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  1. I assume Oracle is marketing their go-to interoperability solution? Here is the tweet from their official twitter to show that they are working with QNT:

  2. Quant doesn’t fit the CC narrative. QNT vision is radical and yet you see major enterprises coalescing towards a CeXDeX world. Interesting stuff.

  3. Technology gets closer and closer to us. First it was a couple of feet from the tv, to a foot from the computer, to couple inches to the smartphone. Imagine a future where technology gets even closer to us. The internet will be completely embed into society. That’s why.

  4. I don’t come from a technical background but I always believed the selling point of blockchains was the ability of interoperability between companies, enterprises, governments. You are saying that blockchain would make this more complex than saying trying to do this using traditional means (databases?). I’m just trying to scope out what a real value case would be for block chains.

  5. Yes, a private blockchain would make things more complicated.

  6. This post is worth it’s weight on gold. As for the software fundamentals, I cannot say much as I have little experience in that area.

  7. Separate the idea of hype from a token and ask yourself: what value does the coin provide to the network? How is it capturing this value?

  8. BTC and a few other tokens, combined with the dark web, has provided a reasonably discreet method to purchase various illicit substances and items across boarders without involving the countries financial systems.

  9. Valuation based on past/current usage case is much better than hype. Whether that’ll continue is difficult to say. Crypto seems to be a project that is waiting for the world to catch up, until then all we have for valuation is asking how these individual networks capture value and give it to the token holder in sustainable means (meaning we can get rid of hype projects) Things like P/E ratio or market cap just seem incomplete or inaccurate. As to what that is, I’m not entirely sure.

  10. I agree, most likely what we will see is an infuse of crypto/blockchain and traditional finance. The crypto ethos is admirable but coated in nativity. The best investment opportunities are those based around that mindset.

  11. Yea, I had forgotten about that too. I wonder why these senators decided to pump out this bill now. Makes me wonder who lobbied them. USDC, with its major players like Blackrock or Fidelity? Bitcoin/ETH maxis? Maybe they have a common interest.

  12. Or, maybe crypto is huge and regulation is a growing concern, so the senators are actually doing their job and drafting legislation

  13. I agree, but politics is just tik tak, they won’t do anything without benefits for themselves. Regulations are desperately needed but always think of the underlying background of who is submitting this. Might lead to some interesting conclusions.

  14. I like IOTA but I have issues with the leadership and other more team oriented things. Other thing is how it does compare to other competitors like DAG (Constellation). They seem very similar on what they are attempting to do. Any explanation here would be great. IOTA is certainly a project worth following.

  15. I think the crypto space is missing the point of the meta verse altogether. VR and those crappy games are just a small slice of what it can and will be. Instead of the internet being mobile and accessible with just our phone, it’ll be completely embed into our society as a whole instead. Think of walking into a store being able to try out different makeups with the usage of your phone. That’s a literal reality occurring right now. Now that imagine that with the interoperability of your wallet, ID, coins/fiat that allows you to purchase that good directly on that interface. This is just one of the many cases of what we currently the meta verse.

  16. CeFiDeFi World, at the end of the day for adoption to occur, businesses and governments need someone they can point their finger to when a network blows up or they send their coins to a wrong wallet. I admire the crypto ethos but just look at TVs and telephones when they attempted to stay decentralized. Better yet, just look at us when we move from rural areas to city areas, same concept.

  17. In a multi-chain world, interoperability between chains will be a must. From the little I know about $DOT, interoperability will only exist between the DOT ecosystem. Vast majority of use cases will be outside of crypto and on to other DLTs and legacy systems. I just can’t see how a blockchain connecting other blockchains becomes a massive success (cross-chain). Crypto is just a small slice of what we call the meta verse or web3.0. But these are just thoughts!

  18. I get you. The way I see it is Dot aims to become Disneyland, like its own little crypto world, where you can do all the things you would on the outside, but with shared security and no need to bridge from chain to chain.

  19. Yup, it’s not to say that DOT can’t be a great investment, but the question then we’d have to ask is “Will crypto, and just crypto alone (since DOT seems more focused on that slice), become large enough? And then, will DOT successfully fit a niche in that ecosystem?” It’s an interesting project, one worthwhile keeping up on.

  20. "You dodge the main points I make. I point out that they are a part of the digital pound, MIT or Bank of Canada and you hand wave it away."

  21. Hi, I saw this argument and just wanted to provide some nuance if possible. I haven’t really researched the side of XRP and Flare network providing interoperability solutions for CBDCs in general. Really my understanding comes from the interoperability XRP provides in settlements and that’s primarily it.

  22. QNT, XRP, XDC, IOTA, and DAG will most likely be used in a connective financial space in the future. Each projects has a space for the upcoming crypto environment and should be a looked on closely for any investor looking for the next “bitcoin”.

  23. The hell is this, I don’t care if you are anti-vax or not, bring in diversionary politics into this just serves to weaken this movement. Save this fight for later, the only thing that matters is fighting a class battle.

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