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  1. Gundam GP02 "Physalis" from Stardust Memory.

  2. Ohh okay yanks, I still haven't watched that one yet

  3. NTA, but if it overstepped her boundaries it's cheating, you don't get to decide what is and isn't to her. You should have checked that she'd be okay with it first. I get to you it meant nothing but it probably hurt her a lot. Imagine she went a kisses some dudes at a party for truth or dare, how would you feel?

  4. I get what you're saying but he said he kissed dudes so you'd have to ask how he would feel if his gf kissed chick's at a party. But yeah cheating is what it is between the two people. It's something he shoulda thought of

  5. I'm kinda new to building and only really and pg now. How long is the wait for a mg for a new series usually?

  6. I'm just trying to buy a 4 day pass, I'll pay up to 200

  7. I'm wondering why he started attacking me now too. I never even attacked him recently and he used to knave me alone lol

  8. Literally opens both Rukia and Renji for different developments, Byakuya completes his arc in a very selfless but still traditional manner, and we get a really poignant moment from one of our fav characters.

  9. Plus we coulda ended the series with Renji as the new captain of his division as well. And surpassing byakuya finally but now that he got a power up as well, Byakuya is still stronger than him, but Renji woulda probably surprassed him with his new banzai, if Byakuya didn't also get a equivalent power up.

  10. It's ironic really considering in the SS arc Renji, Kira, Momo and Shuhei were all kind of foreshadowed as these prodigies and not a single one of them made captain by EOS

  11. And then two vice captains we know pretty much nothing about, end up becoming captains lol

  12. Stroke the big tree and making then get used to me using one version and then changing to the other so they aren't sure to block or get countered when it's still my turn cause I used the HS version lol

  13. It's all 3 but j do feel aqua could he billed as the "main protagonist" simply by the fact she has a post story

  14. Terribly lol she's too hot headed still. The way she lashed out at the others when Yamamoto died, was also an example of why Shunsui was best for the position as well(besides obvious strength and seniority)

  15. Shinji ain't a veteran by Shinigami norm. He was barely a cap by TBTP. Byakuya isn't either.

  16. I always had the impression shinji was the most senior captain of the vizards and kinda senior to most captains besides unohana, shunsui and ukitake. But that's more head Canon but he just seemed to have been pretty well established by the time we saw him in the flashbacks

  17. I loved his character, but I agree. His arc Was perfectly completed and done with. Nothing more to be done with him really, without taking away from his ending. I do hope we get more Grimmjow though lol.

  18. I played the games as they came out and prefer Xemnas. His voice and powers were cooler but when each died in 3, Ansem's dialog with Riku hit me harder.

  19. You're not wrong, but at the same time look at how much the captain lineup has changed in the past 100 years.

  20. Lol we lost like I think literally half the captains we started the series with lol. Aizen, gin, tousen, Yamamoto, unohana and Ukitake are all gone by the end. So almost half lol.

  21. I was even thinking before them. The previous kenpachi's (like 3 in a row died/imprisoned within like 300 yrs or something) and the vizards too.

  22. And also whoever was in charge of squad 10 during the vizard flashbacks, cause I'm assuming it wasn't ichigos dad at that time or idk.

  23. As a Millia player, she is the one match I would avoid. Millia is fucking annoying to play against

  24. This banner doesn't interest me at all lol. The Raiden one was great. First banner I put a little bit of cash on and also got the weapon for.

  25. Also depends on how much more reiatsu Aizen has compared to Toshiro and how that'd affect him as well, plus Aozen fights pretty smart so may know to use Kido first

  26. I have a ps5.keep holding guys, have patience, there are like five ps5 games right now and one of them is basketball. You’ll make it I promise

  27. Yup seriously. I have one. And I admit I love it and having new hardware(that controller!) But I mostly still play ny ps4 games lol

  28. I think that's the only way, but it looks great, cant wait till you can share the code so I can get it lol

  29. I feel attacked, as a dragoon and red mage main lol

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