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  1. When I mention that these behaviors are controlling he tells me that he just wants more communication, is uncomfortable with my use of social media and has boundaries with it that I’ve pushed(me replying saying thanks when men give me compliments is something that upset him), and that I need to respect his boundaries within the relationship if I expect my own to be respected.

  2. He doesn’t have many friends and most certainly doesn’t go out. I’ve mentioned to him how I can’t fulfill his every need. He doesn’t really get it. :/

  3. If you are still doing couples therapy, I would have the therapist explain that it is unhealthy for couples to be so enmeshed that they cannot do things without each other, or for one person to have no network of support and to put all their emotional needs on their spouse. Part of the work your husband would need to do would be to find a support system outside of you- connect more with relatives, make friends, get a hobby, etc. That will be good for both him and his relationships.

  4. Is this a repost? I swear this was posted a week or so ago

  5. Honestly, i think it's a troll or a dude with a fetish. (My money's on the latter)Both this profile and the last profile were filled with very similar posts about the dude they were dating being a horrible, boundary ignoring person, and all the op's comments insisted the relationship was great and expressed confusion/ignorance towards any commentator that expressed a different opinion. I bet that's what we'll get here too, if the OP responds.

  6. It doesn’t matter if any other guy is ok with it, what matters is your man isn’t for some reason. You can listen to everyone here or you can be an adult and have the conversation about it and truly listen to his feelings. If you don’t listen and don’t take i to account his feelings you may lose him

  7. "Also a vibrator, anal Plug, cock ring all have different jobs than a large realistic dildo."

  8. Also, as a general rule, the product code for a band is the model number with an "a" prefix. Your band would be ASFB133G.

  9. Thanks so much! I don't have the packaging for any of my swatches (which I'm guessing has the model number) and I was very confused by all the online guides telling me how to interpret the numbers on the back- some of mine have no numbers at all.

  10. Usually the date listed on the face is the year before the watch was actually introduced for sale.

  11. Thank you so much, that is a big help! And knowing that about the date will help me figure out my other swatches.

  12. If these people are fine with blasting their laundry all over the internet they should have not problem with the OP posting on social media that she doesn't consider lip fillers grounds to dump your child on someone else for 2 days...

  13. So if the cousin attends an event for his family, you won't go (as per your comments here) because you don't like the cousin. If your mom comes to an event for your husband's family, the cousin won't go because he doesn't like your mom. So, logically, the family can either have you or their cousin at their family events.

  14. Spoilers, obviously, but FYI Castleton gets a happy ending, and helps out in the climax of the story.

  15. You're gonna need to set a hard boundary and actually dedicate to stick to it. Like a ''mom, I love you and I want to keep the close relationship we have but when it comes to Sam I am no longer going to be involved. I'm not helping with him, I'm not going to be around him and I'm not even going to discuss him or my (non existant) relationship with him. If you bring it up, I will warn you once before I leave/end the call. This is a hard no for me." And actually do this. You don't have to cut off mom, just everything she tries to involve you with regarding him.

  16. Sorry for the belated response, this is a hard topic for me. But thank you, that is good advice and I need to not allow her to continue to make tiny pushes at my boundaries.

  17. Wow, your post was a hard read because my mom was just like yours. I had two brothers just like yours and my mom tried to guilt me into helping them. After she died, THEY tried to guilt me into helping them.

  18. This is belated because this is a hard topic for me to think about, but thank so you much for your comment. As far as I know, no one in my life has similar family issues so it's comforting to hear from someone who does. I'm sorry you had to deal with/go through a similar situation. I definitely feel like my mother wants to share her burden with me and she refuses to see a therapist because she thinks they will tell her to stop supporting my brother.

  19. I semi agree with this point. It comes across as punitive and undermines the relationship. It shows a hugh lack of trust and fracture in the relationship and I think it will be difficult to raise a family after that.

