1. I would brotha, but already purchased this bike used. Kinda stuck with it. Seems like a perfect for me and it wasn't easy to find at all.

  2. You can put wider tires on most road bikes, they should be able to accommodate at least 28mm if now 32mm.

  3. Highly depends on the age of the bike and what type of "road" bike it is. Older frames may only accommodate 23 or 25mm tires. 28-32 on road bikes is a very recent trend (aside from on more touring-oriented frames).

  4. I was incredibly sad to see them leave. Are there any local brands left?

  5. I was willing to accept some of the downsides to get the novelty of a bike designed just 3km away from my home, named after a local road, and having the historical link to some very innovative bike engineering (i.e. the time trial and race bikes). I acknowledge that those are irrelevant from a technical perspective though.

  6. If a cop is in the bike lane, it is because he is getting donuts saving lives. Remember, cops are lazy fucks heroes and questioning anything they do is probably spot on ridiculous, because if they were doing something wrong, they would not be police officers.

  7. I mean, sometimes they are legitimately stopped illegally because of a serious issue.

  8. I would say 95% of the time it's probably an illegitimate reason!

  9. Seshing as a smoking weed sesh sign me up 😂

  10. Got it. You’re a rich homeowner wanting a luxury unit in their backyard.

  11. I didn't reply to you. What are you talking about "get back to me"?

  12. absolutely ridiculous they didn't put in physical separation here during the road work.

  13. Yeah I brought some friends to High Park in the summer thinking bloor would be great (They aren't very confident cyclists). Riding across this stretch was a fucking nightmare for them, I can't believe the city does this to our vulnerable road users. I think they absolutely will never cycle in the city again after that experience.

  14. They gotta take your license when you turn 80 bro. You have no buisness driving when your this old

  15. I agree with you generally, but you have to remember, we have built a society that absolutely requires vehicle ownership.

  16. I thought their model was to attract traffic to where they are located; e.g mall, Walmart, etc. I wouldn’t pay a penny for the need to get my ass up and then drive to pick-up a package. If the seller doesn’t offer free or reasonably priced delivery to my home, I shop somewhere else.

  17. Lol. How to tell me you're entitled without telling me you're entitled.

  18. it was stolen off the street. it was stolen anywhere from 8pm-12am.

  19. correct. it was stolen around 11:30pm after looking at the CCTV footage. unfortunately the thief's face wasn't visible.

  20. I checked my cameras also and nothing. They must not have ridden by my place, sorry!

  21. How can TTC be deemed an essential service, but regional transit isn't?!

  22. I honestly think it's been an issue for that long and it's just gotten worse and worse.

  23. I’m just saying that we should get the Chinese to build our rai-OHWAITAMINUTE

  24. I mean we literally contract European companies/workers for all our major projects haha. Alstom is a team from Spain

  25. Fantastic. The utility of weekend GO runs for cyclo-tourism is too much of a secret. It puts an extensive swath of the region within reach of cycling day trips for those without cars. The Lakeshore East and West lines run on weekends too, dropping you off anywhere between Hamilton and the 'Shwa. From there a reasonably capable cyclist can loop out to Port Hope/Cobourg, Port Perry in the east and Brantford, Paris, Cambridge, Caledonia and the Niagara Escarpment/Peninsula in the west.

  26. I find for me the worst part is the schedules. I like to be up and out before 7am on weekends and so sometimes I have just taken the train home, but then it limits me further.

  27. I went to Banff for a ski trip in March. I landed at 1am Calgary time and ski'd for 3 days, then drove back (awesome WestJet deal, $84 return).

  28. "Hi, the Torontonian you are calling is using a screening service from Google. Please state the reason for your call..."

  29. Exactly. If they’re coming from behind, it likely means your lights aren’t on. If it’s coming from a car coming toward you, it likely means there is a cop ahead and to slow down, but even in that case I would do a quick check to see my lights are on first, followed by slowing down if required. I almost get the sense now that people just think you’re road-raging toward them, like they’re being personally attacked and don’t bother to figure out why.

  30. PSA, as a reminder for folks, as we near daylight savings (Nov), it is starting to get darker earlier and this is when hit & run cases go up. As a pedestrian, please be aware of your surroundings, look at the cars & its drivers, not your phones, and be alert, especially in Toronto where bad drivers are rampant.

  31. Can somebody post a link of where this is on a map? I take the dvp route often but never came across this

  32. I love how there are so many cuts in the fences for us to ride it anyways. This trail has SO much potential but the stupid Metrolinx rail contracts are holding it all up.

  33. I thought idling was only illegal for more than 3 mins in the summer?

  34. Interesting, guess they changed it. Well how many times have you called parking/enforcement if you care so much about idling? I used to do it at my condo all the time but that was for 3 mins.

  35. I just tell people. I live across from a school and near a bunch of parks (luckily!). The school has signs, so I'll let people know that idling is a 1 minute limit. Ironically it's usually parents picking up their kids. Like, don't you understand these laws are in place to protect THEM?!

  36. My "favourites" are the ones that are built with next to no acknowledgement that people might actually walk places instead of driving, so you have to stroll across hundreds of metres of parking between the sidewalk and your destination.

  37. It's crazy to me that this is still a thing, as I used to go here in ~20010 on the bus, but alas...

  38. I never realized how popular they were until the subway was down and all stations we empty between christi and bay

  39. Also if you ever go to a concert or something you'll see docks completely full near the location beforehand, and then completely empty after the event.

  40. Yes this happen to me one time and we had to go so far to drop a bike

  41. Same. If I'm going to Budweiser Stage, I start checking for docks near Billy Bishop, and it can turn into a desperate scramble.

  42. I've lived off a highway in Texas for over 20 years and growing up I used to see hobby cyclists riding morning and afternoon. Its stopped in the last decade and I believe its because Texas is becoming inhospitable for people who bike or don't own cars. I have cognitive issues that make driving a car unsafe but I can operate bikes, mopeds etc. Without much issue. But its not worth biking because people here can be so careless :( Its heartbreaking seeing people blame a child for their death when neighborhoods should be safe for children.


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