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  1. This is probably my least favorite Pokemon out of the 1000+ Pokémon in existence. And Klefki exists.

  2. the main problem is not it's just simple or just press "b", but the way GF removes "optionality" one by one.

  3. I agree that it's stupid that they removed something so simple but it's like 5 buttons every fight max. it's not that serious

  4. 5 buttons every fight, 3 seconds for each KO. At the end of the game, that is well over 1 hour you've wasted smashing B.

  5. Yeah, but still freely. Plus, sometimes they don't appear until they're right next to you. I cannot tell you how many times I've ran into a pokemon simply because I didn't know it was there until it spawned.

  6. It was annoying in Sword and Shield, it still is now.

  7. I agree cause walking around between grass pixels hoping to run into the right pokemon was Soo much better.

  8. That is completely irrelevant, although I did prefer this mechanic in the 2D games, but it doesn't really make sense in the 3D games. The render distance in Pokemon Violet (and in Pokemon Shield) is ridiculously low Even Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64 could render enemies from a farther distance.

  9. No I'm not enjoying it. The ability to fight gyms in any order you want is rendered useless by the fact that only one order makes sense. Choose any order other than the intended one, and it will be either too hard, or way too easy.

  10. How does on create a token (network) like polygon where someone else can launch another token with your network?

  11. Polygon is not a token, it's a whole side chain. You can't easily create another one like that.

  12. I finished the game 6 months ago after putting well over 300 hours in the game in total across multiple runs, and I still can't get over the fact that it is over.

  13. You found Bitcoin amateurish and decided that Doge was the way to go ?

  14. It brings to the blockchain information that exists off-chain (tokens' prices, for example), which is the definition of an Oracle.

  15. Give me the 1 sentence version please

  16. Infinite money glitch doesn't actually work.

  17. It's unreliable, and Binance does everything it does and more, but better.

  18. Have you tried worsening your arcane fever again ?

  19. It's not risk free. DAI might be losing its peg, I strongly suggest that you do some research on the matter.

  20. Thank you for waiting. I wasn't able to find any more information on this. Can you please move forward with creating a case with our team so that our specialists can further assist you? You can get started here:

  21. Thank you, I did just that. My case number is 13540240.

  22. Appreciate the case number and we have escalated the transaction issue for you. Thank you for the details on the other issues you have seen after updating the app. Please keep an eye on your inbox as any next steps will come within your email case.

  23. This is my favorite Doctor Who episode ever. I liked it so much that, right after watching it for the first time, I wanted to watch a scene a second time, and happened to watch the entire episode a second time in a row !

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