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  1. Were you really trying to get it ashore without a net? I use a 50” net with a 10’ pole on all size carp. This is imo a medium size carp, my guess 18-20 lbs.

  2. I was caught by surprise at the moment was just exploring... I did not belive there were this size of Carp. Again a net does always the job..

  3. Nothing to do... there was time just to see...

  4. Yes Albanin personnel French made helicopter.

  5. Yes I'm aware Albania has been at war. But unless I'm mistaken they're not currently engaged in any kind of conflict.

  6. If NATO is we are.. engaged. We do not have any conflict for the time being,you are right.

  7. It might be him. There is a foreign student up front in the cockpit on the right side and a US (presumably instructor) in the right. And his picture on Reddit says “Albania” on his uniform. It’s super common for foreign nations to send their pilots to the US

  8. I have come here in US since 4 months now just to get the training on UH-60. Soon I'll go back home and continue flying UH-60 there. This week is the 100 years of Albanin as US relationship. Big celebration in Albania for this anniversary.

  9. Let's continue training.... UH-60 WAATS..

  10. My first landing using dhe tail gear. After may years of landing with skids or main landing gear. Tha tail has always been dangerous. Cool landing.😁😁

  11. Still limited by tail wheel rotation speed?

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