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  1. Norway has some really cool folklore too. I love the trolls and beasts in your mythology and epic sagas. I just love myths and legends 😁

  2. Same! But shapeshifters/ skinwalker just itches a certain place in my brain. Its sooo interesting. Have heard and read some incidents where shapeshifters have been seen in the forest that borders Aorway. Also heard about it in england

  3. I guess to me urban legends are just more modern folklore. But because it is modern and there are stories and supposed sightings today it feels more plausible than walking into some ancient creature from the old stories. I guess if you think about it the countries used to be one big land mass so who is to say some crazy cryptids couldn’t be in different places haha. The UK is so small of an island really that I’m sure there would be more concrete sightings BUT I do sometimes feel a bit spooked out in the woods and actually end up believing some of the old stories more than urban legends, like piskies leading people astray in the forest and the moors.

  4. What the hell…this is NOT some normal thing to just brush under the carpet - I hope she called the police!!

  5. My mom poisoned my dad and sisters and I with rat poison for over 10 years before he divorced her. We never knew, but she always made meals and then never ate herself. Those who ate the most food would poop blood, get shaky, weak, aches and pains, etc. my dad even was diagnosed an so called autoimmune disorder that would render his hands and joints useless by 50, and we never realized all his symptoms matched rat poisoning. Now he’s 54 and his doctors said it was a miracle - he works with his hands, no problems with his joints, blood tests are 100% healthy, and no signs of a disease. There was no cure for this illness, and symptoms only cleared up after she moved out and we found the container of it hidden in the garage. Unfortunately we couldn’t do anything since there was not enough concrete evidence

  6. What the fuck?! I am so sorry this happened to your family. I hope you’re NC with your mum! What a nutter…

  7. SA being used to make female character stronger or more resilient. Nope.

  8. Everything from the Crones because I’m half Welsh and I absolutely love imitating them

  9. I absolutely love him & im only on episode 2 of season 4. He’s a lovely man and it’s horrible how disrespected he is

  10. Similar actually. I go to a fast food place near me fairly regularly. I’m always friendly with people. I accidentally paid for someone else’s order (like half of the price of mine) and I said I’d be happy to pay for it AND mine rather than confuse them on the till with refunds and all that and instead they gave me my correct order and so I only paid the half price. Happy little moment.

  11. That whole comment section is horrible as well lol, they’re so salty about TEEN GIRLS and tiktok.

  12. David walliams, never could stand him , mat Lucas only gets a pass because of George doors

  13. I really liked wearing a patch at times. I thin it looked pretty cool and also massively helped reduce my double vision and made it safer for me to drive amongst other things.

  14. No one else has ever picked up on my username pun and reference before 🤣 so yes!

  15. His coat does match the colour of how I imagine Friar Tuck's robes look. What breed is he?

  16. A labradoodle so he usually has this lovely scruffy old man face that’s quite solemn looking and these soulful eyes. And then in this picture, he just looks absolutely bonkers 🤣

  17. Hahaha I’ve been trying to make a post apocalyptic version of myself and my dog but it’s never how I want it either! This looks cool tho!

  18. There's no excuse possible to defend an adult having sex with a child. There are some children that want to be older and/or are damaged so they go after adults in that way but it's always on the adult to not engage sexually with a child. People who use the fact that the child made the moves etc are seriously messed up. Normal adults would be disgusted if a child came onto them in that way, hell, they'd even be grossed out by another adult doing it if the age gap was too much. That guy is disgusting for going anywhere near a child so don't feel bad, you did the right thing.

  19. Exactly, you can’t defend this saying the child initiated. Even if she thinks it was a beautiful and lovely moment now, the older she gets the more this is going to seriously mess her up. She won’t know just how disgusting this is until SHE gets to 24 and looks at 14 year olds. There is no way to defend this in my eyes.

  20. If you're talking about the kid here it's a he not a she, says 14M, but yeah I agree. There's no way to defend any sexual activity involving a child. It's disgusting and that's that.

