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  1. Can you....paint(?) rit dye on before dunking it to get a non-uniform color?

  2. That’s an interesting concept, might try it out. UCP is cheap as balls so there’s no harm in trying yourself

  3. I need to try it out. I've never dyed anything before

  4. If the center refuses to or cannot deliver on safety, prosperity, and liberty for the majority of the people then they will look to the fringes in order to have their interests served.

  5. I'm not sure how you can have successful socialism, and certainly not successful communism, on a large scale without a strong central planning government. Which, couldn't function without being authoritarian.

  6. You must talk to a lot of ignorant people

  7. Was it Metro Center that had the ice skating rink? Born in the mid 80's, so some of that is a little foggy. I remember a lot of the early to mid 90s though.

  8. Chambered on body, empty chamber off body.

  9. Because I prefer to have a choice of what I want to to, and how I want to do it, and have the option to buy pretty much anything with almost limitless options.

  10. fLCs are super functional and a have a TON of molle

  11. I heard from a couple guys they're uncomfortable.

  12. Not true at all. Theyre great. Esspecially on long movements

  13. News flash! Politicians aren't politicians to do their civic duty. They're in it for the money.

  14. If you've got a gun in the car don't bring it up if they don't. You're under no obligation to tell them. If they ask yeah be honest. But don't ever volunteer info. They made up the BS about being a felon with a firearm to try to get you upset. While would either get you to say something they could use. Or do something they could detain you for.

  15. You are absolutely required to inform the police if you are carrying. It's part of the no ccw law.

  16. "7. Do I have to tell police that I have a gun? People who are carrying concealed have no duty to inform law enforcement officers that they have a gun unless the officer asks. And during investigations such as traffic stops, peace officers may take temporary custody of the gun to ensure officer safety.13"

  17. That's a lot of shit and not a lot of water or any type of shelter/ emergency blanket/poncho.

  18. I loved when he flat out told the world he said masks Stent effective to give medical staff time to buy them before the public. That got scrubbed from the internet pretty quickly.

  19. Is she taking photos on a personal cell phone?

  20. I don’t have the answer but some will say that the media is siding with Democrats or something of that nature

  21. I always figured a lot of media companies leaned left (except fox), based on who owned them, and where they're head quartered.

  22. The world only needs so many tea brewers at the local library. Someone will have to work the coal mines.

  23. I think it's more of a "look on the bright side" than a "hey, run out and go into debt!".

  24. Two impeachments and a House committee later and you still can't beat the most awful president ever in an election? Maybe the problem isn't Trump but the Democrats.

  25. Was Trump the worst, or is Biden the worst?

  26. I hate Biden. Trump was orders of magnitude worse.

  27. Watch the two parties each put out worst candidates, then all laugh and laugh

  28. You can get a bunch of 3 day temp tags online I believe.

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