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  1. What's the blog? I actually like that theme and I'm interested:) Maybe I can't offer you an advice on this question but I would actually be another visit in your posts!

  2. If you can belong anywhere it will be here. How to begin?? It would really help if we knew what that old man did. Relaxation is needed first. The woods and nature will help. You need to return to where you were when you could see. You can open yourself not with fear but with caution. Not everything is good nice and trustworthy. Including all of us. Still terror is going way way too far. If I am right you are of the blood one of the family lines that hold these gifts. Back then it was too much too fast. Now that you have more years and are better on your feet it is lots safer. Your Gifts will return. just keep chipping away at them.

  3. Thank you for this. I'm really not sure what he did, he asked me to sit on a chair and closed my eyes and never touched me, he didn't say anything either but I felt some energy when his hands where near my head and forehead. With relaxation you mean some type of meditation? Should I try to talk with someone or just let my mind do its thing?

  4. I don't agree with the neurodivergent approach mostly bc its a cartoon if we are 100% honest. They probably simply created a fairy of tech for the era we were growing where internet was all we could think about in our free time, it was magic to think when were were gonna be able to use the screen at school or home so I think that's why they thought it was enough for the character you know? And sure maybe they have thought a cyborg but I'm glad they didn't.

  5. I've been always a proud fan of the movie/books saga. I can't have enough and the truth is that I'm not always in the mood for this but it's my comfort world. Whenever I have a really bad day or the weather ideal, I play or read this amazing story. It's not as bad as many think besides back in the time when it was published the vibes were different and that always take me back to that time. It's just cozy to me!

  6. I'm on this team. Woman can be a great powerful villain, just evil or with a solid background, not everything has to be ''let's save the world'' you know? But the male antagonists are also cool, I don't think it should be base on gender just in the character

  7. It looks might be a snake, check you house

  8. I don't know why I was actually expecting him on this film, but he wins

  9. On one of my fingers i have a birthmark in the shape of a half moon. I remember been pissed off as a child that no one else had it and i truly felt that they weren't my family. I do believe in past lifes so maybe that is a huge clue of how you two have belong to the same family over some lifes.

  10. Maybe someone is actually living there and that is the hour they arrive/leave the house

  11. If you have no background with paranormal it's not the best idea to just summon something cause it might attract other thing. Try something easier like going to haunted locations and see if something appears

  12. Oh great. And I just ate vegan tacos made of mushroom

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