1. Sharing an opinion isn't the same thing as asking her mom to force her to wear makeup because she doesn't look pretty enough to suit you without it. You gave no indication of there being an option to not comply.

  2. We're hitting a new era of agents getting too chummy with the enemy.

  3. True. Of course she wouldn't have been on-board. He split with the pope, not the church. Henry was catholic "till the end!

  4. Henry was catholic in his doctrine (mostly), but he was accepting protestantism in his polity (mostly). He was committing to a very delicate balancing act. Nunneries were being dissolved as the monasteries were, anyway.

  5. Yeah the honeymoon period with Caligula was about what, six months? Then he got sick and became paranoid about assassination plots, which is ironic because his paranoia turned him into a terrible ruler…which got him assassinated.

  6. The other point about the honeymoon period is that there was nowhere to go but up from Tiberius in those six months. He basically could give his consent to almost anything for quite a while.

  7. No kid will ever know the difference until they're actually taught what it is. I didn't even know that circumcision was a thing until I was about 11. There is no reason to be upset either way, whether you're cut or uncut.

  8. Femininity is enough. A woman in a beautiful dress, keeping the makeup neat and simple, with her hair down and brushed out, will drive me wild every single time.

  9. No, it's Ramona Flowers from the "Scott Pilgrim" graphic novel series, specifically from the fourth installment, "Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together", though she does bear striking resemblance to the Dr. Anna May character from Episode 151 of "Scott The Woz", titled "Anime Games".

  10. Who actually watches this show? Serious question. No one who’s on the fence about politics watches this, irs red meat for left wingers

  11. I get your argument and yes it can be seen as disrespectful, but I just feel like this whole thing was an attempt at bait and I'm not biting.

  12. Just because it's "baiting" doesn't make it less outrageous. They're literally trashing our great Founding Fathers, but you can remain asleep if you want.

  13. I think its pretty clear he wants to get rid of them but will settle for red flag warnings or raising the age of purchase to 21

  14. He wants big unconstitutional laws, but he'll settle for little unconstitutional laws.

  15. And in the mean time, the NRA gets attacked by other gun groups for not being lunatic enough.

  16. This will not be determined until after this bit of war is over. There are several countries that are looking at membership well-before Ukraine does. We have Sweden and Finland which will undoubtedly get fast-tracked. Even Bosnia might get in earlier. But we're not taking Ukraine in without there being peace first, and let's be honest, without a tacit acceptance from Russia, taking on Ukraine would be a very bold statement. It would basically encircling Russia, and I'm not sure Ukraine has anything to offer the alliance.

  17. Unless NATO suddenly decides to waive their prohibition on at-war applicants being approved.

  18. Not going to happen. NATO will affirm that they'll continue supporting the country, but they're not going to go to WWII over this.

  19. I do know exactly. There was a time of unfettered freedom, but now intimidation and prosecution are used by the government to eliminate free speech.

  20. So First Amendment liberties aren't just a "canard for consumption," as you previous put it, but real and important functions that a free society cannot live without.

  21. Ok, you have got your thoughts crystallized. You can't think any other way.

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