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  1. It's a mod from the creation club that you can get for like 100 points.

  2. Yeah it's in the Creation Club for 100 points, really nice looking heavy armor.

  3. Also hate they got rid of the thumb up/down from there too.

  4. I'll give you what was given to me. When I got my 6PRO when it came out. Daily mine would reboot at random times. I was told that the only real fix for it, was to remove the apps I had installed and reinstall.

  5. That's good to know. Some issues I had in the start were resolved through updates. So I'm hoping things will get better with more updates.

  6. How would you get the achievement with Unofficial Skyrim Patch when using mods prevents you from getting achievements?

  7. I'm assuming you're on PC then, because console software doesn't allow for those to work

  8. I'm surprised their hasn't been a mod ported to consoles for you to reactivate mods.

  9. Yeah looks like it was made to count towards the Oblivion Walker achievement since it is technically a Daedric weapon. So thinking I'm gonna ng to have to go down this route to get the achievement.

  10. I don't know bro, the people behind USP thought it was close enough. I'm just the messenger.

  11. I played it for the first time too a couple months ago. Really unique experience, and one of the things I loved the most was the way you shared things with other players. Made me feel good knowing that a structure I built had helped someone on their own journey, and you gotta love when someone helps you with a shortcut somewhere.

  12. Absolutely, that interconnected feeling definitely had a good feeling in the game. Seeing where other people placed their ladders, structures, etc and you being able to use them to your advantage really made it fun.

  13. Hmm, no Like/Dislike buttons

  14. Yeah came here just for this. Why would they get rid of that, stupid decision.

  15. Is that 3 with the Skyrim logo next to it your dragon souls?

  16. Thanks, no filters, just the regular camera on a Google pixel 6a with the auto night light adjusting on its own.

  17. Dumb question, but did you try putting the water in a different container? I know sometimes my Brita pitcher will let sediment seep out when the filter is brand new.

  18. I'm seeing it in the toilet bowl as well so I don't think it's the filter. Some one else said their testing fire hydrants which are living up sediment which could be it.

  19. What kind of problem does it solve ?

  20. Not the thoughts and prayers problem because that's all I ever see around here.

  21. This family name never made sense to me, like at the end of the day who cares about that stuff, it's meaningless.

  22. Do these people deserve a right to fair trial? I would like to know your opinion

  23. Absolutely fucking disgusting, these people deserve the death penalty. Complete piece of human garbage, pisses me off so much

  24. I personally just put black bolts back in the grommets after talking the plate holder off. Can’t see it at quick glance

  25. Sadly I can't seem to get the plate holder off because of the rubber grommets causing the screw to spin in place. Trying to find a way to remove them.

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