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  1. It’s almost an inch higher than a unity mount tho. Not a fan of anything higher than 2.33” and that’s like 3.2”

  2. Offset? I have been using an arisaka offset with my spr build, works pretty well.

  3. I do a lot of passive aiming under nods so I’d need a 1.93 or higher which seems like it would be a snag point hanging off the side of my rifle. Maybe I’m overthinking this id have to see one irl

  4. Arisaka makes a 1.93 offset for Aimpoint micros. Might be worth a shot, idk

  5. Got too excited and forgot to mention payment methods. Cash app/Zelle. Yours if still interested.

  6. Why oh why use drugs. Use a gas chamber with a pure nitrogen atmosphere. Quick and completely painless. Never fails.

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