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  1. I have a really good understating of my body and my health, better than most people my age. It forces me to take extra good care of myself and appreciate the good health I DO have because I’ve also been on the other side of it. I also feel it has given me greater empathy for all people with chronic illnesses.

  2. I get it the week before my period once it starts I have the opposite problem I’m super sensitive to insulin.

  3. Same! I always know when it’s coming because my numbers will suddenly start rising

  4. For me it was so gradual I didn’t notice till I flew to visit my sister and she pointed out how different I was compared to several months before. Calmer, happier, less reactive, easier to talk to. It helped me realize how much I had improved since starting meds.

  5. The only thing I noticed was a mild nausea the first week, otherwise I was pretty side effect free

  6. Love these! I thought they tasted just like the sticky caramel apple suckers I used to have when I was a kid

  7. Pretty sure it's Easy Valley maybe Queen Creek/San Tan Valley area. Have seen the Delorean on Rittenhouse Rd before and the Jeep on Signal Butte.

  8. Yep Queen Creek area. He just took out the Delorean last week

  9. Do you happen to live in Utah cuz that looks very similar to Burlacher’s neighborhood

  10. It was made to be a necklace. Definitely detracts from value. Lucky for you a 1921 Morgan is only worth silver weight anyway.

  11. that scene where phoebe opened the door and the guys all shout at the same time. always kills me hahahaha

  12. It’s always looks like Lisa Kudrow is about to laugh after she shuts the door!

  13. When Lorelai tells Emily about developing a coping strategy for dealing with Trix. It’s been helpful in dealing with my own mom at times.

  14. “Because one day I decided instead of being hurt and upset by your disapproval, I’m going to be amused, I’m going to find it funny. I’m even going to take a little bit of pleasure in it”

  15. I travel every couple months and can be gone up to a week at a time—is it a problem if I can’t make the minimum hours required every month? Would love to volunteer but I am planning to be gone for a couple weeks in November and December

  16. Yakima is not the best place to live to be honest

  17. If I remember correctly, the welcome sign when you drive into Yakima calls it “the Palm Springs of Washington”. Never could wrap my head around that.

  18. When Rory and Dean are making out in the town square and she says something like, “Deep breath, and go”. Idk why but it’s super ick to me

  19. Lorelai, Rory, Lane, Chris, etc all are music snobs in that 2000s rockist kind of way, so no, I doubt Lorelai would look past Taylor’s image and give her music any considered listens, let alone decide she likes her. I imagine her cracking jokes about Taylor’s celebrity persona, but that’s all. (It’s interesting how the show frames the girls’ love for trashy movies and camp as quirky and endearing, but they uniformly have to appreciate only music that is perfectly cool.)

  20. I’ve been rewatching this month and when Taylor’s song ‘willow’ came on the radio the other day, it gave me the same vibes I get when I’m watching the show!

  21. Why do men always compare wanting sex to needing to eat?! You will die if you don’t eat, you will not die if you don’t have sex

  22. R3XM says:

    Brett Partridge, the creepy CSI guy fits Janes initial description of Red John in the TV interview before his family is killed

  23. Honestly, it was only when I joined this subreddit and saw a post about how schwimmer is such an underrated actor, that I really started watching him . He's freaking hilarious, and I think my slight dislike of the character made me miss it. The way he delivers some lines is just absolute genius. I definitely couldn't keep a straight face

  24. I feel exactly the same. The way he delivers the “FINE BY ME!” when Rachel tells him they’re through after the whole 18-page letter incident has me in tears every time. No one else could make those three words more hilarious

  25. You're taking one for the team. I understand turtles roar like a dusty grunt during sex. There's no scrubbing that mental image.

  26. The director guy who was dating Kate always cracked me up. And don’t forget stoned dude!

  27. I’ve never thought about it this way but by God, they’re right. The drama, the shock, the Moment of it all makes for some good television

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