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  1. Good for them. Companies who have dealings still with Russia need boycotting

  2. Even if those companies provide free use of their software to Ukraine and donate all of their revenue from Russia to Ukraine?

  3. The announcement has been delayed for a whole day, the political fight within Russia must be crazy right now. But well, Putin prevailed, so I wonder who’s going to commit suicide tomorrow by jumping out the windows…

  4. The discussion wouldn't have been between mobilising and not mobilising, it would have been between different shades of response, some probably more extreme than this.

  5. I think you don't understand Russia then. pPeople are paying lip service to the Czar. Some do believe it. others simply know better than to not appear to believe it. We'll have no idea how much of which until it becomes safe to criticize Putin's policies in retrospect.

  6. Look at the current leadership circle in Russia and tell me which one of them is most likely to shirk a couple of hundred years of Russian history and strike a conciliatory approach. They are all as corrupt, evil and insane as Putin.

  7. The general populace does not have to be against Putin. All that needs to be done is for the new leader not to want the stink of Putin's defeat on his hands. Russia is a stubborrn nation but only to a point.

  8. Look that would be a great outcome, I just don't see any examples of it being the case anywhere in history, in Russia or elsewhere

  9. The latest episode gets put up the next day.

  10. Do you know if they state this somewhere or are you just judging from prior seasons?

  11. I’m judging from the fact that I could watch the season premiere literally the day after it was released. What’s with the doubt, dude?

  12. Well it's just been released now so this is incorrect. Last week it came out on the Sunday at around 1pm.

  13. I still think they should be placed in rural Australian towns.

  14. You could try, but you can't force someone to luev there.

  15. Even if they get a job today which they might be doing (we don't know), isn't it like 3 months of stable full time employment before the new job even really counts?

  16. The card was the only reason I have an account with them and why I committed $4K+ to their token for the earn program.

  17. I keep saying in other threads - this is the exact reason why they are getting rid of it. Putting money in their earn program looses them money - they get nothing from it.

  18. The reduction of rewards aligned with the unlock of Robinhood wallets.

  19. That’s because buying cryptocurrency is not an investment and they are not a bank. If you want to invest cryptocurrency then your only option has always been DeFi, that’s how it works. CDC’s primary business is the acquisition, transfer, and facilitation of the use of crypto. It’s called currency for a reason.

  20. You are speaking way too much sense for this sub

  21. It's probably the biggest topic in western news regarding Romania right now so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  22. Literally nothing to do with internet connection speed and also absolutely not even remotely the biggest topic in Western news.

  23. No it isn't, you can speed up to overtake

  24. Australia wide, it is illegal to speed at any time - it is even specifically mentioned in speeding laws if you look it up.

  25. What if someone's about to hit you and you need to speed up to avoid it do you think it's still illegal or?

  26. Yep it is still illegal - there are no exceptions to speeding laws at all.

  27. You realize that photo was a repost, too? No one is "stealing" anything. This is a sub for pictures that make you go "aww".

  28. There is nothing wrong with a repost when you don't try and pass it off as your own.

  29. Turning a legitimate consumer concern into a meme shirt is a petty move and bad look. I liked Linus when he whined about paint instead of liability.

  30. I don't doubt that. But I also wish the rewards and cashbacks for the CryptoDotCom supporters can comeback too.

  31. They won't, it was just a free give away with minimal return.

  32. I don’t even care about the rewards anymore. I just want the app to work and not be flooded with NFTs.

  33. Yeh I find the app quite slow and cumbersome on Android. Only thing I use it for though is moving fiat onto my card.

  34. If the variable is greyed out it means you are not using it anyway. You are declaring and instantiating it, but then never actually using it.

  35. Thanks for your response...My code looks like this

  36. Is everything within the same method scope? Does it run and take input?

  37. Dutton is following Tony Abott's style of opposition. It is not going to work in 2025 because simply, the demographics have changed and the small l Liberals have moved over to the teals.

  38. Screwdrivers and backpacks generally come with warranty, yeah. High quality like Linus promotes comes with 5-10 years up to lifetime warranty because well, it's high quality. People get pissed because Linus hasn't figured out a warranty plan yet (the product does not ship yet, plenty of time for them to figure it out and the LTT store lads are already on it, lots of legal stuff so not easy) so people get pissed, especially with Linus' tendency to word statements very poorly when he just makes them up in that moment. (E.g. folding the company, how his family would be at lawsuit risk), like every other controversy.

  39. For something like a screw driver I could understand the frustration for a lack of warranty - is this controversy about more products than the backpack?

  40. This is quintessentially about the screwdriver and backpack, yes. Nobody cares about a $30 t-shirt having a lose seam a year into wearing it, but a $250 backpack should last a decade without zippers breaking, or a professional screwdriver (which this would be at the price point) not losing its ratchet mechanism in the first 3 years. And that's where warranty comes in, it reassures the consumer that the seller/producer believes that it should last X years without problems, and if there are any then they'll cover it because there shouldn't be.

  41. So in the time you were at the first company did industry increases massively outpace your salary growth?

  42. If you moved to get a pay increase of 45% to be "closer in line with the market average", how on Earth were you not underpaid?

  43. I would bet on it being a graduate role at the start

  44. From an exchange perspective, their interface is pretty clean, dca bots are pretty good, they have pretty solid liquidity pools. Don't do too much shady stuff with your customised crypto that I have seen, nit saying they don't though.

  45. based on the source of the publication (the conversation) i can assume and i will summarize

  46. You might benefit from engaging with actual humans as opposed to letting sky news build a caricature for you of someone with an opposing view to yours.

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