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  1. Narrator: the order was not actually ready to ship. In fact,it never left the factory.

  2. I'm just now watched the performance of this on the Macy's parade and was... underwhelmed as well. And immediately had to run to here to see of anyone else had something to say about this show.

  3. I sat there wondering how they managed to make Will Swensen NOT sexy...usually I wanna do all sorts of things to him... this time, not a stirring

  4. I’m obsessed with Bridges of Madison County!

  5. Saw Kelli O'hara do it on Broadway - fell in love with the show

  6. Wasn't the Baldwin/Lazar production phenomenal? I was so surprised I fell in love with it.

  7. It far exceeded my expectations. The broadway cast was very very good. Kate Baldwin knocked my socks off... no shade to O'Hara or Lazar, but would have loved to have seen Baldwin with Steven Pasquale as the two of them were sheer perfection.

  8. Last time I went there this machine did NOT do Amazon gift cards.... had to do a Starbucks credit instead in order to avoid paying the 79% fee

  9. Ah that sucks. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve got a jar ready to go myself

  10. check the link posted below. If you click on the COIN SERVICES and then No Fee eGift Card link it should tell you if Amazon is available at that location

  11. i HATE this song for the same reason. why is it seen as so romantic?? and i still don’t understand why cheating is so romanticized throughout the whole show. like what?? all these men SUCK.

  12. This is the reason i kinda didn't like the whole show... ALL the guys were heinous, and the women made very bad decision after bad decision... the music was lovely as long as you didn't focus on what it was saying all that much,,, but the story...

  13. That song has rubbed me the wrong way ever since first hearing it. Love getting friends to actually listen to what he is saying, instead of going with the flow. Their eyes pop when they realize what a nutjob he is and how insane that relationship will be.

  14. I have been code switching so long I don't even know what my real accent is anymore...

  15. I have been enjoying Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison on The Umbrella Academy, and recently learned that she was in the ensemble of Hamilton on Broadway as well as originating Pearl Krabs in the Spongebob Musical. She was the understudy in a number of other productions, including Wicked, Jekyll & Hyde and others.

  16. I'm not surprised. I expect the lawsuits to keep coming. How they plan on launching international productions and a national tour of this show I've no idea after all these lawsuits hit

  17. Considering Drabinsky îs on Do Not Work lists with the unions in the US and Canada, and this production has so many unpaid bills and pending lawsuits, AND all props and costumes were given away as no warehouse or storage company will work with them (according to a redditor in the show) the likelihood of there being any other production of Paradise Square is remote at best.

  18. no clue... no sure what's happening with the rights for the show an who they might end up belonging to... Do you think it's popular enough to merit amateur & /or regional productions?

  19. The set couldn’t tour. There is no way. It would have to be streamlined for easier building. All the props were given away. As were the costumes. Also Fuck Garth.

  20. if props & costumes were given away, wouldn't that be a sure sign that a tour is NOT going to happen, as it would make more sense economically to reuse as much as possible on the road, than to start over from scratch?

  21. It’s a sure sign that they owe so much money, no trucking company would work with us and no storage facility would house us. The amounts of money owed to so many people is astronomical. No shops would even work with us when we got to NYC.

  22. Sorry that you guys caught caught up in such a shitshow. When I saw the show ,I could tell the cast and crew were working their asses off. Hope you have a better experience the next time around.

  23. Yeah... didn't seem to have any of the warmth of the original so..

  24. That moment in I Will Never Leave You gives me tingles though. You know the moment.

  25. Yep. For me it's You Should Be Loved, when Jake flips the switch and goes full cannibal king on her. Have that one in my book as perfect ABM (Angry Black Man) audition piece .

  26. I didn’t know you could block people on that app! How?

  27. I play on RummyFight , and you click on your opponent's name when you check their stats, and the option is there in the bottom left corner

  28. I was beginning to wonder when Ragtime was going to make an appearance. Still mad at myself for not seeing the OBC when I had the chance.

