1. i would email your boss about why you haven't been getting the data you need to do your job but at the same time CC everyone in the company, you can blame old age for a slip like that. who knows, maybe you get in contact with someone that wants her out and you just gave them the thing they need to start the process. by sabotaging your work she is sabotaging the company. also be sure to list the things you have been missing as i bet some of them would look very important and may alert someone on that chain. at worse you start a chain of people telling you not to reply all but at the same time doing the same.

  2. this, it seems your boss cannot do her job and you as a concern employee are now bringing it up to her boss before she does something that will cost tons of money.

  3. i would imagine telling whoever owns the space as in the the leaser would get someone out there real quick, mold destroys buildings and will spread all over the place.

  4. how dare they try to pry a job away from Product Flow, we will not stand for this!

  5. i was expecting him to fall out from her bra

  6. Man I think we might actually see some holiday/BF strikes

  7. i carry a little bag with me every morning to my car for winter, it contains as small scraper, some spray de-icer, some granola bars and a bottle of water.

  8. The crushing makes things hot. All that energy going into heat and sound.

  9. not even sure Black Friday is still gonna be a thing anymore since the sales start Nov 1 for most retailers

  10. Black Friday is always going to be a thing. It just won't be a thing customers care about.

  11. that is why i don't think it will be a thing in the next couple of years as it is all about getting those sales out early. i know we will be busy with shipping but the in store traffic and the drive for it will be gone and it will just be another day. however Cyber Monday will probably grow into a Cyber Deals Week.

  12. i liked the Dark Archons since you could use them to mind control a drone or SCV and build up that races buildings and techs.

  13. do you have the location on for your phone?

  14. Going over all the responses nobody brought up that Corrie was the CFO before she became CEO. Among everything else people are saying about how she is only interested in profits, remember that was her job before her current one. Of course she’s focused on profits.

  15. i would assume if that was the case then amazon would probably buy Best buy out just for their locations so they can use them as local hubs

  16. Doppelganger from .hack gives, hated them as they are always better than you.

  17. Right now, no - buuuut, theoretically I suppose it could, but our body’s defence mechanisms are too advanced right now.

  18. I greatest limiting factor of a fungus taking over a human is our size. You would need a fungus that could grow quickly but also counter our immune system. Basically it would have to be able to use our bloodstream to travel and takeover our vitals, killing us quickly as in a matter of days. It is more likely that a plant could be manipulated to adhere to a fleshy host and provide food to the host but at the same time altering the host behavior to take in more sun as it could release that food while in sunlight.

  19. Well that ruined my wank.

  20. does it help that you will be paralyzed for a bit with each lick?

  21. Mega-hog man appears to be lacking a mega hog though. He's got no pants on and there ain't nothing flapping in the wind

  22. roll into ball, tries stuffs, hits bump. no more trying stuff

  23. you know in your hearts of hearts that he would be a Harley Quinn.

  24. I would just be unfriendly then entire time I was there. Any time a boss gives me slack for it I would complain I was there to work not to entertain and that because of my commute I am already behind on the day.

  25. Recessions lead to less jobs, less jobs mean workers competing for jobs, workers competing for jobs allow employers to reduce wages and benefits. Res sessions are bad for the workers.

  26. Normally this would apply however if we do go into a recession, most businesses this time around may just stop hiring as the current job market is running on very little available labor. The only other place to cut would be from expected profits which shareholders may not like but will have to deal with it unless they wish to see their investments dry up when the company can survive the recession. A lot of companies have already cut the baseline workers thru the pandemic and this recent year especially retail. Any further cuts are not workable as we would not know how long the recession would last.

  27. Maybe those got shut down due to energy cost in the region.

  28. I would wonder if he is breaking laws with his positions and working with chemicals. I would have him do a search of the the chemicals being used and any restrictions on them.

  29. It might be a cultural thing. Like the heaven and hell depicted are based on US version of scripture or maybe similar people gather together like a little Italy or Chinatown but in hell.

  30. I would make it property specific as I would guess they would try to lump the mortgages from multiple together. Also not personal estimate but last audit done by city for actual value. If the want to update it they need to pay a fee to the city to get someone out.

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