  20. Her partner knows she has irrational anxiety about medical procedures. When she had a panic attack over a doctor trying to push her into an unnecessary and dangerous medical procedure, he told her to suck it up. When she asked him to come with her to another medical procedure, he said no and made it about him. Birth is a HUGE medical procedure. Why would him being supportive about, idk, her taste in clothing, have any relevance to this? If we know he can't support her during a panic attack why do you have so much confidence he'd be able to support her during a birth?

  21. Don't get lost in the "sunken cost" fallacy just because you've been together a long time. You know there's no logical reason for this. The break is so he can try to hook up with this girl and whether he comes back or not depends on how that goes and whether he's trying to actually date her or just have sex with her. (those are the only two options) if this was a legit friendship and he truly cared about you he would introduce you to her the minute you felt insecure about it. She probably doesn't even know you exist. Please don't be a doormat and take him back just because you have been dating years and feel like you've invested too much in this relationship. I promise you can find a partner who puts you first and isn't trying to cheat on you. What would happen if you called him right now and told him it was over? Would he fight for you or try to say you're being unreasonable. (You're not) what if you call him right now and say it's over unless you get to meet this friend immediately? If he puts you first, cares about your feelings, and she's no threat, and she knows about you, and he's not trying to have sex with her, there is no reason you three can't go out for drinks tonight. Would he say sure, or come up with a million excuses and blame you. Please don't be a doormat and wait until the end of the break to confront him. Do it now.

  22. Do you know how bad sex ed is in America? It's apparently bad

  23. I saw this same story, but it said they were having anal sex and were confused why they weren't getting pregnant.

  24. I've got health anxiety/hypochondria too. The only thing that's worked for me was the right amount of Prozac. Unfortunately I'm on a lower dose because of side effects and it's coming back. Rhodiola for me is great for energy and anhedonia but can make my anxiety worse since it feels sort of like a stimulant. Magnesium hasn't had any noticeable effect for me either. A 1-2 week course of Ashwagandha seems to help some. Passionflower helps me some for acute anxiety. I'm going to watch this thread for more suggestions.

  25. Well now I know you must be fake. She was in the hospital and you selfishly continued on your vacation instead of being with her. I would never do that to my husband.

  26. Definitely a troll. And one that's not even trying very hard!

  27. Could be a black footed yellow sac spider. With the correct location it might be easier

  28. Sorry, put it in the title- New York, east coast USA. I'm pretty sure that's right based on the internet pictures of that species. He's very elegant looking, hopefully he'll find something nice to eat and hangs around a while.

  29. Pic is rough but I would submit that this is a yellow sac spider. Maybe a Black Footed Yellow Sac Spider. They are great in my opinion. I'm sure it would appreciate being relocated.

  30. Thanks! That sounds right. I went back to get a better pic but he's gone off elsewhere. Hope he eats some bugs.

  31. Sorry, it's hard to take the opinion of someone who called a 10 year old a "hoe" seriously.

  32. I'd suggest trying a Jareth sample if you can get your hands on it- I personally love leather, but unfortunately (for me) can't really smell it in Jareth, and it does have a very similar vibe to Dorian for me.

  33. I've heard someone on another thread a while back say that Theodosius, the Ledgerman from BPALs Carnival Diabolique smells similar to Dorian (Earl Grey tea leaves, a white fougere, jasmine leaf, pearlescent white musk, and vanilla bean)

  34. If the HPV is so pernicious it isn't going away on its own, it might be time to look into a complementary holistic approach using plant medicine, body work, and Western medicine.

  35. I've heard anecdotally that the vaccine can help your body's immune response to current HPV infections, but again only anecdotally.

  36. I'm female, but in the same boat in that Prozac is great specifically for my anxiety disorder, but gives sexual side effects. I lowered my dosage as a compromise, which decreased the side effects but raised the anxiety. A lot of these answers seem to be based around treating depression, which is a while different animal. I hope you find something that works! I just started Macs but haven't been on it long enough to see if it makes a difference.

  37. I don't have the links off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure they've done studies showing exercise is as effective as anti-depressants, and that's on top of other positive changes it makes to the brain.

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