  29. I saw it with Lin Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom Jr. a few years ago, and it was incredible. I just love everything about the show.

  30. And let's not forget Karen Olivo! She was simply awesome in that production!

  31. That’s Ryan Vandenboom! He’s extremely talented

  32. Is he in MJ ? Saw it a few weeks back and spent 98% of my time focusing on the dancers because they were WORKING IT!

  33. ALL of Next To Normal, with Alice Ripley losing her mind. Her performance had me worried for her sanity and well being. Saw the show again when Marin Mazzie and Jason Danieley as Diana & Dan. still emotionally wrenching but not as terrifying as Ripley & co.

  34. Don't know if you saw her at Second Stage (pre-Bway) when the scene where she had her public breakdown....that was harrowing). I was so glad it was cut for the Bway run. I didn't miss it.

  35. I didn't get to see that. Now you have piqued my curiosity...

  36. I think it depends on the show, the character, and how the understudy interprets the material. For example, I saw the 3 Ti Moune understudies and all were pretty much carbon copies of Hailey Kilgore. Loren Lott was the exception where she played Ti Moune a lot more emotional than the others.

  37. Interesting re:Once on this Island. I saw Hailey, Loren Lott and Anna Uzele. Hailey played the innocent TiMoune very well, but the romantic scenes weren't as strong, like a early teen still discovering themself.. Loren did a very playful TiMoune, both in the village and at the hotel... mid to late teen, who was on her way to womanhood. Anna played it the most maturely, late teen frustrated with her life in the village but blossoming in the city/ hotel. Liked Loren's performance the most, followed by Anna...Hailey didn't do it for me. Did you see the understudies /replacements for Lea Salonga? Lea sang Erzulie's songs beautifully but left me cold. Cassandra James was exceptional and played Erzulie exceptionally well.

  38. 2017 revival (I saw in spring 2018) of Once on this Island. Hailey Kilgore was phenomenal as Ti Moune as was the rest of the cast. I loved how it was at Circle in the Square. I feel like it isn't as much of a household name in general as it should be.

  39. I agree 1000% I have loved that show for years and that revival was simply astounding. Went 3 times, got to sit with my feet in the sand for the 3rd. Will say that, while Kilgore did a great job playing the immature TiMoune, crying over Daniel, Lauren Lott and Anna Uzele added more maturity for TiMoune' time at the Hotel Beauhomme that had me speechless. And Alex Newell scaring the crap out of an audience member each nighy... PRICELESS

  40. The most mind blowing effect that took me a while to figure out was in Shrek where Fiona's tower telescoped up through the stage floor while somehow also moving straight downstage toward the audience.

  41. The second time I saw groundhog day I was mid mezz... at one point all the turntables were going at the same time, and nearly did my head in!!

  42. I bet! The clips I've seen show that the deck had a texture on it - which is great because the cast needs to see which way the floor they're stepping on is moving - and it probably looked like a blizzard happening on the floor!

  43. Found a bootleg on YT and it shows the GHD floor was painted with circular patterns on it that did not necessarily match with the turntables so i assume the actors could use the breaks in the patterns as the edges of the turntables and the movement of the patterns as directional indicators.... all I know is that there was one scene without many set pieces on stage and the turntables were going in different directions that had me feeling like i was falling into the vortex...

  44. But tell them you'll pay them to work the farm. You'll see how fast they can run away from that idea.

  45. DO NOT HAVE THEM WORK AT THE FARM. My gut tells me that they will find a way to hurt the animals and damage the property as a way to get back at the OP, or to force him to sell!

  46. Except that he's way too old to play Coalhouse now, so putting him in a revival of Ragtime would mean putting him in the ensemble.

  47. he could play Booker T Washington now , which would be an interesting move.

  48. I don’t think Malloy is a good starting point. Some stuff on the great comet is hard to listen to without the visuals/context

  49. Agreed. Broadway junkie here and Great Comet was a lot to take in!

  50. I listen to these and Parade regularly as my favorite openings.

  51. " These Old Red Hills Of Home" gives me chills when done right!

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