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  1. This is interesting. Is this accurate? The Starks do not believe in Knights.

  2. If you are a transplant and you act the fool, don’t get shocked if you get handled. If you a cool ass transplant then it is all gravy.

  3. I would say stop speaking to your father if possible and don’t give him anything.

  4. I ran across the street holding my belt at 12 years old. NYPD grabbed me and said I had a gun. When they found out I didn't they beat me up.

  5. I agree. I am done. They want you to PAY for Amazon Music Unlimited!

  6. The show has been very low budget. With the exception of the CGI dragons (which took all the money)

  7. Camera everywhere and there is no fear. SMH!!!!

  8. These red light tickets are ridiculous. Why do car rules apply to bicycles? It makes no sense.

  9. Imagine if 100 bicycles all ran the red light at the same time. What would happen is people would be hurt. So following the traffic laws maintains safety for everyone involved. It isn't always "your go" in life.

  10. Jeans word bubble font too dang small. I am too old for this.

  11. Steve becoming the guardian/protector of the Soul Stone doesn't mean he has to hang out on Vormir that whole time. How would he return to pass Sam the shield? No, if this theory is true that just means Steve kept the Soul Stone in that separate timeline that branched off and kept any Stone seekers from grabbing it for nefarious purposes. He was still able to live his quiet life with Peggy.

  12. This guy made up the video for likes and views dude. He isn't brilliant or on to anything.

  13. I saw a post that said "brilliant". I watched it and disagreed.

  14. Rhaenyra is the named heir. Everyone else are treasonous assholes plotting a coup.

  15. This comment should have 2k likes. This is really it. Not all monarch are perfect. All the kings tended to have bastards but when a Queen does it, it is an issue?

  16. I think that you’re being a bit biased, Rhaenyra didn’t just have bastards, she is pretending they’re legitimate heirs of the throne which can easily be seen as treason but even if not it’s not a simple case of having bastards.

  17. Give me your thoughts on Alicent and Otto and their scheming and jealousy.

  18. Tough delivery for the washing mashing. Didn't have to do a c section.

  19. What is "light Clorox"? Cause that cannot be bleach.

  20. I poured a small amount of the regular Clorox with bleach in the washer and it did not discolor any of it. :)

  21. I learned the hard way never to play with bleach but props to you bro.

  22. Sorry. When did we think she was done?

  23. I completely agree. Wow. I wish I never knew this existed.

  24. It's been years since I read the books but I remember the author dropping clues that's what happened. Bran being the youngest and inexperienced 3ER he was bound to make mistakes like that.

  25. I liked the early depiction of Bran. The rebel 3 eyed raven. He was the raven but still a Stark. Then all of a sudden he became an eye rolling zombie who literally did nothing.

  26. What is OP even talking about? This isn’t the Magneto I know.

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