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  1. Mad respect!!! I was in the top .01% last year, gotta step my game up this year 😤

  2. ‘Ring by spring’ is so funny, in theatre school the saying is ‘gay by May’ lmao

  3. Check out broken supports nami videos on YouTube! He builds her with a lot of AP items and I’ve been doing it as well and it’s really strong. I also main leona, just in case our team needs a tank, she’s super fun and strong.

  4. You havent seen my gameplay. I usually draw all 3 by turn 5 lol

  5. I would love to see your list as well! Any list with god of curses is a list I wanna play.

  6. When does the next expansion drop? Damn I've been using chess runecraft and just started getting bored lol

  7. Oh it won’t be for another 1-2 months I think. But I feel ya, I just like to save my vials so I can make whatever deck I want when the new expansion drops

  8. Ah fair enough, tbh discard dragon is the one I was most interested in among those 3 it sucks that it needs 73k vials.

  9. The reason I’m saying wait though is because the new expansion might shake up the meta so much that whatever craft now will be irrelevant soon. But ya discard dragon seems fun

  10. I’d actually be curious to see your list because I thought the card was trash as well

  11. I made a post with the list. Just click on my profile, you can get it from there !

  12. Shadowverse is the most F2P CCG on the market, I get at least 1 pack every day by just clearing daily missions, 2~3packs when treasure chest events are happening, even if you want to whale in this game there is simply nothing worth buying except the cheap leader skins or limited sleeves (if you really want to support the developer by goodwill, which many do).

  13. Ok I agree Shadowverse is super F2P friendly but LOR 100% is the most F2P CCG on the market.

  14. I miss the old Robi-Goblin, before the rework.

  15. I feel you but damn when he was first reworked he was so OP. The triple target turrets did SO much damage, with the shield and laser scrap talents he was so busted lol.

  16. Idk if they sell vegan edibles but if you’re just getting green the vibe at dolphins is AMAZING!!!! Highly recommend going!

  17. Hmmmm idk what you’ve heard but I’ve been twice, I even went after me and my friend had a scary experience on mushrooms and it was like a safe haven for us, to each their own though!

  18. because in general christianity is much more of a problem in america, as anyone who's spent five minutes in america could tell you.

  19. Well, Skullfane 4-6 that doesn't clear wards, amulets, and drain 4 from ETB... if you did draw Skullfane, your goal is to play it and you can't give it Storm together with Vajra. If you didn't draw Skullfane, chances are high you won't even have board space to play 4 cards, which really negates the purpose. I really do not like the card, it takes a very specific circumstance for it to be anything other than 5/5 rush no text and it's liable to be a huge brick.

  20. Right, it’s not skullfane that’s why I said it’s like him. It’s more chances to have a powerful, eventually cheap follower that diamond master can give storm and ward. Also if you need to play him before your combo turn he’s still good. There’s a reason all of the JCG lists run at least 2. But do your thing man if you hate him don’t run him lol

  21. I think Vajra is good in the deck even if artifact wasn’t as popular so I guess we can agree to disagree.

  22. For temp deck definitely get Haven, it’s the strongest one and you can upgrade it to become a legit meta deck, dunno how budget it is though.

  23. You mention artifact portal has weaknesses. Could you elaborate or link to someone who can? (in English preferably)

  24. Forest is pretty good against it as well with Nobulis (sp?) and autumn leaf man.

  25. It feels like you're still underrating crystallize haven, given that it's been brought to rage by multiple people and performed well in the last JCG.

  26. This is correct, crystalize haven has multiple JCG top 16’s and I don’t think heal has a single one?

  27. “Not much has changed for Amulet Haven since the nerf. This deck is still not very popular and good it seems.”

  28. Unless I clicked on the wrong link, it looks like the analysis changed, as it doesn't have the words you quoted. The analysis looks fine now.

  29. Lol they changed it based on my comment, good for them! Yeah it’s corrected now.

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