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  1. Don't really think that's the way the MRNA vaccine works.

  2. Which part? The MRNA instructs your cells to produce the spike protein. Your body recognizes these proteins are foreign and produces antibodies that bind to the proteins (blocking virus). Your killer T cells then remove (destroy) the cells displaying the spike. There’s more to it than this with B cells, memory, how long the mrna causes the spike (nucleosides) but yes, Your body is killing trillions of cells, and this is what it does everyday. You need water for more cells.

  3. My understanding is that the vaccine is not effective for treating an active infection. When administered preemptively to an uninfected person, there aren't yet any spike proteins to kill. When the virus does invade the system, they they are effectively prevented from multiplying and killed by the rest of the immune system.

  4. I wasn’t saying anything about an infection, but the vaccine does induce a huge number of spikes (trillions), and this is very typical of an infection. If it was less, the response would not be strong enough to produce a prolonged immunity response and to form the correct memory.

  5. Your mentioned picks are horrible - Rivian and porsche are just not solid in any way. Find companies with a reasonable dividend and low peg ratio. These will come back. Others might collapse if things really did continue to plummet.

  6. An n95 is just a filter that provides about a 10/1 reduction over unfiltered air (raw dogging it), so sure - it helps.

  7. Everyone - And the only solution is to ignore all problems because we can’t live our life in fear.

  8. I never ran in the Challenger's but here's my take. Unless 90% of your routes do both road and mild trail, or gravel shoulder, get away from the Challenger's. They don't do trail as well as a trail shoe, or road as good as a road shoe.

  9. I have used the challengers for many years simply because I seem to get hurt in them the least. My theory is that the trail aspect gives stability even though it’s not a stability show. For example, the Clifton’s really are weird for me because they kind of cave in. I decided to try and find new short/speed work shoes and then longer faster shoes. My current test is the adidas rc4 for speed work and the rocket xs for road. I think I’m really going to have to lean into this return policy until I find a good variety that works. I’ll check out the torrents. Do they cave in, I have an odd issue with my left foot’s arch has collapsed a little, maybe from skating for years, but running in pure road shoes is difficult. But hey, I had an 11 miler today around 7:30 so these old legs are holding it together. Thanks for the thoughts.

  10. You could also try the arahi. It's a stability shoe but it's more "stability when you need it" vs some stability shoes that really pull you back to center.

  11. It's interesting you mention the endorphin speeds. I've had so many people recommend that but it just feels so narrow when running like I have to land on the outside of my foot. Thanks again for the thoughts.

  12. It’s sad that our culture is like political parties and people see China and their Covid methods and can only shout that we must have zero Covid precautions or we’re China. We’re letting the ideas of Florida and trump and the Koch brothers and every other corrupt ulterior motived individual lead our philosophical mindset towards a disease that is not a normal cold.

  13. It was actually the realization that society was filled with a bunch of baboons that changed my personality.

  14. This is really the truth. I used to ignore people's many negatives to have a friendly conversation, but now I just see the haunting impact of ignorance hiding behind empty words. Life is so much simpler now and I feel much happier, but I also don't go to restaurants or the movies anymore so I have relatives that say I just hide away. It's all projections from the unhappy masses is my theory, they can't believe me when I say I'm happy taking hikes with my family or working on projects I enjoy rather than paying for overpriced cheap food.

  15. People talk about stress with covid, but it's probably more likely that people are realizing how selfish most people are and how little trust actually exists and how ignorant most are while happily droning on about some minor political talking point that doesn't even affect them.

  16. I'm not sure what you mean by the word "this."

  17. There are many studies showing this, that’s why risks like 1% are still such a big deal. Additionally, all the neurological aspects are already fucking scary and it’s only been a couple years.

  18. For comparison, your likelihood of contracting HIV from a single risky encounter with an unmedicated individual is about 5%.

  19. Apparently I've always worried about viruses (only reason I know this statistic), but even more remarkable is that a heterosexual man has some like a 1:500 chance per encounter with a HIV positive woman, but people still take precautions to avoid it. It's also amazing to me how similar HIV and covid are to some degree and how they impact t-cells. oh well, too many issues I guess.

  20. None of these are the questions I want answered. I want data on efficacy, especially in regards to stopping symptoms or detectable infection.

  21. Well Pfizer and Moderna both stopped offering vaccines to independent studies, so you may never get this. It’s very frustrating and only feeds the flames of anti vaxxers.

  22. And for good reason this time. Absolutely ridiculous. I won't even think about getting it until there's some data on it.

