1. To be honest I don't really give a shit about if it's Tolkien or not. It seems Lord of the Rings'y enough for me, I read the Hobbit, and the Trilogy, but I'll never read the ducking Samilion and Tolkiens personal letters and watch all the interviews so I'll never know all the little tiny details, of exactly what character goes where and did what and when, 10000 years before the fellowship happened.

  2. You're allowed to like it. I'm allowed to think it's terrible without you calling me an idiot.

  3. If this show came out and no one had any idea of the source material would you still be calling it terrible? Probably not, most likely it would be 7.5/10 minimum. It's nerds like you who can't look past your own ego who ruin everything. Shove it where the sun doesn't shine buddy.

  4. Not sure what you're so angry about, but if being aggressive with people on the internet makes you feel better then you do you, I guess :-)

  5. It's not that hard to fast tap the mini, as it has very little recoil anyway. If you've been playing for 4 years and have thousands of hours it's pretty routine, doesn't mean they're cheating.

  6. If it’s final zone you should be able to identify where people are. Pop a head. Use throwables. Do something besides getting your ass handed to you because they went for loot drops

  7. I don't know why you're disputing the fact that the enemy getting a bunch of fresh level 3 gear and meds dropped at their feet in the final zone is frustrating RNG. And bad game design.

  8. Equal opportunity for you to get it as well

  9. How can it be if it drops on them? Yes, it can drop on you, but that's still RNG massively affecting the endgame and screwing them instead. Bad game design.

  10. Oh mb u kinda worded it in a way where you just won’t play the game cus of deston

  11. I dunno. I think we know at this stage, 5 years in, that's not going to happen.

  12. I don't know if I understand the graph, but this can't be true based on queue times.

  13. Weird. Queues have only slowed on console EU since free to play. Not sure this headline is true.

  14. This is for console only and represents numbers around the whole world combined with Xbox and PS. Each region may vary.

  15. Just don't come off the gas until after you switch seats. Then ADS/soft aim and hey presto.

  16. Im on EU prime, console. I believe my xplay is on but maybe i will doubel check it! Yes i play TPP(prefer FPP but queues are too long).

  17. Also, you can use to see how many bots are in your games.

  18. Are you a newish player? Or returning after a long time? Unless crossplay is off those are the only reasons you should be getting bots, unless you're playing in the middle of the night.

  19. When the current Gen came out, since there was limited availability, it was fine to hold the game back to accommodate old consoles. That time has past, need to stop having the prior Gen hold back the current Gen. Time to upgrade or deal with jumping late.

  20. Oh my god dude. Fine - let's ditch half the playerbase, great move. GG. I'm sure everyone will rush out and buy a Series X straight away, because they're so cheap and easy to get hold of. FFS.

  21. That’s a valid point, when the new consoles are initially released, not after almost 2 years.

  22. So what's going to happen to the playerbase when you make it impossible to play on PS4, Xbox one etc?

  23. No, you just have to complete the challenges. You can do it in one game.

  24. Im a newer player as well, and no there is not. Sadly they made the decision to have populations of bots, and it is much more prevalent on console it seems (I am on Xbox).

  25. On console you shouldn't really see any bots unless you have crossplay off, are playing way off peak time, or are a new or returning player. Even though queue times are mega slow, I'm mostly still seeing full player lobbies even in solos.

  26. Are you playing TPP or FPP? That does make a difference in the queue times. I play basically only FPP as I think it's more challenging/rewarding and not only are the queue times long, but on my pubglookup it says I experience mostly bots. It is very easy to tell who they are, and it probably also has something to do with the fact that I am still stuck on the old gen Xbox One S

  27. Me and my Buffy tried the game out a couple of seasons ago and when we realized that most of our games were 80-90% bots we Uninstaller. No matter how well we did or how much time we sunk in bot lobbies were too common. It's not satisfying winning a match just to look back and see 5 of 6 kills were bots.

  28. That's a matchmaking issue, probably because you were new players. It's a shame PUBG does this. Just posting to make it clear that's not a playerbase thing. Even though queues are slow at the moment I still get full player lobbies.

  29. Yeah, there are something like 18 different queues in this game. Playerbase isn't great, and it's far too split. The featured map queue is a dumb move, but it's going soon.

