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  1. They are currently up on my Patreon (

  2. Hey TJ, have you looked into the effect that a player playing against a former team or playing in their home state/city has on their performance? I wonder for daily fantasy or a streamer, for example, if a player might outperform their value on a given night due to intrinsic motivation that’s hard to measure.

  3. I have not done that research and it does sound interesting. I may look into it, but it sounds like a lot of work, lol

  4. I guess I have a bug in my code. McDavid and Drai have a higher assists per game, so that's probably why they show up ahead of Marner. I'll fix that for next week

  5. I'll be posting weekly updates to the NHL Scoring Race every Sunday this season. If you see less than 5 lines on the graph, it means that players are overlapping.

  6. I'll be posting weekly updates to the NHL GSAx Races.

  7. Dumba hasn't been particularly good the last few seasons.

  8. Sandin or Giordano will most likely be on PP1. Keep an eye on Twitter as they just started practice.

  9. I don’t think Giordano lasts top PP. Sandin is likely the better offensive weapon up there and Gio probably temporarily went up there, which is why daily faceoff has him there.

  10. This is an awesome chart. Playing my first season of fantasy with weekly format. 10 person league so it's useful to quickly put players in who have more games.

  11. The favourable/less favourable is based of a few factors. The largest factor is the amount of games played, followed by offnights. I also consider strength of schedule and if a team is facing a tired opponent.

  12. ELI5: Top vs Bottom GF/G and how do these relate to fantasy. Thanks 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  13. I indicate them to show which teams are good at scoring and not good at scoring. Players on high scoring teams generally provide more value than those on lower scoring teams.

  14. I made an error with the rookie points race. Here is the updated chart:

  15. It's top 5, and Brandon Montour has a higher points per game

  16. I'll be posting weekly updates to the NHL GSAx Races.

  17. Also clodsire is more spherical which makes them better than quag in every single way

  18. This is my first attempt at a goalie card. Let me know what you think!

  19. This is awesome? Any chance you can do this for the common (yahoo default) playoff weeks?

  20. For now I'm going for the upcoming week. When it gets closer to mid season I'll make a comprehensive playoff post

  21. I used the Hockey Reference schedule. my fault for not crediting their awesome site.

  22. That’s one of my go-to sites. Did you do an Advanced Stats finder for this specific analysis?

  23. I played around with the schedule data and determined whether a game fell into one of the 4 categories. From there, I grouped those games and grabbed the GAA for that group.

  24. This is great stuff! Would it be possible for you to factor in the teams that are playing teams on the second half of a back to back?

  25. I'll be posting weekly updates to the NHL GSAx Races.

  26. I'll be posting weekly updates to the NHL Scoring Race every Sunday this season. If you see less than 5 lines on the graph, it means that players are overlapping.

  27. So you're telling me that it was expected that gabe vilardi would have 10 goals in 15 games.....

  28. Vilardi ixG is 6.8 on the season. He is #20 on Goals scored above expected

  29. Surprised Karlsson is so high, I attributed his success to luck. Guess he really is back.

  30. Being at the top either means 3 things:

  31. This comment with 26 upvotes is most likely incorrect. Love this subreddit and I hope my opponents get their crowdsourced advice here.

  32. Since joining Columbus, Boqvist has played 40% of the PP (Werenski the remaining). He is most likely the #1 D to play PP1 when he comes back.

  33. You can base your opinions on last season but il stick to data from this year. Jake Bean was running pp2 this year, took over on PP1 when Werenski went down and there's no indication that's changing.

  34. Boqvist has only played the first 4 games of the season. He's been out since. Of course he isn't projected to be PP1 QB. When healthy for the past 2 seasons, Boqvist has always been PP2.

  35. With how Montour was beasting, I think this is good news for Ekblad owners, lol

  36. I added in some new detials into my player cards including Age, Cap Hit, and Roster%. Let me know how you like it!

  37. I think these cards are great. Any thoughts on doing something purely fantasy based like a rolling five game total of shots+hits+blocks or something like that?

  38. Thats a good idea! I whipped this up. Let me know what you think!

  39. Tippett is looking like deep league target if he can keep up this favourable deployment. He is about league average in shot generation, but some red flags with his high IPP, S%, and oiSH%. More likely a wait and see kind of player.

  40. Love your layout. Visually appealing and really easy to decipher what's going on. Really nice job!

  41. Thanks! I spent a decent amount of time making it look nice and accessible, hence the colourblind palette.

  42. Could we get a link to the season long one? I only ask because I like to plan for the next week, days or even weeks in advance.

  43. I'll consider it. Right now it is in a spreadsheet that isn't really in a shreable state

  44. Bratt ends up as tied for 6th in Assists becasue I sort by Assists and then assist/GP. I am sure we will see him make an appearence in a future post.

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