1. Please tell me I’m not the only ones who thought these were coffins…

  2. I would send him a photo of a gravestone and say this is what you’ll look like if you carry on.

  3. Yes!!!! I literally feel no matter what I do, my weight stays the same or a lose a few pounds and then back up again! So annoying!

  4. It’s either a side effect of your pill or… he has giving you a serious case of ‘the ick’!

  5. Honestly, I had this weird ‘oh my god, I’m so old’ every birthday in my twenties! I’m 30 next year, and tbf I still feel fairly young. I know I’m an adult, but that doesn’t meant I’m grown up! Everyone will get wiser, have more experience, grow, hurt, learn lessons and be in very different phases of life. There’s always an expectation of where you’re meant to be in life when you reach a certain age, but fuck it! As corny as it sounds, you only have one life and celebrate reaching another year! I know birthdays/celebrations can be hard for some people due to family/friends issues, but whatever you do tomorrow, I hope it’s a good one xx

  6. Very strange. Giving me serial killer vibes and wearing someone else’s skin…

  7. I remember feeling this way when I was first diagnosed. You go through phases of being fine.. and then all of a sudden even the smallest thing can set you off and you’re back in a dark place again.

  8. Yeah I have my assessment on Thursday Ive heard awful things from people who haven't even had/ have it I don't know anyone who has it I just can't help but stress thank you for your reply it has really helped me X

  9. It took probably about 45 mins to an hour and that’s because I talk for fucking England 😂

  10. I'll be talking for about that long can barely string a sentence together 😂

  11. Some words are really hard for me to pronounce these days so I avoid them at all costs 😂

  12. First, I am so sorry for everything you have been through. You sound so brave, courageous and a good friend.

  13. Thank you this means a lot I sometimes know it was a friendship I don’t miss I also feel lonely my anxiety makes it hard for me to get close to people so sometimes I feel like I should have just sucked it up but I know it better to be lonely then have fake friends. My sister at the beginning told me I should fix it cause I messed up letting her down (she isn’t a very good sister) but even if I wanted to fix it I’m not gonna make fake accounts to try and fix stuff she made it very clear she didn’t want to talk to me again.

  14. I wouldn’t even bother with attempting to get in touch with her at all. She doesn’t deserve you in your life.

  15. Honestly, they don’t seem very good friends at all. Any good friend would of checked if you were okay and asked if you needed any help.

  16. I’ve always had such a strange relationship with food. I absolutely love it, but i also hate eating it, does that make sense?

  17. I’m going through a relapse right now and I completely feel you. It’s awful.

  18. Lmfao I have no words... other than it’s not okay to sleep and shit in the same room. You have will poo particles fucking EVERYWHERE.

  19. “MIL he may have come out of your vagina, but he cums in mine every night. He’s mine now.”

  20. Lmfao, shots firedddd!!!! Hahaha I would love to have the balls to say this!!

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