  21. I think the 14M was a typo as in the body of the text it says ‘she’ and ‘her’ but it really doesn’t make a difference. Any 14year old, regardless of gender, is still a 14 year old. This will have such long lasting repercussions for them and legitimise this to the 24 year old who will think it’s okay to do this with other children. OP shouldn’t feel guilty at all

  22. There really isn’t as much of an egg shortage and we’re being led to believe, especially not because of bird flu. I’m in a rural area and I’d wager it’s more likely that supermarkets are just not paying farmers adequately. I know this isn’t available to huge parts of the UK, But wherever you can get some farm shops, directly from farmers etc. not supermarkets.

  23. I’m playing it right now lol. I have hundreds of hours on it and I’m rubbish but it’s a great game to spent 20 mins on in the evening after work.

  24. That's amazing. Good for you. What faction do you like?

  25. 28, never asked to borrow money but I live with my parents and pay a discounted rent so I can save for my own place. (Property in my area, Cornwall, is way too high) so they’ve saved me so much money. And my parents and Nan will give me an odd £20 here and there to help pay for travel and stuff even though I work full time. So even though I’ve never asked theyve likely given me a lot even though they don’t have a lot to give. Am very lucky and don’t take it for granted

  26. then you don’t explain yourself very well because it sounded like you said anyone going on a hesitant date with someone to see how things develop are scumbags if they aren’t already imagining growing old together and being buried in the same grave plot

  27. I just don’t see any of the logic in your posts at all. They seem fuelled by some unknown prejudices and biases. She was open minded, she went on the date. She didn’t need to. She could have refused, never shown up. She was nervous over the pressure of someone having s big crush on her and was panicking beforehand. She decided she liked him during the first date, like a normal person. We all of us have all sorts of thoughts and worries and anxieties before things like dates. I just don’t see the same conniving, sinister scenario that you see here tbh.

  28. At this point, there is fuck all seperating England and Wales, bar language its damn near the same country, 800 years of union will do that

  29. That just isn’t true at all. And that attitude is pretty dismissive of the wonderful variety of languages, cultural practises, regional history and heritage that can be found in Britain. I’m Cornish and whilst Cornwall is technically part of England, Cornish has been recognised as a national minority for a decade and so some people don’t call themselves English, but will call themselves Cornish. Some people will call themselves both, some will prefer British above all etc. how we identify is completely individual and due to many emotional, historic, linguistic and cultural factors. But it simply isn’t true to claim all of England is the same, let alone England and Wales are the same. People do a huge disservice to Britain by adopting the more imperialistic view that we are all united as one instead of appreciating the hugely rich and diverse language, culture, history and heritage that exists on this tiny island.

  30. Most Wales, like the rest of Britain is Christian, no change there

  31. DNA has nothing to do with culture. No point engaging you in this discussion if you’re hostile at the very beginning lol.

  32. The man made an oath too give up everything he knew and sacrifice his freedom forever to get the fuck away from where he grew up. In that world decade long mental abuse compounded by the evils of that world and to keep his heart is why he is better than her.

  33. I really doubt Catelyn was continuously mentally abusing Jon. I’ve seen people go on these tangents before and we just don’t see it. We get that horrible comment from her when she is in the throes of stress and grief over her dying son. She’s sleep deprived, stressed as anything etc and some people will pretend that she was continuously telling Jon to go die every second of the day. She ignored him for the most part which as a child has got to sting and certainly added to Jon’s character and personality and certainly would give him a complex but you’re a perfect example of what I am talking about. An overreaction to Catelyn, making her out to be much worse than she is. I just don’t think people would treat Ned or a male character this way.

  34. Also Jon wasn’t isolated from the rest of the Stark kids obviously. She didn’t lock him in a basement and beat him daily lol. She must be the devil in the books because I didn’t see anything evil in the show

  35. She’s actually even more sympathetic in the books I think because you get her point of view. I just don’t think there is room for middle aged women in fantasy for some people. And when they make the smallest mistake the reaction is very disproportionate.

  36. I’m going to say a galvanized stamped steel water wheel is probably not 120 years old

  37. The frame of the water wheel is. The wood has been replaced but the frame of the wheel is original.

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