The worst pamphlets are the ones folded to look like a $20 bill but when opened says some bullshit like "Salvation is worth more than money". To pull the rug out from someone like that is beyond dickish.

  28. I wasn't allowed to watch Cartoon Network shows as a kid so I missed out on pretty much all "classic" CN shows like Courage. But in summers, we'd go to a beach house with my aunts and uncles and cousins, and one cousin liked Courage, and if I was quiet and sneaky I could watch from behind a couch as long as nobody noticed me.

  29. Only time I saw people run out was during Cloverfield. There was a fair amount of throw up near/on the trash bin.

  30. I loved Cloverfield but I hear a lot of people got motion sickness.

  31. I remember Johnny Quest being really cool as a kid. The Jersey Devil episode freaked me the hell out.

  32. I LOVED Jonny Quest as a kid, but I was more into the original cartoon from the '60s (mostly because my Dad was a huge fan growing up and insisted on introducing me to it. He's in his 70s now and is still a cartoon geek).

  33. didnt one have like spider mech walkers? that was kinda cool

  34. I remember that episode, freaked me out when I was little (I still have arachnophobia as an adult, not exclusively because of that episode but it certainly didn't help).

  35. Doug Dimmadome? Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome?

  36. Ah, dad jokes. Now we aren't so different after all.

  37. Dads across the world enjoy embarrassing their kids

  38. Sure. walks to the back for a quick round of Minesweeper

  39. Today on Mel the Mohel's - Oral Suction Circumcision Surprise...

  40. You put WAY too much thought into this but I'm glad you did

  41. He cornered them too. Most were shot in a small bathroom the teacher was trying to shelter them in.

  42. I sleep damn good at night knowing my bitches cum before I do LOL

  43. Good, I hope you and your boyfriend have a very happy relationship.

  44. If I wore super tight pants I would Indeed have a man .

  45. Nah bro your balls are still tiny, you're just displaying it.

  46. Dumb enough to kill 17 and wound 17. All it takes is the ability to pull a trigger.

  47. While both are deadly, Paddock was far more methodical. He thought of every angle to pull off as deadly a massacre as possible, whereas Cruz just ran into a building.

  48. I think we're drifting away from the point a bit, which is that Cruz was inspired by other shooters, (from his YouTube searches, quite a few, he really did his homework).. Which in itself is very concerning and solidifies the fact that these people are constantly wanting to one-up each other. And also that, it doesn't take any amount of intelligence to be able to do something like this. In this case it was a good thing that he is as stupid as he is, because if he had come up with a plan that was methodical in any way, his shooting would have been much worse, and even with his incredibly low IQ, he managed to commit the 4th deadliest school shooting in modern history.

  49. On this episode of When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong...

  50. That "ally of the oppressors" talk is gatekeeping bullshit. Religion and spirituality is a personal endeavor, you can be a Christian and still be gay, you don't have to choose. Anyone who opposes you on either side needs to STFU.

  51. Yup, to this day, I still remember every little thing I was bullied about. That stuff sticks in your mind, even 30 years later (for me at least).

  52. I got made fun of for my eyes of all things. I have large round eyes. Like, that's not even a behavioral quirk or social awkwardness, that's my anatomy, it's not "correctable". But whatever, as an adult it's my most-complimented physical feature so I'm not salty anymore.

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