1. I have a toolhead for case prep, with a sizing die and a mandrel. Then the cases go through the rest of my prep (trimming, etc). Then another toolhead for priming, charging (with autotrickler and funnel die), and finally seating. This is all on a 550C. It works for me but always feels like I'm wasting empty toolhead positions.

  2. Nice, basically exactly what I'll be doing except on a Hornady. If I get decent results, might consider upgrading down the road to the 550C.

  3. The main reason I don't is I tumble the sizing wax off after mandrel step. I don't really want that messing with my powder. I also do a bunch of off press stuff between mandrel and charging steps, like trimming.

  4. I got a bad batch of TTSX bullets and unfortunately only noticed after I had 10 already seated. I have never had to pull bullets before so I ordered up a RCBS bullet puller and properly sized collet. Once these bullets are pulled do I need to go through the sizing process again to ensure proper neck tension or can I go ahead and set a new bullet and go on with my day? I will check to see if the neck ID has changed at all once I get them pulled, but in the meantime some first hand experience would be good to hear.

  5. F-Class John has a video covering this. tl;Dr: pull and seat and go on with your day

  6. I'll have to check it out. I'm gonna Chrono these loads today but it had me worried because the only cases I have loaded now are capital cartridge cases that have a step in them which reduces case capacity and therefore increasing pressure. I've ready shot 500 of mixed brass at this same load which is where I got the 920fps figure. I'm sure it will be fine but I'll probably reduce it to 3.4(just trying to make USPSA minor power factor)

  7. If you get on the Discord, check out the grt-calibration-obt-method channel. If you're seeing very different results in the simulation and are confident all of your variables are accurate, this calibrates the powder burn numbers to achieve the actual velocities you're seeing.

  8. I use the Area 419 funnel with drop tube extensions on a regular powder die. Before that I used the AT500 powder die with the plastic funnel they sell.

  9. Crystal Mountain runs visible at 0:07

  10. No hazmat but still $150 more than I paid for an 8 lber from MSSS 2 months ago.

  11. The stance of the developer(s) of GRT has always been that the focus is internal ballistics, and there are already many great tools for external ballistics. I did however see that someone made a GRT plugin to do external ballistics but unfortunately I know very little about it. I suggest joining the GRT discord and you'll find all the information there.

  12. Thanks, I'll check it out. Would you happen to have a link to the discord?

  13. I just want to make sure I know how to calculate it correctly. You divide by the height of the target in mils or the width? Either way my math wasn't mathin 😅

  14. You can do either as long as you do it consistently.

  15. Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. That's where I went wrong on the original post. Where does the 27.77 come from? I was taught the height of target in yards multiplied by 1,000. Which from reading here seems to also work, if I had stayed consistent.

  16. 27.7777777... is a constant that converts the inches to yards for the output. 1 ÷ 36 * 1000.

  17. What is a bushing die? Is that used to expand a neck, like to make .300 blk from 5.56?

  18. It's a sizing die that uses a small bushing to do the neck portion. The bushings can be swapped for various sizes. This serves a couple purposes: the bushing can self center so it doesn't apply a lateral force leading to concentricity issues, and probably more importantly you can choose a specific inner diameter to get the exact neck tension you want.

  19. Only question I have is how does anyone get 45 grains Imr 4064 in a 308 case. From 43.2 on Up it’s nothing but crunch in my setup. I know the manual states max charges. But on that particular caliber my manual doesn’t say compressed.

  20. I also was crushing powder at about that amount, and actually realized at one point my bullets were being slowly pushed out by the compressed load. I added drop tubes to my funnel but it didn't really help.

  21. I can't help with the location but the platform looks a lot like these:

  22. I have friends that have them, but I still prefer my inReach. I think it's very valuable being able to differentiate "I will be home late but am fine" versus "I need rescued".

  23. Roads can fully close for hours for avalanche control (Roger's Pass). But you should still make it to Revelstoke, especially if you get an Ikon pass which covers 3 of these 4 resorts. I've skied all of them and IMO would rank them like this:

  24. I second this order having skied all 4 multiple times. But I also wanted to make sure someone pointed out the logistics of getting to Revy from Golden are often very challenging. White knuckle 20 mph driving.

  25. The curators for Trails Off-road are very active in Arizona. Might be worth checking it out.

  26. How does rotating the 5th work with tpms? I assumed the spare doesn't have a stem and that really complicates it, unless you just ignore the monitoring.

  27. SentinelHub Playground is much more powerful, but this data can be viewed in Gaia GPS as the FreshSat layers (either most recent or cloud free) which is nice to see with your tracks.

  28. You clipped it right before the jump spell faded out. Skeletons are also hitting the wall.

  29. Yeah the animation timing has been off for years. The last few seconds the jump will no longer work but it'll be fading out.

  30. The 9mm seating dies often come with two different seating stems, one better suited for roundnose projectiles and one for hollowpoints. Marks on the seated projectile might be caused by using the wrong stem, but sometimes they're unavoidable.

  31. I understand measuring cbto instead of oal but even measuring oal there shouldn’t be that big of a variation right? 5 thou to 10 thou? The thing about the ring is my Redding dies didn’t come with different stems. Or I have to check again. But I’m 99% sure they didn’t. These are not their standard dies. They’re the micrometer dies.

  32. It does seem like Redding only has swappable VLD stems for rifle rounds. I get marks on my Berry's 115s regardless of which stem I use anyway (Dillon die), but I'm just plinking so I never really tried to address it.

  33. The two Redding seating micrometers I have both have swappable stems, but they're for rifle (the extra is for VLDs). I have the Dillon seating die for 9mm and it has two stems but no idea about the Redding.

  34. Curious why you switched to the ATv4....are you loading larger cases more often? My Lyman works great but I can see it being a bit slow while I'm loading 30-06 or comparable.

  35. It wasn't speed reasons, I found the Chargemaster to be fast enough for me (and I didn't even bother tweaking the rate settings). At the time I was trying to fix some ES/SD issues. I knew it was unlikely to be the difference of 0.1gn resolution versus 0.02gn resolution but I wanted to eliminate it as a variable. It ultimately ended up being a neck tension issue.

  36. Will wearing this decrease runout in my loads?

  37. Haha the Tangent Theta might mop the floor with it. Be careful, this is how they get you to spend more money!

  38. I certainly expect the functions and turrets etc to be next level on the TT but hoping the glass is comparable, given Leica's rep in the optics business (versus relatively new entry into rifle scopes).

  39. I've got one, probably through the same deal as you. Unfortunately I don't have any better glass to compare. It made my Leupold Mark IV feel cheap when I used it at 600 right afterwards. I only have a couple hundred rounds through it. Really happy with it. Friend is receiving a Tangent Theta this month so I expect that to be a more fair comparison (not expecting the Leica to be on that level).

  40. I agree but that's usually the case with clickbait

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