1. Here are some technical quotes from Whitley Strieber's book "The Key":

  2. For learning just from internet/books I'd recommend aypsite.org. The author is not formally associated with Kriya Yoga lineages or teachers but offers some of the clearest info available & also points out the higher human biology unfolding through the Kriya process which is intent on full purification of the spinal channel.

  3. hey mario, if you want to understand the origins of Christianity, the Urantia Book has the most detailed biography of Jesus available. The book has mysterious origins and the claim of celestial beings authoring the papers, but most seekers can recognize the value of the content regardless of whether they can prove these origins. This book does not present a new social religious group to tie your identity too. It does not require a complex belief system of ascribing to doctrines, rituals, or tradition in order to guarantee correct survival into the afterlife.

  4. Hey Genevaline, the twin flame type relational experience induces evolution because it requires a high energy throughput from both parties. If true love is an omnipresent circuit which goes beyond all creational beginnings and is all powerful and all around us now, then the only limiter for each individual’s s experience of this love is their individual ability to express this love with clarity. Know that your friend’s level of expression doesn’t just limit your relationship to him, but also his relationship with every other individual. Burnout is part of the process as the polarities are balanced like a sea-saw.

  5. "It's the question that drives us Neo... It's the question that brought you here."

  6. Hey Kaitelia, you would probably be encouraged & inspired by the book "Seven Steps to Eternity: The True Story of One Man's Journey into the Afterlife" by Stephen Turoff. Stephen has the sensitivity to mentally communicate with soul's who visit from the other side.

  7. Thought I’d share some more practical tips I’ve discovered concerning dream-sharing:

  8. It’s a Damcember amirite! Maybe the noodles are straining still! Make your move in the dream. Maybe their distance is your opportunity to overcome subconscious barriers in the Dream. You got this!

  9. This framework could tie some threads together:

  10. Hey Snoo, I've gotten these number synchronicities before and the only real follow up I've found is 'angel numbers'.

  11. Thank you Chad. I love new words to dance with.

  12. Hey Emerald, good question to consider. What is the correct interpretation of the Genesis story? What is the nature of Kundalini and it’s link to knowledge?

  13. Very interesting! I’ve “channeled” Sanskrit before but never had someone channel something to me.

  14. Ah, curious.. you got me thinkin: what is it to be known? Can a language truly be known? Are symbols knowable compared to consciousness? If letter-symbols were created as a way to express awareness items, then truely; knowing the symbol is knowing the awareness-energy... thus 2D pictorial language isn't known! Symbols always point to something else. That being said is there not energy behind a poem? Is the poem required to be read to perceive it's energy? Is the poem required to be written in order for it's meaning to transmit? Or maybe its superposition that we strive for, a blend of recognizing symbols & their true values simultaneously!

  15. This entire subreddit is fascinating. I've been reading through the posts and it feels like everyone here could be anyone here.

  16. I find that confrontations and observations of standard dream-state characters is a unique lens to look at our own fragmented Self. During daily waking life, your thoughts mostly appear as "Yours". However, in the dream, each thought could appear to you as a 'separate' character. During the experience, a part of you recognized you were dreaming, but that part didn't recognize that it was also each character who said "no you're not".

  17. Rick, from Astral Club did a recent podcast on this subject. He also has some other videos on astral time travel. I recommend starting there. Cheers.

  18. The OA (Netflix) - breath & movement, group meditations, NDE's, parallel universes

  19. Oh man this is gold, thanks. Tales from the Loop is from Amazon Prime though, awesome show :)

  20. Ah, my bad. Typed from the wrong timeline. Fixed for this iteration. Thanks.

  21. Your approach gave it life. Your intention made it graspable. Your continued interest, play, & care solidified its existence; such that it became as flesh and blood as you yourself were.

  22. Just caught up on the threads, great to read so many common links and experiences. The tinnitus comments intrigued me as I experience this mental sound of a high freq. as well. It is not medical tinnitus, just something everyone has but not everyone notices. It takes developing a continually integrated mind/body connection. Meditation brings notice to it as the unconscious things become conscious things.

  23. Hi Debbie, I have experienced similar happenings when in deep/sincere/meaningful conversation. My personal energy perception goes into a vibrant mode the same when meditating in silence. I also experienced an external sense heightening of this energy during sincere worship through song with church groups. I say external because my personal sense heightened when I entered the room regardless of how much I was expressing emotion, so I knew it was a perception of feeling others sincere energy-emotion. I think there is a beautiful link to energy work opening an inner freedom for the practicer, which inevitably leads to a natural outpouring of energy via an overflow. I've heard this concept also explained in that Learning is simultaneous with Teaching, & Giving is simultaneous with Receiving.

  24. I have not pursued this question during AP’s yet. I am a relatively new, but consistent AP’er. That being said, I have found a trove of information over the past year regarding this topic as I consider myself a seeker of truth; going wherever the trails may lead.

  25. Hi friend, feel free to search for a Dr. Stephen Strange. I've heard he is well experienced in this expertise.

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