1. This is how I’ve been doing my chops and steaks. Low and with smoke, take off grill, heat the bad boy up to high heat and sear. Wife will not have a steak any other way.

  2. How’d you cook it? Straight to grilling? I made the “mistake” of smoking it low heat for about an hour ish then bringing the grill up to high heat for a few minutes. Wife won’t let me cook a steak without smoking them first. And I must say, I’ll never do them any other way. Lol

  3. So I dry brined overnight, seasoned and left out for about an hour. Had it over the deflector at about 300 for roughly an hour or so to get to 110-115, then put it over the flames on the lower grate to sear it to 130 and let it rest for 10 minutes. Turned out incredible!

  4. Awesome! Glad it turned out great!

  5. Completely different for my situation. When wife and I both had pixel 6’s, she’d always get a notification first. Be it email, nest or whatever. Then I got iPhone 13pm, she still got them first. She moves to 13p and she still gets them first. Even after me upgrading to 14 pm. It’s usually a few seconds difference

  6. I have had it for going on two months now. Haven’t had a single issue so far. Coming from a nest thermostat and has been pretty much on par. I just went with the Wyze thermostat to cut down on apps.

  7. Totally agree! If you think those suck,wait until you upgrade your fender flares,...there is a special place in hell for Jeep engineers.

  8. Yea. Stupidest idea. So glad I finally got mine off. Ugh the agony

  9. I just got the smartish gripzilla for my 14 pm based off some recommendations from here. I highly recommend it. Not bulky, but still protects the huge camera bump nicely.

  10. Ordered at 830 morning orders went live. Said September 27-30th. Got it the 20th.

  11. This is my recommendation as well. I change oil for work. My hands are always greasy and oily. My iPhone 13 pm leather case looked great until my 14pm came in. I switch between the 14pm leather case and smartish case (on weekends).

  12. Mine looks exactly like this after 4 1/2 months as well. To the point around the white stitching/ bordering is all fraying and looks like crap.

  13. No. Do not interact with it. It’s a dusting scam.

  14. Mine is out for delivery today. Ordered around 830 on preorder day. Was estimated September 27-30th.

  15. I’ve never signed for anything that required a signature, it’s always been left at the front door. FedEx and UPS

  16. Yesterday my 14 pro max case came via ups. My front gate was locked so they couldn’t get to store. Ups man literally called my cell and waited for me to come and sign for the case.

  17. Bought some more Monday. Will buy more tomorrow on payday.

  18. I haven’t got that, where are you based?

  19. Got the email as well in the U.S. yesterday

  20. I’ve had it for awhile now. I liked it more when the rewards didn’t rotate every month. They range from 1%-4% and you have to select a new one every month. With that said, I always go for the one with the highest % back and switch it out later.

  21. What’s wrong? All 250m bones haven’t been minted yet. Rewards stop at the 230m. The other 20m are validators.

  22. So how do we know they are not taking over 20 million tokens if the supply isn't showing a cap @ 250 million tokens?

  23. Well they were suppose to actually halt the increasing amount of bone minted at 230 and the other 20m would then be used as validators. Apparently the timing was off. So reading that at 730pm utc

  24. sent out a tweet earlier asking if they should list bone. So it may be on the horizon.

  25. Shib had its run in October. Bone is having its startup run now. Shib will benefit greatly in the long run. I have both and am enjoying this little run up as I did before.

  26. Who knows. Has there been any info released that would explain this jump in price?

  27. Yeah supposedly a listing on

  28. Yeah I can’t wait. But yeah, bluebit officially announced it on twitter

  29. Welcome to the family! Now sit back and enjoy the ups and downs lol

  30. Looking good. I picked up two 10lb butts yesterday for .99 a lb. Cheapest meats you can get your hands on! One is going on the Joe tomorrow

  31. Yes it supports bone. That’s where all mine is at. Can’t speak on the leash. But if it does 🍖, chances are leash is supported.

  32. Well there you have it. Now go get your ledger and load her up!

  33. You don’t buy shibarium. You buy bone using shibarium. You will need to get a wallet and then point said wallet to shibaswap in order to swap for bone.

  34. Wrong, you use shibaswap. Shibarium is the L2 that makes bone the gas fees for shibaswap when it is released. Currently shibaswap gas fees are Eth.

  35. Excuse me. Shibaswap I misspoke.

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