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  1. SCP-783 is abjectly horrifying, you’ll love it. SCP-4278 and SCP-1733 also freaked me out.

  2. God, this is hard… Ok, here’s a list in no particular order.

  3. I'm a huge fan of spec-evo too but sadly, it's kind of underexplored in SCPs. My personal favorite of the few that exist is Flah's SCP-1859 - Life Over Geological Time. Dense with hard science but an extremely enjoyable read.

  4. This is it. I somehow missed your reply until right now but this is it. Thank you so much. I appreciate you so much.

  5. Some of these have SCPs mixed in, hopefully that's fine, but:

  6. The first one sounds like SCP-6706. It has an aquatic MTF with exploration logs and a flooded building, as well as bodies in the water that are anomalously recognizable.

  7. This should be tagged "Series VI" rather than "Series V"

  8. No idea how relevant it is, but 0.00174533 radians is 1/1800 pi, or 0.4 0.1 degrees.

  9. Interesting. This might not have been intended by the author, but Surrealistics does sort of have an association with the number 4 through the looped square (⌘) symbol.

  10. Would definitely recommend SCP-4278. That shit kept me up at night.

  11. I think it’s good. Maybe not the best writing on the site; to me, some parts of it felt disconnected, contrived or dragged out too long. Still, I definitely enjoyed it overall, and I would say calling it self-insert fanfic written by a hack is pretty harsh.

  12. That would be “Introductory Antimemetics”, actually a tale by qntm. Hope this helps!

  13. Honestly, even declassified I have no idea what's going on in this.

  14. See, I think you’re misinterpreting the main conceit of this article, or at least what I think I’ve managed to figure it out as. The point isn’t that 5008 implants ideas and thoughts- it’s where it gets these ideas and thoughts that’s important.

  15. if Im understanding this correctly, are essophysical entities similar in concept to The Endless from Sandman?

  16. I’d like to try my hand at Rattles’ 5008 (HUSH).

  17. I kinda hope no one grabs 5555 because qntm honestly deserves the slot with all the work he's put in on antimemetics division

  18. Oh yeah, same. I'm a big fan of the Antimemetics Division stuff and I wouldn't want anyone to take the slot either.

  19. It would be, if I could do art. Sorry :\

  20. Plenty, actually. User flairs, influence in contests/stand stories, special status on the discord (which can be combined with flair), etc.

  21. aight then my choice: a matching flair here and role on the discord, "Thrills and Chills"

  22. i have one suggestion and one suggestion only: The Cure

  23. 「Small Print」, a Stand that can suck up information of any type (printed text, computer data, human thoughts and memories, etc.) through physical contact. It can then store the information and edit it freely, and eject pieces of information in the form of ink-like liquid projectiles; the information will be imbued into whatever it hits. This ranges from text being pasted onto surfaces and downloaded into computer hard drives to information being placed into human minds as false memories, allowing Small Print to manipulate any person it can touch to an insane extent bordering on mind control by removing, editing and replacing their thoughts and memories. As a last-ditch effort, I can "dump" all the information my Stand is storing in the form of a single projectile, which overloads human synapses on contact with so much information they suffer fatal brain hemorrhages.

  24. I love this song AND I love this Stand so it’s a win/win

  25. Now I want the lyrics for the actual song

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