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  • By - FM596

  1. If I didn’t have to keep my work confidential I could share some disgusting comments I’ve gotten/heard my Deaf clients get.

  2. you can easyly post comments with no ccontext except who was deaf and who was not in your story. name them protagonist 1 and protagonist 2.

  3. I know, but we are a small community. I do this when I’m teaching and mentoring.

  4. John Oliver loves it more than his kids I think. It’s really funny when he starts talking about it (Last Week Tonight).

  5. Dart frogs lose their poison in their slime when in captivity, that’s why they are popular pets

  6. That IS my hobby (I’m kidding, this is all ranting)

  7. Is this a common thing at movie theaters? I work at one and when I was doing an Interview the General Manager said the previous general managers before her had been fired for embezzlement.

  8. This was in the late 80s. It was all cash then. Since there were 99% teenaged employees it was easy to skim and blame us.

  9. Why do I feel like your mom is the female version of Stanley Hudson.

  10. That is a very good way to describe her. She will laugh her ass off when I tell her.

  11. Bears don’t hibernate, they just sleep really really deeply. Hibernating animals can’t give birth or be woken up.

  12. I want to be able to choose to go into a deep sleep for a few days at a time like chipmunks do.

  13. Mitch. I wish there was an afterlife that dispensed justice, and that I got to watch his.

  14. And this one is for the champions I ain't lost since I began, yeah Funny how you said it was the end, yeah Then I went did it again, yeah

  15. In other words, they agree with the religion and are abusing their power. I would expect no less from people who regularly suborn perjury by making witnesses answer “yes” or “no” to questions that cannot be answered that way without breaking the oath they took.

  16. Ah yes - more people who have no faith, so they must legislate their dogma.

  17. I used to go to the dog park several times a week. Some parents brought kids in to learn how to interact with the dogs properly and their parents told them to listen to the dog owners. This was fine and I liked being a part of this. Every few months or so Karens showed up and would try to take over. I had a frenetically-herding dog at the time who used to run circles around kids. One mother looked at me and said “can you leash your dog? My kid is getting nervous”. Without moving my head or even breaking eye contact with the person I was talking to I replied “Oh, the kid park is right through those woods. Just follow the path” and kept on talking to my friend.

  18. Movies not specifically marketed to children

  19. “I’ve been taking jobs that can expand my skill-set. I want a more wholistic picture of the entire process.”

  20. We Built this City on Rock and Roll (no you didn’t)

  21. “Hit to my reputation” sounds like a threat.

  22. Great advice for people who don't want to remain employed.

  23. Not if you set up this boundary while you are being hired and get it in writing.

  24. A lot of insurance companies won’t pay for those kinds of doctors visits anymore. If I ever work for someone else again I’m going to at least try to negotiate reimbursement for these appointments.

  25. What loopholes do small businesses have? I believe there are some, but I'm not aware of the specifics.

  26. If you have fewer than a certain number of employees you are exempt from certain things - even ADA access laws. Some larger companies get around having “too many” employees by using independent contractors.

  27. Walker actually criticized the med school system a lot in his book. But it is of course also just common sense. I don't make good decisions after 16 hours awake, but physicians are supposed to have good judgement on life and death after 36 hours? Preposterous.

  28. I loved the show ER, but every time they talked about this I got pissed.

  29. You should also point out that the jackass that originated the programme was a coke head and you’ll be happy to work 36 hour shifts in exchange for 3 lines of coke per shift.

  30. Was that when Coca Cola still had its namesake in the ingredients?

  31. Donnie Wahlberg actually. Mark Wahlberg has more sense I think.

  32. Right - I typed that incorrectly, I’ve been watching Ted

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