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  1. Anyone else think his face looks like Laenor Velaryon from House of the Dragon? Closest we will get to a game of thrones collab

  2. They love giving Aramusha miss-matching katanas, give us matching katanas!!

  3. I think you and your gf have different expectations of what boundaries are set in the relationship - she doesn’t want friends of the opposite gender and you want them - ask yourself if you’d be okay with her partaking in one of her hobbies with a guy - if no, then you want but don’t want to sacrifice, in which case you gotta cut this relationship with the girl. If you are fine with it, then you should consider if you both want the same things in the relationship, and you need a serious discussion on what your boundaries and if you can continue the relationship with such a difference in desire.

  4. As cool as it would be, I would believe that it would start with the war already in swing. I like to believe the CK2 mod is our best comparative, and things in that mod went off the rails from the lore really quickly, so if it did start before the rebellion there would be a high chance that it would never happen just because of CK3 dumb luck, unless you had it heavily scripted, at which point there wouldn’t be any point in starting before. I think the best we could hope would be two start dates, one for people who wish to fight the rebellion and another for anyone who wants to prevent/alter it by stating before, which is also unlikely at launch

  5. I honestly don’t hate it, but I do hate how much they are pushing the “she is hulk but better! Because she is a woman”

  6. Gryphon, in his early sets where he doesn’t have any Knight looking sets at all — I do understand his backstory and the point of it, but he is a Knight!! Let us start with some knight looking armour

  7. What a weird takeaway from this. Straight people are no less susceptible to drama than gay people, and I hope you realize pointing out how "dramatic" gay people are is harmful to the community. I'm gay, and very rarely do I actually partake in any form of drama just because it either never comes up around me or because the thought of drama stresses me out. If the people around you are causing drama, that is reflective of who they are as a person - their sexual orientation plays no role.

  8. Just want to clarify that: did not mean Gay friends are an issue, that’s just simply the case in this situation - what I mean is the boundaries here are clearly askew from both sides of the relationship- where he is not comfortable with them and she wants them, which then causes issues in the relationship. Which is why I said the whole “dodged the bullet” thing is also wrong, I see it so many times on this Reddit where two people disagree in a relationship and have different expectations, and that’s suddenly a red flag?

  9. Elden ring was so good as my first souls have I bought sekiro and Dark souls 3 - definitely recommend they are just as good

  10. Purely off speculation: no. Would it be recommended? Probably. You could always use the CK2 mod without them and other mods such as LoTR you can also use without the mods (I believe??) - but the experience would probably be far better with them. —— my suggestion would be royal courts, just because of the content added, whereas the Viking DLC will maybe do something for the Ironborn if you care, I doubt the struggle will be in the Mod, as far as we know.

  11. How many other lies have I been told by the council you little bitch!

  12. I got this set as a gift, definitely really good quality, and also a very good display piece and looks a lot cleaner if you keep them on a shelf etc - definitely recommend it

  13. However it was hard enough to crack them

  14. You just know when they have a flag in their name it’s gonna be good

  15. Revive quicksilver, the guy with super speed and he had one movie

  16. Face everything and Arise now, ye Tarnished. Ye dead, who yet live.

  17. Amazing art, not sure why people are so tilted when people say the game is dead, with no content the game will die out it’s inevitable

  18. AC odyssey may not have been an amazing game, Especially for the AC franchise, but man did it nail its setting

  19. “Skin care routine for scorched skin”

  20. Probably because they follow alpha male sigma grindset work smarter not harder make $5000 online easy, accounts

  21. My games folder is now called “I am bored”

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