1. Telling my dog (2021) that I would never force her into becoming a latchkey-DogTV-pup.

  2. Absolutely love it!!! This motivates me to put my new

  3. I don’t have problems with this corner anymore—but, the one at the intersection of Biddle and McAndrews was flashing way too much for my comfort zone last week.

  4. A few weeks back, (during our daily field run), my Rednose was poking around in the bushes and pulled out some very dirty, extra large banana print boxers. She proceeded to proudly swing her find around—while I got caught up in trying to instruct her to leave it — but, couldn’t get the words out (because I was laughing so hard). It would have been an awesome video had I not accidentally left my phone back in the Jeep.

  5. It’s sad that every county in Oregon (can’t/won’t) model Lincoln county’s

  6. When my 75-lb Rednose steps in mud —she walks like she has boots on (splaying her legs all over the place.) She is petrified of stainless steel (all food/water bowls must be ceramic or silicone,) and her biggest kitchen fear is having to maneuver between the motion-activated stainless steel garbage can and the hallway dehumidifier. She literally creeps to get past the two monsters that stand in her way— just to go upstairs!

  7. My family usually gets the flu shot at the end of October to get the most bang for our buck. Has anyone seen guidance on when the best time this year is to get it?

  8. I’m getting mine this weekend! Some suggest the flu season might begin

  9. Anybody know if Tektronix has the moderna bivalent vaccine?

  10. She! Her faves that yield a pittie smile = doggie dates, fave peeps, the river, fields, hiking, coast, Jeep rides, treats, & the Dog TV channel :)

  11. $10 at Nature’s Pet (Medford Center)—(my dogs been going there for years). I always tip them because the groomers are fabulous + my pup prefers the dremel over clippers.

  12. That table of deaths per XX is so instructive.

  13. I paid a subscription too!!! Her insights and research are extremely important + I like to be in the know!

  14. I was responding to waffles (surrounding area.)

  15. Gotcha… that’s the unsolved one that’s the most unsettling too

  16. Yep—climate whiplash. The latest renewable energy carrots don’t address the ongoing corporate/congress fossil fuel love tryst.

  17. According to pulse point there are car fires every day in Medford.

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