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  1. If you can get the flowers, the delivery company grabbit&run are pricey but will pull out the stops to get them there for you. Super friendly bunch, we use them at work for same day part delivery in emergencies and they're really cooperative in a tight spot Eta: they're a small company, no long and hard DHL style forms, just call them and ask for help

  2. thanks for the helpful answer. Appreciate it! So if I want to deliver flowers do I just need to find a florist that’s open and they pick it up and drop it off? Or do they already know flower stores that are open?

  3. How do i guarantee they do it lol!

  4. I’ll ask around and PM you

  5. This is actually a really lame reply

  6. if it’s that important, i wouldnt send it with random pple from the internet. try DHL

  7. I already spoke to DHL express it won’t deliver till next week I need it by Friday so my best luck is someone going back to Lebanon

  8. Same thing happened to me while buying chicken thighs he gave me the bag and i was shook at the price. I was hesitating but then i returned and told him to give me 2 kg precisely. And he was like:"why, dont you have enough money" like bitch no i dont

  9. lollllll whYs he asking condescendingly if he's also working a low paid job? tfffff

  10. Mark my words you’ll mock his words.

  11. Please send a modmail with the job description and preferred contact details so they can be shared on the job telegram group.

  12. Hey! For sure but how do I send a mod mail?

  13. Why should the world give a damn if Lebanon's citizens went back to work like nothing happened. Everyone should've stayed on the streets but nobody did and even if they did want to stay on the streets they couldn't afford not working... so

  14. BDL sold $400 million USD to drive the rate down. Then let banks buy at the 21000 rate.

  15. How long do you think it'll take before it gets worse? Will that be after they secure their votes post elections?

  16. Yes, when 60% of your usd deposits are liquidated 😂😂😂

  17. I know I’m part of the lucky people with fiber but mine is 3 times faster in Lebanon. I also suffered with 0.5mbps up until a month ago.

  18. Agreed. They’re both pretty shitty but at least one is more or less “harmless”

  19. Do u know the guy who is blackmailing's name?

  20. Put it back in the atm then take it back out the next day that's what I did or sell the bill to an exchange place for like 3$ I also did that

  21. Reading a book and came across this chapter and this sub came to mind. I know this will resonate to a lot of you. By the time you reach the last paragraph I believe it will make sense.

  22. Borderliner has a fragmented ego, and a very limited sense of self. The identity has not been allowed to grow at a young age, parents or caretakers were abusive, narcissistic and to survive the borderliner had to disconnect from his/her soul, and mirror the whims of the parent. The opposite of what is needed to grow a sense of self - a child normally discovers itself through what's mirrored back to it.

  23. Very interesting read. Does Jung discuss how to fix this?

  24. Jung discusses how to become whole a lot, and what possibly makes it harder (eg. Devouring Mother archetype) but he did not discuss bpd specifically.

  25. Sorry but can you emphasize? How do I do this for myself?

  26. a simp stands by and does nothing

  27. There was a small place in Burj hammoud that did some pizzas they were bussin' ngl 😅 (they also did manakich)

  28. There used to be a place in batroun called Royal's Pizza. That shit was fire!

  29. Nice rep Leb has nowadays <\3

  30. I watch waaay too much true crime documentaries to have tolerance for this kind of stuff.

  31. Are u implying this cause he's a guy or cause he's from a middle eastern country?

  32. But nothing OP tells us implies potential violence from the guy. Seems like an innocent crush who is yet to get the hint. To say he might get violent just because he is a guy is a bit sexist

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