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  1. Doctor Funk. It's a fancy planter's punch with a bunch of absinthe sunk into it. It's perfect.

  2. If anyone hasn't had the Liber and Co recipe for Dr. Funk, please go try one. It's incredible. I use Appleton Estate Signature for the Jamaican Rum and Lucid for the Absinthe. Incredible. One of my favs.

  3. Ok, I’ve tried several times to make a good whiskey highball, but have had no luck. I don’t know if I have the wrong whiskey, the wrong soda, the wrong proportion, or I just don’t like them. What’s your go-to recipe?

  4. Toki Suntory is made with a highball in mind. IMO it's the perfect choice for a highball

  5. Sam Houston Bourbon is yet another label from Non-Distiller Producer Western Spirits Beverage Company. They are part of a larger portfolio of other bourbon’s bottled by Three Springs Bottling Company located in Bowling Green, KY. The other brands in that portfolio are Calumet Farms, Lexington Bourbon Whiskey and Bird Dog. The one thing they all have in common is that they source barrels of bourbon from Barton Distillery. They are even related to Castle Brands, which was owned by the Jefferson’s brand until it was purchased by spirits giant Pernod Ricard.

  6. Have you tried Steam and/or Moonlight? This doesn’t sound like a problem because of slow WiFi or problems with WiFi. This sounds like more of problem with the settings.

  7. Yes, I'm also feeling like there is a quirky setting somewhere. When it works, it works well, so we can rule out lag.

  8. I ran ethernet cables to mine and had no issues. Not sure if that is an option for your setup.

  9. I'm in a rental, so it's difficult. I have run internet over power before using adapters. I have 2 adapters (one for router and one for Shield), so unless I purchased more, I couldn't also get the PC on the same setup.

  10. For a $20 bottle, it's good. The last time I opened one, about 6 of us finished it in one night. This is the perfect bottle for such an occasion. It's made for drinking.

  11. I don't know the name of the glass, but isn't Three Boys awesome? Love what they're doing and their whiskey

  12. Beautiful photo and great review. Did you try the 21yo version as well? How does it compare?

  13. Stink bug! We have them all over the east coast. They don’t seem to damage house plants, but DO NOT TOUCH OR SQUISH!!! They emit a horrible oder as a defense mechanism. 🤢. I usually scoop them up on a piece of paper and put them back outside.

  14. You should kill them via flushing down a toilet because they're invasive

  15. based on the volume of downvotes it appears that this sub is populated by some people who are actually not very conservative.

  16. What does conservatism have to do with fossil fuels?

  17. If I still lived in Cincinnati, I'd buy a package. That's cheap AF. The packaging is terrible though. Such waste

  18. It's nice. Will the decorations deter anyone from opening the top?

  19. I would buy multiple bottles with that budget instead of one. Get a Woodford Reserve ($35), a Old Forester 1920 ($55), and let's see. You'd have still have $40 left over. Use that to buy an Old Grand Dad 114 and a Wild Turkey 101. It'll be approximately $120 for four bottles! Much better.

  20. Okay, just saw in another reply that you're flying and can only fit one bottle. Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Woodford (or Woodford Double Oak), Four Roses Single Barrel, Old Forester 1920 and Russel's Reserve are all great suggestions that others have already made.

  21. Think they would have EH Taylor Single Barrel at his duty free? Would probably be about $80ish.

  22. Would be nice if they did! I think even E.H. Taylor Small Batch is pretty good

  23. I hate my bottle of this. To me, it tastes like what I imagine sucking off a pine tree would taste like. If pine trees had dicks of course.

  24. Pine? Hmmm. I'll have to try some more with pine in mind. I didn't detect pine before. But I can see how grass is sort of like pine

  25. Michters barrel proof rye is absolutely incredible and it will blow you away.

  26. Had the 10 barrel proof bourbon and wasn't impressed. I'll have to try the rye

  27. Gentrification is not helping the area. I know someone who's got a 800k house in the area. 💀

  28. I am 100% cracking the Russell’s tomorrow. Typically crack them all immediately but decided to save that one for the fam coming over

  29. I sat there for like 15 more minutes after the credits ended without moving anything except my eyelids

  30. These prices all seem close to MSRP as far as I can tell. Get whatever floats your boat.

  31. I dislike it to be honest. The arcana is better IMO

  32. My fiancé purchased this one for $49.99 plus tax in Georgia. I don't know Georgia's tax laws. I'm not sure if I'd pay $40 for this. I think I'll have to see how the bottle goes after a month or two. Sometimes bottles flourish with time open on the shelf.

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