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  1. How do you know this? Or what has made you believe that this is true?

  2. The very fact that it’s possible to leave your body shows that consciousness is not a construct of your brain.

  3. Not quite sure if it’s logical, but I follow you. Interesting.

  4. I think there’s a lot of stuff out there and it’s quite difficult to pick through. When you read the works of the experienced projectors they aren’t talking about any experiences they’ve had that involve lizards people or prisons etc. so I think this stories have been woven into everything and we basically have to find out for ourselves.

  5. I managed to achieve mind awake/body asleep my first time in a float tank. The noise deprivation really helped. The a few days later had my first full vibrations.

  6. Mine has yelled at me whilst I’ve been laying in bed musing on why I can’t full AP yet. She basically confirmed what I was thinking.

  7. I’ve been experimenting with Kerezza. Early days yet.

  8. Try these people. They are very good. You should be able to put in your player model number and find the answer.

  9. Sounds like it…noises and heart racing are all part of it. Beings often project more energy than we can handle.

  10. Because your body can run autonomously of consciousness

  11. No reflection in the water, big squares of uneven pixelation around the object which is of a higher resolution than things around it.

  12. Well there’s lots of pixelation around the trees as well. The reflection would be hidden by the dashboard

  13. Yeah they are. You can download the free pdf’s

  14. Start with Varsity at FOMO. Fill up with a Cheesburger and a few beers. Then the Old Courthouse….

  15. Interesting but I‘ve always thought that was fairly obvious.

  16. Definitely sounds like a possibility. I tried the same the other night. I yelled open a portal to the astral..I got a small portal but it wasn’t complete and I couldn’t use it.

  17. I go into mensware sections of department stores and when I’ve bought some shirts I take them to the counter. They ring them up and I fold them this way after they’ve been scanned…the sales women all freak out. I usually have to show them a few times 😃

  18. Have a read of ‘The Immortality Key’ by Brian Muraresku. Talks about the use of psychedelics in the Eucharist.

  19. Extroverted introvert here. I lie down in bed after work for about an hour, and then I make sure that I get out of the house and go to an event. If I stay home all afternoon, I'll feel both physically and emotionally fatigued the next day.

  20. Legally you’re correct and can pull out. However the law often doesn’t account for physics and Newton’s 1st law.

  21. I need to add, that not trying but allowing it to happen. Nobody can help people endlessly coming here and asking the same old questions each day. It is hopeless most of the time.

  22. I like it actually because it show to me that it’s occurring more and more across the world.

  23. To be clear, I think you may have been in a focus 21 state by the sound of your description. But the other poster mistook it for focus 10.

  24. Well this is confusing…I think part of the problem is that the states are very subjective and everyone has different perspectives.

  25. it was a great experience, Have you ever had another such experience?

  26. Not yet…I suspect my biggest problem is lack of energy.

  27. I also think that it can affect in some way, in mysticism in general we often speak of conserving and transmuting sexual energies, although I admit that I know nothing about it.

  28. There you go…maybe try letting it build up and see what happens.

  29. I wasn’t really on board with the concept but lots of people wrote about them. So I asked for assistance one day doing a gateway tape and felt a finger trace down my cheek very gently. I was the only person home. That’s happened a few times then there’s been other things happen including her yelling in my ear.

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