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  1. Walmart. You might still find one on clearance.

  2. I get some pretty weird gun control activists that try telling me they are a “rational person”, before delving into bigoted rants and mental backflips.

  3. I wish they would return the annual MG shoot to Oregons Albany club.

  4. Gun nuts aren't serious about public safety, they will make it worse. They want any deranged lunatic to be able to get a gun, no questions asked.

  5. Wow. What an over the top, untrue thing to say about gun owners!

  6. The general population is full of violent whackjobs who can't be trusted. Gun owners are probably even worse, given that many are paranoid far-right Oath Keepers-types.

  7. And that personal view of these people is what is driving your support for m114?

  8. When it’s in place, the process will take months as well.

  9. Do you think he was “asked” to retire early?

  10. I’ve been seeing some awful smear anti-Betsy campaign ads from the Kotek side.

  11. “Researchers at Johns Hopkins University estimate that a similar law in Connecticut requiring permits to purchase guns reduced firearm homicide rates by 28% and firearm suicide rates by 33% over a 22-year period.”

  12. Yeah, no. Short headlines are meant to inspire hope and activism.

  13. I guess you missed the part about “read the report”? And a few articles on the report?

  14. We get a lot of new gun laws In this state that put lots of new hurdles for the average citizen to pass, at best. Or new ways to get charged with crimes, when there is noI intent to harm anyone. Laws passed simply to give some people a sense of control, and a false sense of security.

  15. Yeah most Sportsman's Warehouse stores have classes already that would cover this. It's a shit bill, but this part if it isn't a big deal.

  16. They have live fire ranges as Sportsman’s Warehouse?

  17. There is a cheat for Minecraft out there. I don’t remember why it was, but it would discretely turn a single pixel from grey to black (white?) in one of the corners if there was a mine under the cursor.

  18. Same at mine. Constant updates. About every 1.5 weeks. Or “maintenance” routines they setup that run in the background at about 90% CPU or memory for a couple of hours between 8-11.

  19. What, do they expect the fluid to run down the windshield and back into the reservoir?

  20. The first light saber fight you see in the original Star Wars movies is so bad. I saw it recently and had to laugh how lame the fight was. I heard the props they used were so flimsy that they were falling apart during filming.

  21. Here you go. Someone else agreed and set out to redo the scene. Disney should buy the rights and update the original arrears film

  22. I love the message but that was an 8 minute video that should have been a 3 minute video.

  23. 3min videos don’t generate revenue. 8-15 do.

  24. This is true. But she has stayed far more centered as the dem party in Oregon lurched more to the left. Meaning she quickly became a family outcast, shunned even, not in line with the 'group thought' of the party.

  25. Does speaker of the house have that kind of omnipotent power though?

  26. Yes. They basically have control over what bills move forward, or not. Who sits on committees. What the agenda and priority of a legislative session will be.

  27. If Kevin wants us to win he needs to stop his divisive rhetoric. “Leftists” like myself are pro-gun and working to stop 114 as well. Luckily I am not simple-minded enough to give up my rights because of schoolyard insults but the general public is not going to be wooed by it.

  28. I agree. 2A rights need to be a non-partisan 3rd rail for politicians again.

  29. If you click the Eugene City club link you can see there is a person speaking opposite the Rev

  30. I'm not voting for Drazan, but won't it be an interesting situation if she does win? Nothing will get done because the legislature in Oregon will still be a Dem super majority, so all they'll do is butt heads - and nothing will get done. So pretty much the same as it is now.

  31. They will have to focus on the basics, like budgets, and listen instead of just pushing a political ideology.

  32. It really boggles my mind how the Democratic Party- who has been in power in Oregon for decades, can consistently run an underdog campaign- “this is the most important election in our lifetime! (Every 4 years). If you don’t vote for us, the crazies will take over and it will be awful (pretty true)”. But god damn you’ve had power for decades and you’re responsible for this. It’s such a grift on such a massive scale.

  33. This. The constant “if you don’t vote D, the sky will fall!” every 2-4 years is tiring

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