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  1. FOR EVERYONE THAT DOESN’t KNOW WHAT TO DO: run inside to the attendant and have them emergency shut off the pump. That’s it. Don’t just fucking stand there… jfc. There’s emergency shut offs literally for this purpose.

  2. I know this is old now, but maybe you'll see it. In your experience, how often does a pump fail like this?

  3. Not very often but probably more often than you think.

  4. That is absolutely terrifying, but suppose it's just one of those unadvertised dangers we have no choice but to ignore.

  5. Well, why throw rocks when you have a gun. There was a video a few months ago from the Ukraine war, soldiers were clearing anti-personnel mines by shooting them.

  6. Apparently there is a drone project doing this, just a little more sophisticated that dropping rocks, it places a small detonator on the mines it detects.

  7. Because if the stick isn't possible then any prediction of how it would behave isn't talking about reality.

  8. This is a thought experiment, and an opportunity to explore an often counterintuitive area of physics in an interesting way.

  9. A thought experiment about something which cannot be real isn't likely to produce a useful understanding of real physics.

  10. I was trying to politely say that you're being pedantic, lack any creativity or imagination, and add exactly zero joy to the world, but thanks for the follow up.

  11. Best solution is bind a key to export and set it to jpg. Another way to speed up save as is: ctrlshift-s, typename, tab, j, enter.

  12. Not even close, at least they're actively keeping GTA5/online alive, HL just ghosted.

  13. I feel like there's an alternative option not listed here.

  14. So that's not THAT weird. I legit had to explain to an ex(25f) that she didn't piss out of her vagina, and she didn't believe me at first.

  15. Lol yeah thats how i feel in this relationship, mostly im just confused as to why HE is confused

  16. I suppose it's like any common knowledge, it's only common to the people who know it. He probably just missed that class in school.

  17. The irony is this was probably reported by the same type of ignorant pos that gets enraged by Crayola's use of Spanish.

  18. No protector does protection. No one. An effective protetor connects hundreds of thousands of joules to what a surge hunts for. Earth ground. Once inside a building, then a surge will hunt for and find appliances that make a best (destructive) connection to earth. Protection only exists when that current connects to earth BEFORE entering.

  19. Sort of defeats the purpose, they become redundant; like having your desktop icons in the start menu, I'd just the start menu.

  20. Will the game pass parts be there when my subscriptions paused?

  21. Wow, I need fashion lighter. Then maybe I'll slaughter.

  22. A lot of people are the other way around. They don't like thinking that what they have is just a mild version of something else.

  23. And, it doesn't sound so clinical, which would drag in societies disability stigmas.

  24. This was called Soundbug when I got excited about it 20 years ago

  25. The most basic cause is probably an animal prey/predator, friend/foe type thing.

  26. The scariness in the scary comes form the fact that the vast majority of microsofts obedient slaves customers will just go along with it, because they either don't know, or don't care.

  27. oblivious slaves might have been a better one

  28. Bit late put this might help. While they have to be VERY cautious with firearms finds, they tend to be pricks for this sort of thing, it they can take something they will, but assuming it was within the 1j you didn't do anything wrong, so they very unlikely to try to charge you.

  29. Tricking myself into believing I regert nothing.

  30. I can't swim, if someone ever did that to me, I'd likely die. This is one of the most psychopathic "fun" things, some people think is acceptable.

  31. Do you have it as “needs to be returned within 30 days”, so if they ship on the 30th day it will not be delivered to you until after 30 days have passed?

  32. Don't think that's how the wording is intended to be interpreted, as there are too many variables neither party has control over once it's in the mail.

  33. mobile task force. you can google that scp rabbit hole if you want.

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