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  1. If a live audience were to attend it might. But since there's no audience no one will get to see an immediate reaction to anything either of them say.

  2. People should form their own opinions and not be swayed by an audience, especially when we have no idea what the political leanings of the audience are.

  3. You mean like they should form their own opinions and not be swayed by political advertising or facebook memes?

  4. He hasn't evolved, he flipped because he wants something, as soon as he gets it it's back to trashing Biden and the federal government.

  5. Well, looks like Obama was wrong.

  6. They've been primed for that for a long time. Trump was just the useful idiot that let them rush in that direction.

  7. M00n says:

    One of my favorite anecdotes from this afternoon came by way of Politico, which asked Rep. Kay Granger, the top Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, if she could explain why she voted against the bill she’d helped negotiate.

  8. I'm sure she COULD explain it, but won't because appearing to be brain dead is less damaging that the explanation for voting against something they helped craft.

  9. She doesn’t. She knows it wasn’t stolen and her husband has told her what to say to the committee. If she admits she knows it wasn’t, her actions border on seditious conspiracy.

  10. All this tells me is that the questioning has to be really good to catch her in her lies.

  11. She wants to believe that the election was stolen. This was their belief even before a single vote was cast. Without this delusion, their whole belief system will fall apart. She does not represent America, the country is bigger than her, and the desire for a past that did not exist will never happen. All she will get is civil strife and violence

  12. Also he's suing the FEDERAL government because of a STATE tax? Shouldn't that be a non-starter to begin with?

  13. if the forgiveness was forced on you his complaint might make sense. He wouldn't have money for paying a legitimate tax. The tax isn't being forced on him though in his fake scenario, the loan forgiveness would be. So this makes sense in that way. but it isn't actually being forced on him. so it doesn't make sense.

  14. According to a tax professional friend of mine, "State tax laws for taxable income are based on US Treasury laws, and right now it isn't. It's a retroactive fix for predatory (translation: illegal) banking practices." The state may not be legally able to tax it in the first place.

  15. I'm getting a strong "having my cake and eating it too" vibe from this judge.

  16. Republicans need to hurry up and fund the government. They can't run all their fantasized investigations and impeachments if the government is shut down.

  17. What standing do these states have to sue? This is a federal program run directly between the federal government and the student borrower

  18. In at least one case the state is going to tax the forgiveness like income. I still don't see where there is standing to sue the feds though.

  19. Rigged in the sense of voter suppression? Yes. Let's not get bogged down in GOP-like accusations. There is enough legal fuckery going on to significantly disenfranchise democrats in Texas without anything illegal necessary.

  20. Rigged like a judge forged signatures to even appear on the ballot and only got a slap on the wrist.

  21. It's nice the right wing finally acknowledges their basic premise: their way or get fucked.

  22. Sure are a bunch of old angry white men out there making fools of themselves. Some even catch felonies, which with the loss of their voting rights is good for the nation.

  23. What is the recourse if the Supreme Court rules against democracy in these cases ?

  24. At that point we have a philosophical discussion with pressing real world implications on whether or not rebellion/revolution is required.

  25. Alito is out there whining about how they're not trusted. And how that's dangerous. Welp, he shouldn't have participated in destroying that trust.

  26. Consider that line long crossed buddy. I question not only the individual integrity of every member of the court but also the legitimacy of the court itself. You brought this on yourselves fuckers.

  27. Wait till you find out about rich people and there new found love of flying private.

  28. The very rich shouldn't be given any damn thing. They're fucking rich, they can afford to pay for the shit they want. Bring back Eisenhower tax rates.

  29. Greg Abbot is a little piss baby is the new Carthago delenda est.

  30. Oh so it looks like Republicans don't want to own a government shutdown this year.

  31. THIS is all they've got. Reduced to addressing Biden's gaffes as major issues.

  32. Millions of homegrown terrorists and traitors. It sucks but I'm not surprised. GOP has been pushing that direction for decades.

  33. “Between 2003 and 2007 Virginia Thomas, a longtime conservative activist, earned $689,589 from the Heritage Foundation according to a Common Cause review of the foundation’s IRS records. Thomas failed to note the income in his Supreme Court financial disclosure forms for those years, instead checking a box labeled “none” where spousal noninvestment income would be disclosed.”

  34. Pretty sure that lying on financial disclosure forms (or any government form) is a crime even for a SC Justice. Especially when no effort was made to correct it.

  35. Was Ken Paxton the AG when a Black Texas woman was sentenced to 5 years in prison for casting a provisional ballot when she thought she was eligible to vote but was not?

  36. Then I can understand what White Fascist Texans like about Paxton:

  37. iirc that same year there was a county judge that forged signatures to get on the ballot at all. He got a slap on the wrist.

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