  23. I think you misunderstand. The data from Moderna’s ba.1 human trials and the trial on mice does offer quite a bit of data. The annual flu vaccine doesn’t have human trials. My frustrating is that we won’t know efficiency numbers, or when waning begins (2 weeks?) until these companies give something or someone runs a 3rd party trial, which seems much harder these days due to the wide variety of immunity people have. The hesitancy on vaccines also stopped the motivation to continue towards nasal vaccines or other types. Just look at novavax - uses older technology and longer term protection, even against omicron, and we hear crickets because there’s no effective way to communicate actual information rather than fear that spreads naturally like when someone hears a vaccine could cause side effects.

  24. You are not helping the polarization by accusing people who, after nearly 3 years, are done with restrictions and masking of "repeating the right wing talking points"

  25. Acknowledging that our current mitigations strategies aren't effective isn't giving up on COVID. It is acknowledging the science that mask mandates haven't been scientifically proven to work. It is OK to acknowledge that, and still believe that COVID is something that we need to address.

  26. I really find it odd that you believe masks don’t work. I know many people who’ve never gotten Covid and who always wear masks. Also, I think many people would wear masks but there’s some kind of stigma attached to it, like it’s wrong. For example, I know someone who runs a nonprofit sports league and they recently set up two leagues for kids - masks and unmasked. All outdoors. Even I think the masks probably aren’t necessary, but given the option, the masked league is only 1/3 of the participants of the unmasked. Mask mandates are largely ignored by the assholes but it lets people do what they want. Clearly places like restrautants shouldn’t have them, but doctors, public transport, etc.

  27. It is worth noting, that both heart disease and cancer isn’t a single disease but instead a collection of diseases. With that in mind, there’s a decent argument to be made that COVID is, in fact, the leading cause.

  28. I have been arguing this for years now and only received back rolled eyes. Thank you.

  29. It’s frustrating how many believe a bomb “nearby” would mean absolute death. As long as you’re outside the initial blast and can stay inside (longer the better) for >48 hours then you have a reasonable chance of survival. Now, who knows what that world will be like, but I’m fighting until the bitter fucking end.

  30. Every conversations about vaccines seem to exist in a vacuum as if Covid doesn’t also exist. The vaccines showed up so quickly BECAUSE Covid is awful.

  31. I think the firestick is your issue, not Hulu.

  32. Multiple other people have suggested this but no other apps give me issue. I think it was more frustrated at the inability to even speak with Hulu support though.

  33. I would do more research. They're suggesting to get your COVID booster end of this month and then flu in the first couple weeks of October. Saying everyone's systems are weak due to not having flu run around for the past two years. So if only 2% of people have gotten an updated booster and knowing not many get the flu shot either, I feel like this winter is going to be bad. I'm already seeing, "My kid started pre-k, got sick, and then got the rest of us sick. What do we do about our wedding / vacation / family gathering / insert event" type of posts on social and on different subs.

  34. Getting the flu or other infectious diseases does not make us stronger. Are you stronger for having never had polio or the mumps?

  35. I hear this questions from my older relatives often. It frustrates me, for what I consider obvious reasons. I need some examples.

  36. Vaccinated are going to say - it’s good he was vaccinated. Anti vax are going to say - see, what’s the point of the vaccine.

  37. "I literally want nothing from you but to leave me alone." You speak of science fiction, but you want to live in a society. You aren't leaving anyone alone so how can you request it from me or others?

  38. Comparing a respiratory infection that only affects a tiny and well defined percentage of the population to wars is ludicrous.

  39. So you think the many risks we’re facing today are from Covid restrictions, and nothing else? I’d argue what we’re experiencing right now will historically be viewed as more significant than any war in history.

  40. You get over one. All these people trying to have everything is a recipe for lifelong regret.

  41. Agreed, I'm trying to decide if/when to stop masking, and this is my #1 source of reliable metrics for helping me decide. Thanks!

  42. I think about this regularly, but there’s never really a big enough reason to. Vague issues this Covid is these days.

  43. That's cool, but I guarantee that most parents are not qualified to be teachers at all.

  44. Damn, I’m tired of this opinion. Kids these days in daycare rarely see their parents. They then sit in front of tvs, phones, and screens almost all the time. This is in addition to eating horrible food, learning almost nothing, and have minimal physical activity. Give me a break of depriving a kid of anything by sending them to daycare. People used to survive on a single parent income and spend time with their children. Parents who don’t send their kids to daycare are offering their children such an improved life. Yes, it’s a luxury but not negative. If anything, it’s infuriating to hear how parents have to send their kids to daycare because they must work 10+ hours and still can afford things.

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