1. The structure of the lines is incredible. How they break is even more so. I need to get back into buying auctions.

  2. Auction catalogs are like online museums.

  3. $2787 USD estimated with current exchange rate as of today.

  4. Dark Brandon conducts strike on Bolsonaro's anti-union comments.

  5. 300+ Union Elections for Starbucks, 245 unionized.

  6. Do you know songs with similar sound? hehe

  7. Ink Spots, The Platters are some of the old school groups. But I'm not too familiar with the scene beyond what they play in Fallout.


  9. Hey, now. Filipino Jews are actually a thing!

  10. I can think of voice actress Dawn Bennett.

  11. Just kind of wanted to get this out there but have politics made any of you all an angrier person? I have always been engaged in politics, but I don’t remember ever being this amped up all the time. I really don’t like what’s it’s turned me into at times.

  12. I know that to a certain extent, I have become a colder person after all the news of many unnecessary deaths and tragedies.

  13. The One Pieeece! The One Piece is real!

  14. An orb, I think a model of the stars and the sky.

  15. My contributions with each candidate there is now between $15-20 and increasing.

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