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  1. I definitely wish you the best in life. Just not sure why we feel we need to come up with another new term every week... 😇🤷

  2. Soak your hand in warm water and it will slowly rise out of the skin. Then use tweezers to remove it the rest of the way. Apply pressure and clean the area well to avoid infection.

  3. UK based. Wales to be specific. I’m one of the head students at my school and I kinda got the ‘gay vote’ and now every time the school has a gay related issue I have to solve it lol.

  4. Relatively minor point, but you should probably say that "romantic attraction and sexual attraction don't necessarily align".

  5. Oh yeah I’m defo doing that. I was gonna have a different one for romance based things but it was just too much.

  6. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please reach out. You can find help at a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  7. Yeah and then you end up on a waiting list and some untrained idiot tells you to breath and have a bath as if it’s gonna fix your issues. Christ.

  8. Ok then don’t feel suicidal if you have an issue with the help they’re trying to give

  9. I’m just pissed that people who’ve never dealt with suicide keep giving out shitty advice. It’s annoying and useless. You want real advice it won’t come via those hotlines they’re run by untrained volunteers who nearly always make it worse.

  10. Wake up straight away when your alarm goes off don’t go back to sleep or even rest your eyes for a minute. Your brain will try and send you back into REM and it will make you feel more tired overall.

  11. Yep goldfish are complex creatures that require large tanks and a lot of care.

  12. this mildly infuriates you? for what reason? you just like to be annoyed? they cant give away free pets?

  13. Goldfish need a lot of care and giving them to small children is a recipe for disaster. A proper goldfish set up can be in the hundreds of pounds and goldfish can live up to 15 years.

  14. don’t be shy, unscribble their @ ☺️☺️☺️

  15. If the audio says ‘original’ it means that’s the names of the creator.

  16. I think they’re doing a water change cause I have that exact siphon from Amazon.

  17. Reported them on Instagram for animal abuse

  18. Instagram doesn’t even remove posts that directly call for people to attack queer people. They’re never gonna remove something like this the reporting system is automated and rubbish.

  19. They use fish to add mysticism and shit. Without the fish its just a plant in a dollar store jar. The fish makes it look special.

  20. better than most i see on here they look like breeding setups

  21. Judging by the fact that in the comments the guy was telling everyone they don’t need filters. I don’t think they are.

  22. How can the CGI be bad? Most of it is REAL. I think some of you forget these aren't just amazing actors, but ACTUAL superheroes! You don't need CGI when you have Homelander.

  23. They can’t have him do his real lazed eyes it could hurt people on set. Much safer and probably cheaper on health and safety costs to just do it as CGI.

  24. Not specific to Reddit (but neither are your other two examples), but catfishing is a significant one, perhaps the most dangerous issue for many people including minors

  25. I've never understood self harm. Can someone explain to me why you would do it?

  26. There’s loads of reasons and it’s different for everyone. But basically it’s a coping mechanism. Just a really bad one.

  27. i'm not trying to sound mean but how is this an accomplishment? I've never self harmed so idk stuff like that but how?

  28. It’s an addiction. So being free of it can be a pretty hard achievement to get.

  29. I know at least 5 other shers or ex-shers currently in my school. It’s like people hit sixth form and everything goes to shit. (Mental health speaking.)

  30. Solider, got mustard gased. Ended up in the Elizabeth sanatorium I think in Berlin.

  31. I’m confused. Everything in the article makes sense. You may not like JimmyBlunders gaming videos but may like his vlogs. 12% impact on your account that likely has thousands of watched videos is insanely receptive but they word it as if it’s not an impact at all. That’s actually a higher rate than I’d have thought. I always pictured there being an absurd amount of “tags” that get points given to or from in regards to your watch history.

  32. I love Jacob Gellar!! He’s amazing I got a recommendation for him under a James Somerton video.

  33. It’s not even remotely close to a naval ship. How would it look like the Union Jack.

  34. I got permanently banned for making a joke about the mods a while back, they're so sensitive, I've tried apologizing and asking nicely to be unbanned but I've gotten zero response

  35. Yep I’m perma banned too after I posted my pride flag build and got a tone of shit for it. Post got locked and I got perma banned for arguing with the homophobes and insulting one of them. None of the homophobes that I encountered got banned from the looks of it.

  36. Unfortunately the only way to make their environment more natural is to provide a bigger tank so you can have a bigger group. As it is because of tank size you will be very limited to what can go with them.

  37. Hi, thank you for all your help and advice. The penguins are moving into a well planted and established 123L community tank soon. (Hopefully, so long as they don’t try and eat the ember tetras.) (: plus the new tank came with kuhli loaches lol they are the cutest little things. I love seeing them come out of hiding at night and forage around.

  38. Hi just letting you know the penguins are due to move into a 123L community tank soon. (: thank you for all your help and advice.

  39. You'd spend more money (and time) fixing that instead of just buying a new 50% off breeder from Petco

  40. Not everyone lives in America though. For example in the UK a 60L tank/15G ish tank can be about £100.

  41. They're super cheap on the second hand market though. I just sold a 60L for £35, and bought a roma 240 for £90. They're not selling easily right now either, I'm gonna guess electricity costs have more people downsizing than buying tanks, so plenty of bargains to be had if you're searching!

  42. Oh yeah the second hand market is great. This absolutely awesome dude gave me his fluval flux 123 for £150. Plus loads of other amazing stuff.

  43. Change settings/where you sit to work if you can. Start with small assignments and work up. Delete or deactivate any social media apps that allow forever scrolling. Take 10-15 min breaks every 30mins of work. Find a good playlist that lets your brain focus. Good lighting can also help. Have a pen you like to write with eg feels fun to write with it. Make a to do list and break down your tasks into when you need them done by.

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