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  1. See this is the problem. No one will actually confirm what it is. You just copied exactly what is on the website which I can already read.

  2. I'm here to beg the people of RV land to please invest in Solar. Prices have come down immensely over the years and there are many plug and play systems out there that now require minimal installation.

  3. aren't michigan and ohio basically the same thing?

  4. That's rich coming from America's wang. 🙄

  5. Great can we get a new one now? We travel the country full time and seeing the options other states have compared to ours is embarrassing.

  6. Variety isn't my argument, it's design. This thing is from 1993, isn't it time for an update?

  7. I've just recently started looking at this system because a friend of ours got one for their bus. We're selling our current van and building a new one and I just do not want to go through the headache of building another system from the ground up.

  8. True, you are more likely to get stuck with 4WD because you actually go off the beaten path. You are also more likely to see things most other people don’t see and go places most other people don’t go

  9. This is why we're switching to a 4x4 van. It's rare that we can find a spot now, at least in the lower 48, that isn't totally overrun with people. My wife and I also like to fish and it's getting harder and harder to find spots that don't have people lined up on the river.

  10. I believe you can give someone power of attorney and they can take all the paper work to the DMV to get it titled. Would be best to call.

  11. So update I called the dmv and they said we simy need to power of attorney for the relative to go to a third party place and get it titled. We are going to ship the vehicle so it will be there as well in case they need to match the vin.

  12. As a current Sprinter owner who's currently on the search for an astro van I kinda get what you're saying.

  13. Just so you know: there are people out there who can put older software on the ECU that bypasses the emissions systems in sprinters.

  14. Thank you, we are aware. However our van was part of the AEM lawsuit/recall, and so far none of these repairs have cost us anything out of pocket, just time and gas money and stress!

  15. My partner and I are converting a 4 window bus for us and our two medium sized dogs to live in full time. We have lived in a regular van, and more recently an older Toyota motorhome. The MH was 19Ft and the bus is 18ft, so it will be less space for us but I think if you’re used to a sprinter van then you’ll be fine in the 4 window.

  16. The Sprinter we are in is actually 23ft so the bus would be smaller for sure, but we'd prefer regular parking spaces and driving around cities easier.

  17. For those who have been to both East and West sides, which would you recommend if you only had 1 day to explore?

  18. How much time do you have? Going from the west, you can climb up to high peaks or over to the balconies.

  19. Thank you for the reply. We live full time on the road so time is unlimited, however, we do travel with 3 dogs which limits us in most national parks. So long hikes or backpacking is out. We don't mind doing short hikes but we don't like leaving the dogs behind for an extended period for their safety.

  20. When someone starts making a van that I can recharge off the solar panels I'll be installing on the roof to increase range and decrease my need to sit at a charging station for 2 hours, then they will have my interest.

  21. Having just attended skooliepalooza and seeing so many different rigs with so many different set ups inside I could see the appeal of maybe a shuttle bus or perhaps a small skoolie built on a van. But the giant skoolies/tour buses? Maybe if I had a bunch of kids but there is no way I'd want to drive one of those things around all the time. I feel the same way about giant RVs. And there were very few that I went into and thought 'I love this layout/design'!!

  22. Everybody take a collective breath. Send the good vibes not the hate.

  23. There's a lady I follow on IG who is deaf and teaches deaf students. @she_van_igan

  24. Same issue in Show Low. I think we get 18 games a year on dish.

  25. My wife and I are triple vaxxed and wore N95s under our regular masks when we were in Phoenix for the holidays. Stayed with my mom, who is also triple vaxxed but didn't tell us she wasn't feeling well until we had already been there 2 days. Even after that she chalked it up to her chronic bronchitis /sinus infections. She always has headaches and a bad cough and is quite antisocial so we just assumed it was that.

  26. Look into the Omnia oven. It is a donut shaped pan with lid that bakes over a propane gas burner. I have one and. Love it.

  27. What we use as well. Get the silicone inserts and you can do muffins super easy!

  28. La Bajada rest area looks decent.

  29. Can confirm spent a night here. Security, nice tables with grills, clean bathrooms.

  30. Because more and more people are turning to the nomad lifestyle or, unfortunately, trying to replicate what they see on IG.

  31. That'll probably make sense once I go there and get a idea of the size of the place. But right now it's like saying the camping is in New York City and they toxin events are in San Diego, I just don't have any perspective

  32. I believe the closest BLM camping location is around 3 miles away.

  33. Hmm, I didn't know that, I've got my bicycle. How far is the other location? I guess the location is the town itself, is that right?

  34. Camping is on BLM around Quartzsite. Talks and events are at the Quartzsite town baseball field.

  35. 3 days other than using the bathroom this fall in Colorado during a rainstorm.

  36. They accepted the letter from SM however our closing was 12/30...LO didn't have us clear to close UNTIL 12/30 smdh. Luckily sellers agreed to extend contract until 1/5, however our real estate agent is not happy because VU says they can't have it ready to sign until 1/5 and it's a mail in. VU does not communicate at all. It's absolutely ridiculous

  37. VU is a nightmare and we will never be working with them again. We mentioned several times, including specifically when we first called for a pre approval that this would be for a manufactured home and no one batted an eye until the finish line.

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