  30. It's 'cos of a) a decline in players since f2p, b) too many in game queues at the best of times (FPP squad, TPP solo/duo/squad, casual, crossplay on/off versions of all of the above, TDM, c) featured map doubling those queues all over again until we have something like 18.

  31. are you talking about ranked? maybe english isnt your first language, but what youre saying makes no sense

  32. Should have specified, I'm on console. Forgot which sub I was in.

  33. Damn from what I've heard NA console is poppin, interesting how different it can be, but TPP seems to be prefered on console.

  34. Queues are really slow over here. Player numbers seem back to pre-f2p levels and featured map queue is killing even squad queues. We're next region to die after OCE I think. Hasn't been an FPP solo queue for years though.

  35. Yes I do, I know that's the reason why mostly but the friends I play with are somehow all on other platforms so i leave it on by default in case they invite me. Need more xbox peeps

  36. How do you know it's MnK? Crossplay is only between consoles, PC is kept separate so they don't have to add aim assist.

  37. Careful, you get slated for 'mentioning' queue times round these parts

  38. No, you’re missing the point. You’re trying to change one of the basic elements that differentiates PUBG from all the other BRs. Winning is great because it’s so difficult. Cheapen that and you ruin the game.

  39. It doesn't have a dedicated playerbase. At peak time in US on PC player numbers are less than 100k and falling. Queue times on console in EU have gone from near instant to sometimes 10 minutes in 6 months. Queues were barely functioning before f2p and that boost has worn off, and they can't do it again. Deston has made no discernible difference. What do you suggest?

  40. No issues with queues or wait times on NA, so there isn’t a need to suggest anything, certainly not some revive system that changes the basics of what this game is! PUBG has made a lot of changes to appeal to players of other BRs, small maps, adding too much loot (Taego), 3 gear outside of crates (and basically everywhere on the map), goofy outfits and skins. Throw in a revive system and aim assist and then you’ve got CoD and Fortnite and there world be nothing to differentiate this game from the rest.

  41. I would have said exactly the same till our queues started dying.

  42. You can't do it while ADSing either, it's only enabled while 'hip firing'.

  43. Feel your pain. Cure queues on console are deathly slow due to the featured map queue. Again.

  44. Yeah, this seems to be a Deston thing. Seen it happen to a streamer, and it got me yesterday. Didn't realise till I'd shot out of the playable area on a bike, made it back with 1hp and then got killed while healing. GG.

  45. Are you playing on 120? Are you playing on a TV that has a game mode that can automatically change or is a monitor? Is the game mode patch up-to-date? Have you tried switching cables? Are you using a hdmi 2.1? Have you tried swapping to another game then going back to H:I? Have you tried hard cycling the console?

  46. Haven't changed anything since the last time I had the game installed, and I only downloaded it yesterday so it should be the latest update. It ran fine a few months ago. Wil try a fresh install.

  47. Usually the M4 just because I'm used to it and it's incredibly versatile. If I'm playing solo Vs squads I'd probably go for the MG3 or the M249 - and try to remind myself not to press reload at the wrong time.

  48. Part of the game is the flow of information. You could easily play the game without a mic because others will still talk to you and get you the information you need. But there will be a time when you see an MG and it's going to wipe out your team unless you can get that information to the squad lead and they can get it up the chain. Still a good game but it definitely is more fun if you can relay small bits of info for your team lead.

  49. I take it there's no in game ping system or anything? What do you do if English isn't your first language?

  50. better not speak English, if you don't speak it well or don't understand it well, most of the English speakers on this game are racist, even worse you can come across even less intelligent people, they will try to turn the other officers against you , or even directly the general can ask for artillery on your respawn point, there are also some nice ones, but most English speakers take it as a personal affront if you speak no or poor English

  51. I'm English anyway, I was just wondering. If what you say is true that doesn't sound like a great community though.

  52. I've known many players who LEFT because of no map selection....

  53. If you allow map deselect of any sort then you're starting a whole load of different queues - that's how matchmaking in video games works - and there just aren't enough players for the playerbase to be split like that.

  54. Featured map queue has more or less killed solos. 7+ minutes to get a game TPP EU? Thanks PUBG. Why didn't you learn from Taego?

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