1. I bought the exact same model from Home Depot in May 2022. One of the legs was bent during shipping. It would have worked but looked like crap. So I set up a Weber account on my phone, told them the problem followed up by some pics. The next day I got my new leg. Buying off the floor doesn’t lessen the warranty, so I’d ask Weber for a new lid.

  2. Does anyone else in the family have a subscription that they would share? My mother in law has cable tv that includes ESPN, we (meaning her grandsons) use her account to sign in to watch sports. In return, we share our Disney + account with her.

  3. Tell your dad that this alum cried when Miami abandoned their Redskins name. I still have pennants, flags and ash trays.

  4. I didn’t know you could use these in the attic. Thanks. When you say point it which end is the front? The small end?

  5. Yes, the smaller end is the front of the antenna and should be pointed in the direction of the towers. Remember that movement of only a foot or two (L or R, up or down) can have a dramatic effect on your ability to get a reliable signal, so feel free to experiment before securing permanently in place. If you didn’t have that pesky Ch. 2, your options would be much greater, possibly even a flat antenna hidden behind your TV. And your comment about an amplifier blowing away your signal is spot on. You don’t need an amplifier.

  6. Thank you. Is there a device I can use to test signal strength while aiming? I remember old satellites could show signal strength but don’t know anything about these antennas.

  7. I think it's all here in previous posts, but let me summarize.

  8. Tv Fool is highly outdated — the database hasn’t been updated for years.

  9. I’ll bring the adoption papers next week…Dad!

  10. This measure has bi-partisan support in the state legislature. That means both democrats and republicans support it. This reform is mean to help all Ohioans have better candidates representing them. It isn't acceptable to have lousy candidates due to minority rule. We should have representatives that represent all Ohioans, not just a select few.

  11. We already have representatives that represent all Ohioans. What’s the hell are you talking about? What you’re advocating disenfranchises the very voters you think this measure will help. Ballots that do not include the two ultimate finalists are cast aside to manufacture a faux majority for the winner. That’s why I say do the fucking math. I’m sure you haven’t. And keep in mind that virtually all legislation in Ohio is introduced by members from both parties. That doesn’t mean it has “bi-partisan” support. This will never get out of committee.And thank God for that.

  12. The representatives aren't the problem. Their districts are small, and so is the relative population in each district. Whatever. GOP will tend to hold the house for a while, that's a fact. It's primaries and Senate and executive elections. I don't want to have to vote for whatever shitty candidate either party puts forward just because they have the most well-funded campaign. I'm sure you don't want that either. So you have any real ideas, or are you just gonna bitch about democrat snowflakes disenfranchising an already disenfranchised system? Because hmmm what stereotypical voter stormed the capitol over vote counts in 2020? Maybe the two parties wouldn't have drifted so far apart in the past 20 years if the people in government actually represented their constituents?

  13. Sounds like your ass got triggered. Thanks for the chuckle.

  14. Make sure you let the steak warm up before cooking it. I try to do between 30 minutes to an hour. Pull off at 128 degrees and rest on a cooling rack for 10 minutes.

  15. I’m pulling mine off at 115 then tented in foil for ten minutes. Perfect rare on practically all cuts.

  16. All the channels you listed are freebies that stream on the internet for free and Channels kindly includes them with your subscription. You don’t need any other subscription service. Your ability to get those channels has nothing to do with your prior paid subscriptions.

  17. The same VOD/DVR rules apply on Frndly. If it’s been recorded, you can skip the ads. Why not get Frndly for whatever period you want and save $14/mo? And if you’re subscribing to Philo for half the year ($150), you could have Friendly year-round ($132) and still save $18. (Frndly premium plan is $11/mo.)

  18. Good stuff. Off topic but I’ve had my kettle for almost 2 years now and just recently realized that hook was there to hang the lid lmao

  19. And this ☝🏼is why we love Reddit. Fart around, poke fun, get pissed, but still get wiser in the process.

  20. I’d say it looks like an unnecessary risk.

  21. is there an antenna you would recommend

  22. Channels DVR. $80 a year is worth it.

  23. I’ve got Channels running on a Raspberry Pi4 with a Samsung T7 SSD. I’m using probably only 20% of its functionality and it blows away any cable, satellite or streaming DVR. It’s the best $8/mo I can spend.

  24. Feral cats should be caught, neutered and released. But even more efficient than that would be a good “catch and gas” program.

  25. I won't go there anymore due to the way the owners are. Political right wing nut jobs, greedy bastards, that treat their employees like shit. Sold the golf course land to Amazon in the middle of a neighborhood.

  26. …and if you owned that land, you would have sold it too. And if you say you wouldn’t have, you’re lying.

  27. In fact, my family does own land that butts up to a neighborhood and I'm constantly urging the trustees to build residential units when commercial land lease would have higher rewards. So, no, I wouldn't. I'd think about what can be done to help the community around the land first. Like, I dunno, help with inventory in the most severe housing drought ever. Money can still be made, just not stupid amounts with no concern for the people around it. Shame on the township for not blocking the sale.

  28. I have a hard time wondering why the hell a birthday party for a two-year old at a separate venue is even necessary. We’ve created a nation of spoiled ass wimps.

  29. Size of the home? Maybe they live in an apartment? You sound a lot like Jason. Jason sucked and he's sad and alone now. As someone that has quoted Friedman you shouldn't have a problem with someone spending their own money on personal choices and helping the economy. A child's birthday party is entirely about the family members that get butthurt about not getting invited, similar to how a wedding isn't about the couple getting married.

  30. Still spoiled ass wimps. Kid will never remember it. It’s all for the self-centered, self-aggrandizing adults who take care of the kid.

  31. One thing that a landlord can prohibit, however, is drilling through the walls. A flat coax might work and at these signal strengths, that might be ok.

  32. Scrap this highly-outdated TV Fool report and post the report for your location from

  33. If you really want to surprise them, let them do the assembly! 😁 I put mine together in two hours, and I’m a klutz in these matters. What a great gift though!

  34. The pooled plan is only offered on the Warp 5G network at the moment 😊

  35. Looks like your neighbors are grilling indoors.

  36. The newer 2-burner Spirit has only one side that folds down. The shelf over the propane tank is fixed.

  37. Is this the Spirit II E-210?

  38. Yes. I bought it on sale earlier this summer for $399. The size is ideal on my patio and it’s never been challenged with a large meal since it’s for only my wife and me.

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