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  1. 1997 me was so mad that I had to buy that Cantina Showdown pack to get Dr Evazan after already having a Ben Kenobi and Ponda Baba…I guess I didn’t HAVE to buy it at all….but come on, we all know better.

  2. I love how friggen silly some of these look now—like wide-eyed Chewie and lil Salcious. So pure and simple, almost more interpretative and artistic than some modern figures. This is NOT a knock on the incredible sculpting and articulation in modern TVC/Black Series, just an observation.

  3. It also didn’t let me use MECH or MECHA which was similarly offensive, personally.

  4. Chapek was outed for the mistake of not having Pip merchandise available

  5. I feel like people are taking his use of the term "orgy" a mite literal here when I think the character is using it as a vivid descriptor of the many different fandoms, fans, creatives and businesspeople assembled under one roof to celebrate and exploit various mediums, of which comic books are a small percentage at today's cons.

  6. He mentions pornography , furries, sexualized clothing, and used condoms.

  7. It typically means supply is so short that they can’t create orders for them. Usually if something is not going to be sold again, it will be removed from the website. It still shows in RSS as a deleted SKU

  8. Deleted status in RSS is specific to the replenishment for the store you’re viewing. It can be active in one location and not another.

  9. You will need to measure as they are a smaller scale but some of the Disney Toybox figures are chonkers—check out Thor?

  10. I love Tom but can’t take slandering the spinach pizza they have , or the brownies and dessert pizza offerings

  11. Unfortunately not. I’m trash But in my defense I’m from Florida and we don’t have real pizza. I grew up on chains

  12. I would expect that the product is not in stock—either the vendor hasn’t shipped it or it has not been delivered to the location that will deliver it to you

  13. I was raised in the house of Enchirito. Much like this fast food enchilada, I BATHED in in the red sauce and DANCED in the rain of shredded cheese. The difficulty of enjoying this oddly packaged creation was rewarded by each and every bite. TEAM ENCHIRITO FOREVER!

  14. I want to downvote you for enchirito heresy when Double Decker is the blessed choice, I need to pass my love for the resonance I feel for your olive-hate…

  15. We can’t keep everything forever ! Being donated and purchased it has a new chance to bring joy and keep exhibiting the art of its maker. It didn’t get thrown in the trash because someone wanted someone else to like it, too!

  16. Second pic is how they are currently sitting looking to improve how they look displayed

  17. You could get wig heads at the craft store for a few bucks and paint them black to give a floating appearance

  18. Eyyy if we’re looking at Robin Hood here’s my suggestion!

  19. There is definitely a lack of affordable, play type Star Wars toys out there compared to other toy lines. I don’t consider legos and black series toys as either.

  20. The Galaxy of Adventures line could have been this! But it didn’t get the support it deserved. Disney Toybox is the closest but they’re not accessible.

  21. Looks like he lost the bottom stair on the left side lolz

  22. The staircase automatically converts to a wheelchair ramp for Babs, he triggered it somehow.

  23. How would I know what, that his accent his low-class or his backstory?

  24. Sorry, I was doing the bit! Wondering how you would know how London criminals spoke. Should’ve added some Big Ben chimes in there in hindsight

  25. Am I the only one who thinks Mitch’s Cajun accent is pretty damn gud?

  26. Starting to think the Alimony Tony one might actually be Garry Marshall

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